Greetings from the Radiant group of
companies Poverty alleviation by employment generation that’s the motto with which we set up the Radiant Group and today we feel very satisfied that in the last so many years we have been able to generate thousands of jobs both white-collar and blue-collar
jobs particularly in the Indian hinterland Thereafter to be responsible corporate citizens we also did get into destitute management, and under the Radiant Ashreya scheme today we are able to touch 100’s of rural destitutes and provide them food security This year we thought we will affiliate with another very
important cause and that is the cause of urban wellness Today we find that the children in school have to score hundred percent marks; they are under severe stress at the end of it when they get a
corporate job particularly with today’s IT revolution most of the white-collar work is being done in front of computer screens and day-in and day-out they are leading a very very indisciplined life as a consequence and this has hit epidemic proportions; today if you go to any ICU in the city’s leading hospitals you’ll find that most of these young men and women who have cardiac issues are in their
thirties and besides that, this kind of continuous work of 14-15 hours 24/7 is leading to early burnouts and by 35-40 these children are totally burnt out it’s a very major issue. It’s also been impacting their marriages, in terms of the stability of their marriage the dual income syndrome and along with that the stress that has appeared in marriage and divorce rates have really shot up So this is a really important issue that we all need to firstly recognize and then we have to actively address in case we need to touch So, it’s with this in mind that we decided to set up the Radiant Wellness Conclave and focus everybody’s attention towards this very important subject that we all need to address immediately My wife Renuka has been involved in this particular mention, for the last 8-9 years as a wellness expert and lifestyle consultant and we had the Radiant medi-fitness lounge set up in 2006, where she had been counseling a lot of people in this particular area. She has been addressing colleges in the city, and also through different forums like the different clubs like the Rotary, Lions Club, etc. So we felt that she is the right face of this initiative and also to carry this particular activity forward and this initiative forward So in the Radiant Wellness Conclave, it will be a two-day conclave the last two weekends of August; In the first weekend we intend addressing students as well as young corporate
executives and in the second weekend that is on the 29th of August we
intended addressing corporate heads and decision makers and thought leaders. So the both ends of the spectrum are being adequately addressed and sensitized to this vital subject and and the need
for us all to be completely aligned and try and do something worthwhile to address it immediately this large malaise that we are facing today All all I can say is that we need your support and your active involvement in this
conclave and the activity thereafter because it will be a process of continuous engagement and the creation of a forum where young people, middle aged people or aged people can address their issues and find
immediate answers either from peers of from specialists who will be addressing their concerns I really look forward to your support in this endeavour Thank you very much