Can you see me well? Probably good. Today is December 30th And this is my ninth? the ninth day yyy healing fasting , water fasting I sat down by the pool, which I will maybe show you in a moment to record a short update, despite this, that using the Internet, the computer in general I limited to a minimum only to skype with Nate, with children for a few e-mails, sometimes a comment flash and also Nate told me that very many of you is asksing about what’s new with me, how I feel, etc. despite the fact that I did not plan to record such a footage I realize that I do not do anything here anyway I might just sit down, take the camera in my hand and record such an update for you So as I told you today is the ninth day the beginning of the ninth day is around 8:30am I think so, I do not even have a watch so everything is fine, I live, I feel good 🙂 nothing … you know … no, I do not lie flattering and … and I do not die lying on the floor It’s really fine emm only what has changed is the fact that I am just more tired, I get tired faster, that’s for sure I’m also weaker for sure I can tell you right away, but it’s normal this is completely normal, I feel really good, nothing happens to me, I do not have I do not know I feel just fine and … I can not walk too much too much for walks or anything like that because as I said, I’m weaker and more tired and I prefer not to use this energy, futhermore I prefer to keep this energy and … make my body to use this energy in a better way which is simply for healing so not too much, I do not even want to walk or anything and there is a lot of place here for walks and this place is beautiful really beautiful, not enough all these .. you see those plants behind me wonderful and there are plenty of animals and plenty of small paths on which you can walk I saw monkeys on trees, which was amazing because monkeys are my favorite animal .. so, so it’s wonderful the weather is really great It’s not too hot, in the evenings it’s like that it cools down, so you have to sit under the blanket put on long pants, but you know this is not a huge problem what do I do during the day? I wake up very early because I am going to sleep around 9pm here, so I wake up quite early but I stay in bed, and I fall asleep again, or I just rest or listen to some podcast, because I have them, I downloaded a few before departure during the day at 10:30am every day we have … Loren sits down there in a large room which I will show you once we sit down and he talks about some specific things … I do not know hydration or … defecation, etc., such things specific topics every day, we can ask questions he answers these questions it lasts an hour, about an hour, then we have checked our emm … our pulse blood pressure, temperature, etc. and this is what a nurse does and then everyone takes turn to talk to Loren about his results and then we have time to do anything whatever we want I usually read a book for a while I recently finished a part from the Camilla Lackberg series and I highly, highly recommend it once again and … well … I read a book then I’m laying down in the sun a bit or on the couch or I will go to the room to take a nap, it depends just what I want then also more or less around around 5pm I call Nate sometimes I reach him, sometimes not and during the week from Monday to Friday at 7 pm Loren reads a few pages from a book, then we have meditation and then we talk about what we have read, people can share their reflections or just experiences from their lives so it’s pretty cool too, because we do it in the dark with emma .. with candles and is very nice atmosphere, so very, I feel very comfortably so it’s great And so days pass by and I tell you that for now I am surprised how quickly these days pass, because really this week has passed very, very quickly and we will see how it will be later ee .. at the moment I have 28 days left before I will come back home I have a return ticket for January 26th? 26th? no … I think so so … so that’s how it is What? I think I do not know what else to tell you honestly, because … really not much is happening here, really the only thing I know is that I will have a lot of footage for yyy .. for movies to make when I get home A lot if it, so it will be cool later I am going to record the surroundings for you when I will, when I will start refeeding I will have more energy so I will be able to go here and there and show you how it all looks yyyy and what? and that’s it … once again Oh, tell me what you think because I’m wondering how to deal with it, because I will have some movies eg with Nate, when we record movies, they are in English my husband does not speak Polish 🙂 and they all have Polish subtitles, of course yy … and I will have some movies that will also be in English, I want to do some interviews, which will be in English I’m wondering how to deal with it should I put all these movies on my … on my channel that you are watching now? or should I establish a channel on which will be only English-language movies? and I’m not saying that I will not add Polish subtitles, because probably I will the point is that I have more and more people Americans who started watching me, I’m just wondering should I separate it into two channels? One mainly English-speaking channel, and the other Polish- spiking or leave everything on one? I do not know. What do you think ? Let me know what you think about it Because I do not know yet here is the only thing and … well … I’m just trying relax as much as I can and not think too much … about what’s going on next because what for? and I will tell you that my mind feels somehow weird it is already so cleanse that I really have a lot of ideas that I do not even think about they just come to me itself, so everywhere I go I take my notebook where I do a lot of notes, a lot I write how I feel, what’s happening with me what I think about, I also take notes from our meetings with Loren ee … and I carry it with me all the time just in case I have some idea to just write it down in my notebook and do not forget it , so … I’m so smart 🙂 well I think I haven’t forgotten anything, I am recording this movie in one sequence because I got to tell you that I do not want to I just do not want to edit it and I’m really … I’m slower generally I walk more slowly, I feel that I speak slower and there are many things that I just do not want to do, for example I have not shaved my legs for about 11 days I’m honest with you 🙂 and I see … Now I look at my leg and see that I can see my hair but I do not want to shave my legs, listen, because it takes so much energy that after I have to sit on the bed and wait until I will get this energy back for 15 minutes and is it worth it? probably not 🙂 * laughing * but one day I will finally do it yes … because you can already see my hair I have 3 bites of a mosquito or something, ehh … OK I’ll show you a little bit of where I’m sitting so this is …, you see the swimming pool I know it’s hard to see because I’m sitting and there, there it is, here, wait I will zoom it, although the zooms in the movies like this are not very cool but anyways here is the place I do not know if I can see anything, because the sun is shining sharply at the camera and I do not know, I do not see anything at all and this is the room where we record movies yyy I mean in which Loren talks with us so if you ever saw his videos on youtube, and will put a link to his channel in the description for sure, this place you would recognize And that’s it for today, as I’ve told you a few times thank you so so so much for all the support, which you send me, I really feel everything, I appreciate it very, very much it is extremely important to me that I have so many people who stand firmly behind me this is amazing, really, and well and that’s it I will see you … someday* laughs * for now, other movies that be listed have been recorded before, so I’ll see you next time, bye