christmas is coming soon and you have no
idea what to get your loved ones in this video we got you covered
a bunch of health and wellness gifts for the Christmas upcoming DIY edible
healthy natural ferment and froman let’s get started every week we spill out useful tips
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family and friends happy but if the one of them buying another set of toiletries
I don’t think so this Christmas this be more intentional and by actually
something which make them happy and not more cluttered given the brand message
of our channel we would like to give you a bunch of ideas which will help your
loved ones to get on the path to greater health and happiness in 2019 so with no
further ado let’s begin we’ve split these gift ideas into three categories
what you could buy what you can make and what you can actually do first category
health and fitness sports equipment if you know someone who wants to get into
gym in the start of this new year we’ve got some equipment lined up for you so
that these things would help those individuals going with that journey as
soon as possible and some of these don’t necessarily need
a gym membership these are just basic things that will allow the person to be
even at home okay first example elastic bands different colors shapes and level
of resistance actually I love them I’m crazy about them I carry a resistant
bands everywhere I go and even when she goes to the office know that much but
literally can smash your training with elastic bands and your muscles will be
on fire so just by bands for your loved ones or
even for yourself and then follow the journey with us to actually know what to
do with them we can find a little inspiration occurring on our Instagram
account you can also think about a foam roller a yoga mat or dumbbells or even
wrist straps or a weightlifting belt if the individual is quite progressed in
his training career another subcategory beauty and care and tried brushing it
takes only two minutes to get the benefits of lymphatic drainage it’s
perfect for your skin and also for cellulite next essential oils for
aromatherapy it smells great first and foremost where you can couple that with
an essential oils burner which then have properties of antidepressant its
stimulating its detoxifying its antibacterial its antiviral or it could
simply just be a calming and a tantalizing feeling when you just come
back home and light it up after a nice bod which puts you to bed calm and quiet
next from in the light natural soaps and we emphasize the word natural meaning
that ensure that product has no chemicals at all we’ll leave some
examples down in the description below another thing and actually my favorite
if you have boyfriend girlfriend sister mom whoever put make ups everybody
boyfriend’s yeah of course good maybe I should do and maybe I should learn how
to put some makeup too oh you should actually I love them
nevermind moving on if you have someone like like
this is the greatest gift to give them organic natural makeup and my favorite
is Zoe organic and who introduced you to this actually actually lucky and I guess
I found them yeah maybe yeah like like you wanted to throw my makeup
like by the time we replaced a little bit she’s actually I have the brandies
from Australia they are cruelty free and they don’t test on animals they’re vegan
and 100% organic and natural I just loved them and great wishes for all Aziz
who are watching right now next one help gadget well not technically gadgets
but water purifiers showerhead purifiers air purifiers dehumidifiers and maybe as
simple as a water bottle that helps a person keep themselves hydrated but just
the fact that it’s right in front of you keeps you reminded of the fact that hey
you know what I didn’t have enough water today so maybe now I need to have some
water actually you can buy like some waters which blinks well yeah like every
hour or something like that so this is cool cool gift for someone who yeah
and in terms of the gadget blender for your morning Kate shakes protein shake
to everything just let your afraid you see few if you can’t just eat them so
this is a cool gift for someone who starts a healthy lifestyle
another thing is waking up light this is something actually we want to buy for
ourselves because it’s horrible I hate waking up when it’s dark outside so that
like lead up slowly gradually 30 minutes before your your alarm gets up so this
is cool and it’s also got different types of
noises that she helps you fall asleep and at the same time gradually wake you
up we for sure will buy for the winter season and the link is below
another thing is and low light this actually glasses which controls the
double light and it doesn’t have to be expensive like the center glasses but
it’s very and very useful for someone who spending a little time in front of
laptops or TV etc and we both have it and this is I don’t have any eye
correction but yeah use it every single day and actually helps you fall asleep
easy yeah next one supplements add super foods
supplements such as MSM or magnesium if a person’s not able to go to sleep at
night maybe you want to get them magnesium which they can use a magnesium
foot bath so that they can relax and rest for at night if a person’s actually
training very hard at the gym and they have this crackling noises at the end of
their bones maybe MSM is the next supplement that you want to get or
alternatively if you’re living in countries where or doing a job that you
don’t have enough exposure to the sunlight maybe a vitamin D supplement is
something that you can think about or even chlorella spirulina acai berries or
or collagen for joints hair beautiful scheme and many other things
whatever your loved ones needs just like research or everything below but
research they give the causes and symptoms and stuff like that for them
and as the Instagram page grows will ensure that we use certain posts to kind
of dedicate what certain superfoods are and what their descriptions and how they
could benefit different conditions this one’s one of my favorite and I’d love if
someone hint-hint gets this for me now subscriptions not a
Netflix subscription but a headspace subscription you ask what a headspace is
we use that on a daily basis so it is a one-of-a-kind actually one of the best
meditation applications that we’ve come across it helps you get into what
meditation is it helps you take those very baby steps and actually defines and
helps you improve that might health some other applications such as calm accept
rock could also potential choices but the idea is if you
could and if someone is on a stressed on a consistent basis so this is stressing
a stressful job maybe something like this would be helpful for them to get
some sort of relief and improve them my intent yet but headspace we actually
test it and we love it and the brain emoji is just so cute
another subcategory of products you can actually buy our books I know it might
sound cliché but there is so many very good books which are very useful to
start happy and healthy lifestyle for example I will always recommend it
because I started from that book and it’s my sorry first sailor but it’s my
green bible because the book is green and it starts with food by heart weeks
Melissa Hardwick yeah Melissa and that was funny because they are not sturdy
words now so don’t worry another book it’s Stephen Cabral the rain barrel
effect absolutely like it’s so Eli or actually
we are so in line with like that so Stephen we so much love you oh you can
just buy someone a Kindle which will help them travel buy whatever you want
and then you know read on the goal yeah we tend to use it maybe on a morning if
we either use it either listen to a podcast or read a book on on a Kindle
very convenient so and it’s an extreme and affordable and actually I started
three much more books when I buy the Kindle last one on the list of what you
can buy gift cards not for clothing well if someone needs it buy clothing but
something like a day at a spa a massage super car racing driving experience for
a bike for me or even the first spring with a personal trainer it’s nice cool
alright moving on to the second category da y ou this one I actually use well I
didn’t make it she made it number one coffee sold sugar scrubs
you make what if you love coffee as much as we do have a coffee in the morning
take the grands up dry it out add some add some essential oils and sugar you
got yourself a homemade scrub share it with friends or share it with your loved
ones next one personalized batch of homemade
cookies Oh ginger a very personalized imprint the letters on this cookies so
that you can spell out a particular person’s name like you can just write
the wishes on the cookies howdy said another do with your self idea is good
and free power bowls you can find the recipe on our Instagram and if you want
to make them more Christmassy just add more grounded and a ginger and cloves
and cinnamon it’s like my four favorite spice favorite spices I coffee
so yes recipe is you know so easy so C important so third category Secret Santa
what you what you can do don’t you think that we have so much it the average
household in a developed country has about 15,000 items at the house that
they do not use at least over the course of the last 90 days what is Christmas
gifts do it can parents this problem and when when you receive those gifts from I
don’t know the long lasting cousin that you’ve never seen for the over the
course of the last year then you go like I guess we don’t have to explain your
what Secret Santa is it’s just like very simple you draw a lots and you buy gift
fur for a person you you have chosen and we believe it’s much more intentional
because you actually devote time to figure out what will be the best for
that person you personalize to give away and at the same time it decreases over
the increasing year by year and level of consumerism fourth one isn’t this fun
experiences instead of buying gifts that are very tangible and add to the already
mess and the clutter that’s around you why don’t we think about experiences
from a wine-tasting to a exotic Safari were in
Zanzibar in Tanzania which will then introduce time that you can also spend
with your loved ones in the future rather than a simple exchange of
tangible gift hey guys fifth category last but not least charity so this is
actually what you can do and save someone’s Christmas at the same time
yeah one of the most important ones throughout the whole year every every
penny and pound and whatever it is that you earn you spend on you and the loved
ones that you care about maybe this time of the year during the Christmas may try
and make it a better Christmas for someone else who might already be of a
much greater need than what you would want to offer a gift and actually this
this year we made a decision that we are nothing each other gifts and I actually
convinced my family and my mom or actually tried to convince my mom to
convince my family spent all the money we normally spend on gifts to each other
for someone else so with that tip in mind hoping that we
can make this world a better place the last but not least as always a bonus tip
this one’s simple really you can just think of combining one of the things one
of the few categories that we’ve mentioned before if someone wants to
start working out maybe you can think of building a hamper or a basket which
includes a yoga mat or a couple of dumbbells or a couple of elastic bands
and maybe a session for a personal trainer if you’re really generous maybe
you want to buy someone this whole years of gym membership as well yeah hashtag
healthy like say bundles yeah just wrapping this video up so if you have
any ideas that we haven’t shared in this video start commenting below and let’s
help each other out that’s it for this special edition of a Christmas special
and the gifts that you would want to buy for your loved ones and next Sunday
we’re gonna talk about excuses excuses that you and I come up with to avoid
living a healthy and happy lifestyle and in that video we’ll also talk about how
you can manage these excuses and maybe even say no to them okay guys thank you
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