[Applause] six skateboard almost got hit by skateboarders when in Venice hi guys welcome whoa welcome to the video I don't know if this would be in the video or when I did my makeup was being in the video boom regardless welcome I'm actually gonna go meet someone who you guys might know but I have been friends with this girl since three Instagram usernames ago it's been a long time like four to five years and she's from the UK and she's currently in the u.s. doing an American road trip as like a vacation with her boyfriend so we're gonna go pick her up from the Venice Boardwalk which is like my least favorite place ever so we're gonna pick her up from there and take her somewhere else and meet up for coffee and hang out IRL all right guys I'm hearing my friends on us go and check out her channel what's your channel just done it's on of undying link I will link her and check her out hi guys it is the next day today is Sunday September 17th I think I talked to you yesterday we are on the way into the barn it is going to be a day full of barn activities and tonight well first I have a group class like a jumping class that I like to do every Sunday and every Thursday night and Andrews with me I love when he comes with me to the barn it's so fun and yeah so tonight is a barn party and it's like a potluck so I made it some puppy chow and apparently people in California at least all the people out here that I have asked don't know what puppy chow is so if you know públicos and you're offended by that same because puppy chow is one of god's gifts to humanity like i'm gonna show you how i made it be ready you ready here we go so you take a whole box of Chex cereal I like to use rice Chex you can use corn Chex or any kind of tricks that you want and then you melt together a bag of semi-sweet other chips 1 stick of butter 3/4 cup peanut butter that is correct you melt that together in the microwave until it forms a silky smooth waterfall of deliciousness and that's how you know it's ready and then you pour that over the rice Chex and very carefully fold it all together try not to break the cereal which is really difficult but you fold that all together until all the cereal is coated in this delicious magical stuff you want to enroll in the chocolate and peanut butter and butter and then once you have everything coated and you fold it all together then you dump a crap-ton of powdered sugar on top and fold it together again and you're gonna need a lot more powdered sugar than you think you're gonna need just an FYI but you can either fold it together in a huge bowl or put it in a bag so we use like a clean trash bag even though these furthest thing from trash and you can kind of like shake it instead I think that is a way better method it's way more efficient so we did that and then you're done it's so easy it's literally the best thing we always made these for like high school potlucks and like parties and stuff because it's the best I forgot to tell you guys one more thing this recipe is obviously not macro friendly it is like everything that is unfriendly to the macros in One Bowl I do have a recipe for macro friendly high-protein puppy chow it's like sugar-free high protein and really really really good like I take 99% as good as regular puppy chow but I just didn't feel like making that for the barn because I don't really know these people so I'm not gonna like impose my fitness recipes on to them um so yeah but if you want that recipe the macro friendly version then I will put it'll be the first link in the description I have a recipe full free check it out it is high protein deliciousness so don't worry you don't have to break the macro bank if you want ha alright guys just got done at the barn we had a lot of fun today Maria had a riding lesson at about one o'clock and then we hung out at a local cafe for a little bit until the barn party party started when we walked in I had three different kinds alcohol now we're going home to see our cat and probably watch a movie tonight if you guys see this road that we're driving on pretty whiney like I feel like I'm in a racing video game right now sport mode in game he likes to try fast forget night now that I'm home I wanted to talk to you guys about the topic of having hobbies outside of fitness or like having hobbies in general I don't know if everyone considers Fitness a hobby but my perspective on it is that it is great to have Fitness as like a central part of your life it is awesome to take care of your body it's awesome to have like physique or performance related goals depending on you know your background and everything and I think all that is great so preface it with that so I've been on the end of the spectrum where Fitness was like my only thing outside of school my only thing outside of work that was all I did I was a competitor I was a national level competitor and if I wasn't at school I was at the gym or at home like eating or sleeping that was all I did and now I'm at the point where I worked out like four to five days a week if I can't make the gym and I was planning on doing it like that's okay I'll fit it in a different day like it's still priority in my life but it's not the number one priority and now that I've kind of been through both ends of the spectrum I feel like I can confidently say that it's important at least in my opinion and based on my experiences is that it's been really important for me to have hobbies outside of fitness and have stuff going on in my life outside of going to gym tracking macros prepping food all of that stuff and I actually find that Fitness is kind of like my excuse to not do that stuff or it's what held me back from doing other things in the past like back when I competed I wouldn't I probably wouldn't have gone to like that barn party that I went to today because I would have known there's gonna be a lot of food there and I wouldn't have trusted myself to like exercise moderation around a bunch of desserts or like if I was on prep I wouldn't have been able to eat any of it so I either would have had to like bring Tupperware or not II and to use fitness as a reason to not like attend stuff like that like potlucks or a party or like a cold dinner or something I just think that's not not like the best thing for your life in a big picture sense so I'm not saying it's bad to be dedicated to fitness I'm not saying that you shouldn't have goals and you shouldn't work towards them but I do think it's important to have stuff going on outside of fitness and I think it's important to like keep a macro view on what's going on instead of like have everything revolving around a small what should be a small / medium sized part of your life there's a chunk of makeup missing on my nose so I'm really glad that I have put a lot more time and energy into horseback riding it's something that I'm super passionate about it's something that really fulfills me and I look forward to all the time and it's still like active and engaging but it's gotten me a lot less like isolated feeling and it's gotten me into a different community because when you for me I work in the fitness industry I do fitness as a hobby and like it just gets to be a lot when you don't have anything outside of it so I'm really glad I found riding I'm really glad I've gotten to know people at my barn and it just makes me really happy so take this experience of mine and my thoughts and use it to think about your own life and if you have hobbies outside of fitness or if you don't then maybe like take some pottery classes or learn how to play the guitar or like do something else and explore something else because you never know you might find something that you really love and find a little bit more I don't want to say the word balance because it's really overused and everyone has a different definition but you know what I mean you have like a more well-rounded life which i think is always good but it's also important to remember the fitness allows you to have a well-rounded life it allows you to be for me it allows me to be fit enough to ride horses because it's very physically demanding it allows me to you know feel energized every day it allows me to clear my head and so fitness isn't just like doing fitness for the sake of fitness it's meant to enhance other areas of your life and it's meant to be important but not the only thing so that's the rant for this video I'm gonna get it workout into tomorrow usually when I ride Plus sometimes I work out the same day sometimes I don't today I'm not working out other than my ride and tomorrow I'll work out and show that to you guys so stay tuned for that but for now I'm gonna catch up on some work and then we're gonna watch a movie and call it a day best Sunday ever all right see you don't are y'all it is two days later because yesterday and get to the gym until it was like 5:30 p.m. when the gym is really busy so long story short I didn't take you to the gym I did upper body full upper body workout I'm testing out some workouts from a four new project for you guys hint hint and today we're doing some lower body so we're going to test a lower body workout from that top-secret project that I mentioned and make sure that it's good to go for you guys to do make sure it gets the booty pumping and that's what's on the agenda hope you guys enjoyed that workout it was great definitely approved for you guys to do as well so when I come out with my project it will have obviously sets reps all that stuff cues everything you need to know about the workout so I was just like a little sleepy I just got home from working at a coffee shop and then I stopped at Trader Joe's in the way home to grab a few things excuse me sir so you wanted to live with Ollivander what here do you have anything to say hmm look how big he is do you have anything to say sir no then hush up anyways I am about to eat a salad and it looks bombed so I figured I would show you guys it is excuse me a big taco salad type contraption and I am gonna show you the ingredients what the base which I don't know if you guys to tell it's a large bowl the base is spinach romaine and try to green cabbage on top we have some taco seasoning on Turkey like the pre-seasoned genielle kind and then on top we have some grape tomatoes I was snacking on the assembling the salad because you can't make a meal without having a snack at the same time and then we have some fat-free feta and this cilantro dressing from Trader Joe's which is bomb so I'm gonna go ahead and eat that salad it looks so yummy and that is going to wrap up this video I hope you guys enjoyed a more vlog style format I've been doing a lot more like sit down and or informational videos lately so I thought I'd mix it up I'm gonna do a full day of eating very soon and then I have more informational videos coming up next so make sure you hit that subscribe button down below if you want to see those and give this video a like if you enjoyed it I love you guys and I hope you have a great rest of your day mmm bye