hey Doc hey Donny in 30 seconds describe
what chiropractic it can’t be done you know what when people ask me that they
go what do you do and I always tell them I go look I save lives through the power
of the chiropractic adjustment you know I tell them that but because you can’t
explain it in 30 seconds and you usually go what the heck are you talking about
and it starts a conversation but here’s the reality ninety-eight percent of the
public have no clue what chiropractors do and two percent knowing what we do
that’s probably generous so if somebody’s listening to this video or
watching this video right now I’m going to tell you hang out for a few minutes
because the information I’m going to share with you is gonna put you in that
two percent and having this knowledge could save your life or save the life a
point of your family or friends and I need that quite literally so it’s very
powerful stuff I can’t do it in 30 seconds but I can do it in a few minutes
with that would that be okay yeah I think that’ll do people have always told
me make up an elevator speech you know you got that 30 seconds in the elevator
tell people what you do can’t be done but let me start off this way three
things we have to agree on number one human body is self-healing
when we agree with that to cut yourself shaving you don’t have to think all
better remember to heal that later on right it’ll heal itself right number two
the body is self-regulating so in other words you don’t have to think about your
blood pressure right now do you know you have to remember to breathe now you
don’t have to remember to have your heart beat all these things are
self-regulated in your body so your body is self-healing and it’s self-regulating
okay and the third thing I want you to I mean you already know this but let’s
just establish some ground rules what part of your body controls every other
part of your body which system the nervous system yes you know the answers
nervous system the nervous system of course is made up of your brain the main
branch off your brain is your spinal cord that goes right through the center
of your backbone and then off that spinal cord come hundreds of thousands
of nerves that connect every part of your body so if I want to move my hand
the thought starts up here it goes down through my spinal column comes out
through my lower goes to my hand and I can move it if I
feel something hot the information goes right back up the same way we can agree
on that right yeah okay well more than just movement and pain is controlled by
your nervous system everything is blood pressure digestion circulation you’re
thinking you hear a joke and it’s funny nervous system your sight nervous system
there’s no human human experience that’s not directly run through your
nervous system so from what you’ve heard is it pretty important yes or no yes
yeah obvious it’s an understatement now let me ask you this the nerves control
your heart up here in your brain nerves have to go down through your neck
come out and control your heart your lungs
well those nerves come out right the base of your neck here okay so if a
person was in an auto accident or they had a fall or they’re sitting at a
computer typing all day long and they start getting some irritation in their
lower neck it happens all the time right people stiff necks
well that means those nerves down there are being compressed and irritated and
those nerves are going to the heart and lungs
well those nerves are being irritated and compressed and irritated I mean I
said that again if they’re being compressed and interfered with is a
heart gonna work better or worse you know of course right are you gonna
breathe it easier or harder alright because what controls breathing what
controls your heart on the nerves exactly so a chiropractor’s job in a
nutshell is to figure out if there’s any irritation to your nervous system okay
and most likely it’s caused when the nerves come out from your spine your
neck and your mid-back and your lower back your pelvis because that’s where
these little openings are that can get compressed with fluid because it’s a
swollen joint it squeezes that nerve it’s not just wonder there’s actually
three hundred thousand fibers in each bundle that gets squeezed and compressed
so some of the nerves tell you about pain some of them control the heart some
um control digestion it just depends on which part of the bundle is being
irritated to what type of symptom you might get but the real danger is this
only about 10 percent of your nervous system controls or tells you about pain
so you can have a problem in ninety percent of your nervous system and have
absolutely no pain you see full 80% of your nervous system
has no sensory at all you’d have no symptoms but you could have a major
problem an irritated nerve that wasn’t working in a hundred percent so the
number one condition next to the common cold in mankind is low back pain do you
know that I did not the nerves coming out right of your belt line those are
the nerves that control not only your low back and your legs but they also
control your colon and I lower digestive tract number one cancer colon cancer
okay maybe a correlation there I might just be making this up but you can look
it up so if the nerves and the low back are being compressed people always think
oh yeah I get a pinched nerve my low back is causing muscle spasms but that
same bundle of nerves on the low but low back control colon bladder reproductive
organs so you might get no pain in your lower back but if those nerves are
compressed it might end up as irritable bowel syndrome or constipation or
Crohn’s disease diarrhea all these are very common when that nerve bundles
being compressed also if the nerves going to the bladder bladder problems
reproductive organs menstrual cycle problems I don’t know a chiropractor
that’s been in practice for any length of time that hasn’t had a lady that was
infertile could not get pregnant adjust that low back the pressure off the
nerves and they get pregnant happens I mean we’ve had cases in our office so I
know firsthand I just know every chiropractor ever
talked to you has had a case like that now how many people with infertility go
to the chiropractor and get their low back check I’d say very few that’s right
you see we’re usually the last resort how many people there double bowel
syndrome right go right to the chiropractor and check their low back
and the nerves out there very few very few where do they usually go the medical
doctor and what do they get for treatment medication that’s right drugs
and then just the drug in there and move the bone off the nerve and get the
pressure off the nerve you know so that the nerve works normally so the colon
works properly no way what happens they cover up the symptom at the same time
these drugs are so toxic they destroy the organs like the liver the stomach
and the kidneys you see in over the course of time that’s what kills people
is all this pasta coxa city over time shortens their life so when we tell
people we go find out about chiropractic spread the
word save a life people kind of smile because they don’t think chiropractors
save lives but if we get people off of drugs and get their nervous system
working in a hundred percent we save their lives every day in the office here
the trouble is it’s on the other end of their life it’s not like with the
paddles you know the emergency room where they go clear in the bring guy
back to life like that that’s ruled o matic that makes great TV yeah saved his
life cool we do that every day but we put 10 years 20 years on the other end
of the life not quite so dramatic but absolutely factual absolutely true their
make sense yeah makes a lot of sense so just think of this when you think of
chiropractic don’t think you know cracking that low back you rid of back
pain that’s just a tiny splinter of what we do
chiropractic is a primary health care profession we’re dealing with the
nervous system which controls which part of your body again all that everything
every human experience through the nervous system right so we get that
irritation and interference away from the nerves the body works at a hundred
percent and the knowledge that heals your body is already there we just have
to unleash it makes sense there yeah so doc how do I know if I had this nerve
irritation great question because like like we talked about 80 percent of the
time if it’s in in the eighty percent of your nervous system that has no feeling
you wouldn’t know you have it so we have some very high-tech scans we do to
detect that irritation matter of fact some of the technology we use is the
same technology that’s been certified by the Space Agency to be used by NASA on
astronauts same technology that’s used on Olympic gold-medalist Super Bowl MVPs
and of course our wonderful clients in our practice here well the name of this
condition I should have mentioned it before it’s called a vertebral
subluxation complex originally it was called a subluxation and if you look up
the roots for that word what that means is a bone that’s slightly out of place
now we know after a hundred years when this was that nerve or that when that
name was coined that it’s a lot more complicated than that there’s actually
five different components I don’t want to get too technical but it’s called a
vertebral subluxation complex now I want to show you something here about the
mechanical aspect of it and came normally your spine should be
nice and mobile every level every one of those joints and your neck and your back
all doing its own share of the work just like this pretty simple model right God
designed this model last 120 years should not wear out let me show you the
most common problem to the spine can you see how that area is not moving and what
do you think might cause that area to stop moving you have any ideas
misalignment mmm miscellaneous but what would cause it originally of traumatic
that trauma trauma that’s it exactly auto accident sports injuries a tough
delivery being born you know the soft tissues were over stretched being in a
desk you know eight hours a day in front of a computer driving a car driving a
truck there’s the thousand and one reasons why this area will stiffen up
okay now when this area loses its mobility can you see where the workload
goes yeah n/2 joints right these these sections right here are now being
overworked they’re trying to do their own work plus they’re trying to make up
for the lost movement of the other area so overtime it’s these areas that are
overworked that start to break down and the first thing to do is like any
overworked joint is they start to swell up and they can become inflamed and like
I said earlier these joints are right next to that huge nerve bundle in your
in your spine so when these joints swell up the swelling starts squeezing the
nerve right next to it and the first thing that happens when people feel pain
is that nerve tells the muscles in the area to clamp down and in guard the area
and you’ve probably heard of muscle spouses that’s what’s happening so the
medical approach what do you think the medical approach is to get rid of that
pain medication exactly muscle relaxants sleeping pills and pain medication so
yeah they’re attacking the spasm which is actually a good thing because the
spasm is guarding that damaged area you knock out the spasm you actually allow
the area to become more injured so people that are chronically taking pain
pills and anti-inflammatory drugs it’s like turning off the fire alarm without
putting out the fire that pain is there for a reason there’s a good reason for
it because over time those joints can’t and say it anymore and they start to
break down okay and I’ll show you what that looks like on this little model
here this model shows us normal phase 1 phase 2 phase 3 this is one of the
components of the vertebral subluxation complex as that area wears out because
of the overwork you know the overwork it’s doing this damage is permanent we
can’t fix it so the earlier we catch it we can get it corrected 100% and if
you’re not feeling it because 80% of the nervous system you don’t feel right
people can get all the way over here and have almost no symptoms and then one day
they sneeze or cough and they go into spasm and hit the ground and in their
mind we’re done it all start right when they sneeze yeah yesterday doc when I
sneezed the reality is I take a picture of their spine and show them all these
bone spurs and degenerated discs and muscle spasms like I know this probably
happened 20 years ago and you had that auto accident or that work injury or
that sports injury or you know it’s been 20 years of you know doing heavy labor
but it the symptoms didn’t start until yesterday and it blows their mind and
when I show them that they’re permanently damaged and we can never
really fix that all we can do is patch it up and hopefully keep it from
spreading and getting worse they all say the same thing is why didn’t somebody
tell me about this you know 5 10 15 20 years ago that’s the reason for these
videos and the questions we’re doing we get people in early get them checked you
know ideally like you said the other days get them checked at birth and then
check them out regularly as they live will extend their life 10 15 20 years
without exaggeration but you let that damage occur and over time it just gets
worse and worse and worse and by the time you feel it you know
damage has been done and usually permanent damage so the name of that
condition again you remember it subluxation that’s right more
technically vertebral subluxation complex and you know what this is gonna
sound crazy to you there are still some some critics of chiropractic that say it
doesn’t even exist now you just being a layperson you ever
had low back pain sure and your muscles tighten up because of it yes
does it seem outrageous that that nerve is being compressed not at all no it’s
simple you don’t have to be a neurologist or a orthopedic surgeon to
know these things it’s it’s self-evident if you get the
pressure off that nerve which they’re trying to do with drugs the problem the
symptoms go away but it wasn’t a drug problem that gave you the problem the
symptoms wasn’t it was a mechanical physical problem you neither lifted
something or you overworked it or you had poor posture something happened
physically to cause damage in there and to try to treat that chemically is crazy
the treatment has to be physical somebody has to physically go in there
and gently get those joints moving again and I’ll end up with this this last
point usually when I tell people this they go that sounds really good doc I’ll
stretch it out I’ll start doing yoga and this is what happens when they do their
yoga and they’re stretching does the problem go away
no no because the normal joints will compensate for that locked up area you
see and if you really work hard at it you’ll actually speed up the wear and
tear and hurt yourself so many people that they have the best idea they want
to get into shape as soon as they start exercising boom all this stuff comes to
the surface and shuts them down my job is a chiropractor and from outside the
body I can get right on the section that’s locked up localize that spot and
very gently work the movement back into it you see we get that moving again
takes all the pressure off the joint swelling goes down pressure comes off
the nerve and then healing occurs so the key with the only reason we need
chiropractors is that I can localize that specific joint in this specific
direction that’s locked up and very gently loosen it back up again and
there’s no pill drug potion or lotion that’s gonna do that all right my friend
cool think that’s up for now so I know that was a little longer than 30 seconds
we got the job done yeah thanks so much