So muscle testing is a way that I have a
communication with your nervous system to ask if there’s anything going on,
in terms of if there’s a physical thing, an emotional thing or a chemical thing
going on. When there’s a chemical thing going on we’re looking at supplements
and vitamins and diet and those type of things and from there with them we start
to check the different organs to see “What’s going on?” Where is this
breakdown happening chemically and what do we need to do to support that
breakdown? And then we look at that and then we say oh okay for example this
person is very stressed out and their adrenal glands are overworking. So then I
look at my products and say okay so I have six or seven different products
that are just for the adrenal and then I bring those six or seven products over
and say okay which of these six or seven products are going to best fit your
nervous system in your body at this time.