. – Okay. We gotta call it. I gotta protect my paramedics. – Just sit tight, Chief. We’re this close. – Edmund. – It’s not him,
it’s not Shepard. – Who is it then? – This is my brother, Edmund. These are a couple
of paramedics. They want to do
some kind of wellness check. – Where are the checks? – In the office. – Ruzek, get out of there
immediately. [suspenseful music] – Come on, come on… – So I really do have
a lot of work to do. Can we just wrap this–
– Hey, Edmund. ♪ Uh, heart disease
is hereditary. So if you haven’t
had a checkup in a while, I highly recommend it. ♪ – I’ll keep that in mind. – Great. ♪ Okay, well, Mr. Lehr,
your pressure is good, your blood sugar’s normal,
your lung sounds are clear. We are pleased
that you’re doing better. – Totally pleased. ♪ – Come on. ♪ – We got it. ♪ – They’re clear. ♪