so you're ready to start your journey
towards creating a bigger more aesthetic chest or maybe you already train and
you want to make sure you're getting the most from your workout
well fit media channel is here to help here's our stage one chest workout to
get you started for a bigger fuller chest. you're going to hit it from every
angle but if you're starting out don't go mad with massive weights you can't
handle. the key is control and using the right technique on every rep so we're
starting with pec-deck. fly keep your shoulder blades back elbows slightly
bent and just move your arms together slight squeeze at the top of the
movement then slowly back keeping control the
whole time concentrate on feeling the muscles squeeze – the mind muscle
connection next it's a flat bench press using the
barbell. start with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders, keep your
elbows wide to make sure your chest does the work, use a weight you can control
and again keep your shoulders back by pulling your shoulder blades together the third exercise is incline dumbbell
press, putting the bench at an angle will put the focus on your upper chest
for that full rounded look. you're going to put some of the effort into keeping
the dumbbell steady so don't go too heavy with the weight, again pin your
shoulder blades back and don't arch your spine during the movement, control is the key you should be feeling the tension the
whole time, so slow and steady down slow and steady up and squeeze your chest
when you get to the top we're now moving on to dips we're showing you bodyweight
dips here if this is too much your gym will probably have an assisted dip
machine you can use this exercise works chest shoulders and triceps so to focus on the chest make sure you lean forward and if
possible choose a wider grip on the machine. take it slow and controlled
don't lock out your elbows and only go down as far as you feel comfortable. on
this exercise don't go to failure the important thing is control finally on your beginner's chest workout,
dumbbell flys. this will really stretch all the chest fibers at the end of your
workout. use a weight you can control throughout the movement again shoulder
blades back keep your elbows locked with a slight bend in them, focus on keeping
the tension on your chest the whole time and squeeze at the top. so that was your
starter workout as you begin to build a bigger more aesthetic chest. as you
progress you'll be moving on to more challenging exercises and switching your
program from week to week. we have plenty more workouts for you to try on our
recommended workouts playlist and if you're looking for a full structured
program to follow fit media's expert trainers have created a ten week plan to
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