there we go we have d3 help phase four and it's gonna be chest and triceps so this is gonna be a fun one chest and triceps always a doesn't good workout get that nice pump we've got a pretty good exercise for the first one which is gonna be the twisting presses twisting bench presses now it's lying flat and as the name explains you me twisting the dumbbells now this is one good thing about the dumbbells is that you can vary the motion to that barbell core standard barbell you're just kind of stuck within that one motion that straight up and straight down kind of thing there is no alternative movements in there but that's why the dumbbells are so good we're taking advantage of that with these by twisting the dumbbells together so the palms together and you can go a little extra to even go the pinkies here give that extra twist but we're also coming inward too so it's gonna be a lot of different kind of motions in there and we usually do with this kind of movement start a little bit lighter if you're not used to it so that we can kind of feel it out but things that keep in mind you want to do it in a standard Bend press where your elbows about 45 degree angle to the torso and as you press up elbows are coming in closer and also the dumbbells are coming in but you always do want to keep those shoulders back you know really retract them backwards that way you've got full kind of that full activation of the chest there of course the secondary muscle groups doing the front delt anterior delt and also the triceps too but mainly it's really gonna feel in that chest so we have it all set up here as you gonna see him start a little bit lighter just kind of get this motion down a little up the chest but we did do mobility in the beginning like we normally do but we just want to get a bit of a warm-up set here to to kind of see how these feel okay here we go stand or bench press you can see it's like a typical one and you can do it in a little bit of a comfortable position as you can see you can either rotate them out here or you can kind of bring them in so some good another good thing about the dumbbells and kind of find a better and comfortable position for your hands and placement and it kind of keeps those shoulders back – at the same time if you feeling a little extra buff you know he's add an extra twist or really rotate those dumbbells it's a little bit of extra effort you really feel that activation there too oh yeah twisting dumbbell press excellent exercise it like it's a good way to start this workout so I got three more sets twelve reps and like we're getting a pretty good damn a pretty damn good chest pump in this one somewhat before do up next is the incline close press now we've done close presses in the past the past phases and it's a couple of things good about this is you're not only getting the pressing motion the concentric and eccentric contraction of the up-and-down motion we also give it kind of an inward squeeze as well so you can be squeezing the dumbbells together and that way activating the chest that much more what you really have to try to focus on too is keeping those shoulders back much like any pressing motion but if you let them fly out too much if you're not squeezing the shoulder blades back is what happens is a lot of the shoulder and triceps take over almost like most presses but this one in particular just because the positioning it's hard to kind of have those dumbbells pull backwards because you have that closer kind of grip there so really trying to like fill that chest up and even when you bring it down come like arch your lower back or arch your back and that way bring the chest ups out where those shoulders are back and then you can go right to the pressing motion there so usually you'll take it a little bit lighter on these just because of the the positioning gonna be something to get used to so we're gonna try these out here we go starting position holding them together and I squeeze bringing it down as you can see the elbows aren't pretty close to the body keeping that chest up and then press and squeeze they're keeping the shoulders back even at that top position trying to keep that nice even tempo throughout kind of that time under tension really gets that chest working over time so these ones are definitely a good one and you should definitely feel the activation of triceps you just switches things up just a little bit especially if you get that full extension to your little squeeze so you get a little extra activation there in the triceps which is nice because triceps do help out quite a bit in bench pressing so if you kind of want to get a stronger bench the chest of course is very important but cells of having strong triceps that are gonna help out with that so it's nice to develop the triceps not only for the aesthetics but for the function to of something like the we are sitting on the floor for a reason is because the next exercise is going to be the floor press now we've done these in the past and past phase but we're gonna switch things up a little bit this time around and do the single arm floor press so we're doing a unilateral exercise and as you guys know by now unilateral is good to really try to work out and you those asymmetrical problems and just kind of switch things up – another great thing about the dumbbells is it allows you to do this and that's why we're taking advantage of it so you just want to lay on the floor here and your feet are gonna be kicked out you can cross them or keep them straight whatever you want you take the dumbbell into position so it's gonna be like a standard press again just the elbow positioning and keeping the shoulder back but it is now shortening the range of motion there because the back of your arm is now going to be rested on the floor so this is the starting position so it shortens range of motion but it also kind of forces you to really control your tempo because once you press it up to the top position me lowering it down you have to go pretty slow because obviously you have the floor there to hit the back of your arm so we're gonna go nice and slow touch back up to start position or excuse me end position there nice hold thank you sure it's contract the whole time and press up just like so there's a lot of control in this exercise when you bring it down you're not going all the way down but it's really working on that top half of the pressing motion there so you're gaining strength in that position if you ever noticed if you bring that barbell down to the bottom position you're pressing up you can only get a certain amount and you start crapping out before you get that full extension it gives me my other floor presses it really works on strengthening that full extension there as long as you can train your body cording lean to where you're weakest at and this one will really help you kind of get that full extension and strength and power at the latter half of that motion there you feel a little bit off balance doing these ones since is a unilateral single arm when you bring it down you're gonna feel the weight pull your body a little bit to one side so you really gonna have to get in track that core to keep that body flat on the floor while you're pressing – so a lot going on this exercise definitely very good and it is the first evolution of the actual bench press so they started doing floor press in the beginning and then eventually evolved into the actual benchpress once they started building benches so I'm gonna take a little nap and then we're gonna do the next set all right we got all the big compound movements out of the way and now we're moving on to an isolation exercise we're gonna be doing the underhand dumbbell flyes now a standard fly of course is isolating chess but this one is gonna be in standing position and you're supinating your grip here hence the name underhand and which is externally rotating the arms and then you're just bringing it up into this top position here so now a few things you want to keep in mind one you want to keep your shoulders down depressed and back retracted much like any kind of pressing motion because that's gonna help activate nicely the chest that much more the front delt is gonna be a secondary muscle here so even if you do feel it a little bit in your front delt that's okay but you do want primarily the primary work right in your chest there so one should is staying position you have the dumbbells in each hand you want to contain a little bit of a bent elbow but you really want to keep it stable in that position throughout the whole motion so you don't want to kind of curl it up you want to kind of keep the flexion or the motion all in the shoulders so you're flexing that shoulders up that top position get a nice squeeze and then lowering it down nice and slow to the bottom position and immediately free up to the top so once everything kind of comes together you'll definitely feel the activation in your chest and I think it's important to keep a little bit light in these ones just because of the positioning and everything and also you want to create that nice slow tempo to to really contain that contraction the chest do so that's good you can see the chest activating that's a good sign when you see it working you know what's working that's why you always stare yourself in the mirror it's not just for vanity you know it's just to check your form right just check my form right now that's all alright we are done with chest it's time to move on to some triceps do a little complimentary muscle work and we're gonna be starting with a very famous exercise and you just go crushers now they're a little bit different using the dumbbells in comparison to barbell the barbell is obviously in the fixed position and your palms are facing out he's bringing down to the forehead or maybe even slightly past and extending from there so it's pretty simple up-and-down motion the dumbbells are similar they're definitely a flexion extension of the elbow but we're going to be adding a little bit of extra movement in there much like we have in this whole workout so we're gonna be bringing the dumbbells down to the ears the palms facing each other and as you extend you're gonna be twisting to have the palms outward so it's gonna make it a little bit more difficult but honestly it feels really damn good and that's what we're all about the last phase you got to make it count right so just me lying flat on the bench I'm gonna bust out I like to lower it down right along the ears and just have the edge of the dumbbells touch the shoulders it's kind of a nice cueing for the brain to know you've gone down far enough that physical cue rotating out squeeze back down you tell them not holding too much in the full extension but really trying to get that nice contraction in the full extension and then bring it down to that stretched position oh yeah oh that was good it's damn good feel it and I remember doing tons of school crushers from the very beginning in my lifting career and not only did it make my arms look bigger and improve my benchpress to decide a buddy of mine and we'd have like school crushing competitions try to put as much weight as possible and it was always fun thankfully my elbows didn't suffer like some people's view from school pressures so relatively healthy still which is always nice but if you're having a problem with barbell school crushers I would highly recommend dumbbells because you can adjust the angles a little bit more and sometimes alleviate some of that pressure on the shoulder and elbow joint so definitely a good one even if you're not doing a dumbbell only program to add these in to see how they feel for you oh yeah that forms looking nice next up in the last one for triceps it's gonna be the kickback so now kickbacks are definitely a good one they're kind of difficult to master at least I feel like personally it took me a while to actually kind of feel them because just the positioning of it and it's really easy to gain momentum while you're doing the exercise you don't really feel the full contraction that tricep as much as you should but essentially it's just an extension you know you're doing elbow extensions so if you're imagine yourself in a standing position on let's say cables and you're extending down like so it's pretty much the same thing but with the dumbbell so you're you're changing the positioning here so all of a sudden now you're working against gravity hence you have to get that bent over position there but I would say my advice on these ones just to take it a little bit lighter you didn't know what more than you're used to because if you go a bit heavy one you're gonna have a hard time getting that full extension but you're also gonna try to use a lot of momentum just to get it into position you won't get that pole contractions the whole point is getting that full extension to force that tricep to really engage so what you're gonna be doing is you're standing in this position here feet together so that way you can allow some room for your arms to extend and just can be bending over keeping your elbows right at your side and just extending straight back and you want to get a slight hold at that full extension that's when you'll feel those triceps engage the most and you can see – I'm doing a bilateral motion using both sides at the same time but you can do a single and just focus on one side keep that real good squeeze lower down squeeze and back and then go running onto the next side so it kind of depends on what you want to do or what you feel comfortable sometimes it's easy to just go that single side so you can really kind of concentrate on that but when you're doing that you don't want to kind of pull to one side here you want to kind of keep that that body facing the floor as much as you can you kind of alternate your stance to make it a little bit more stable you just keep them together kind of depends there's a lot of different variations you can do with this one but I feel like it's a very useful exercise although sometimes tricky to get down that's why it's just kind of practiced a little bit they get really light get that full extension squeeze and hold into that full extension to really feel those triceps engage and slowly let it down to the bottom position there so a good one definitely buff dudes approved yeah so here we are the last exercise of the workout it's can be ABS much like it has been throughout this whole program and we're gonna be doing the rollouts now we've done rollouts in the past and I kind of went over how to use them with dumbbells since this is a dumbbell only program but this time we're gonna switch things up a little bit and use an actual roller now these can be very inexpensive and you can also make your own – we did a DIY video on how to make your own roll out machine like this so come in a lot of handy I would recommend buying ones you do it at home and do the gym you can bring in your gym bag whatever you want this is an excellent tool and roll outs to me are one of the best kind of core work you can do besides like planks things of that nature so it's a pretty simple exercise if you're not too familiar with your team you start on your knees there's me putting the pressure on the handles here and you're just gonna extend your body straight out reach that full extension through here feel that tension and not only your abdominals but also the lower back too to stabilize your spine and then roll it back to the top position nice deep breath exhale as you bring the top feel a little bit in your back to because you have that flexion extension the shoulder joint as you bring your body out shoulder back a little bit the chest so it's a lot going on in this exercise and that's why we love it so much oh yeah that feels good definitely get that good activation your core and these ones can be difficult to you so if you're not too confident in going that full range of motion like I was pretty much bringing your body horizontal to the floor there you can just limit your range of motion so bring your body out as far as you can feel the tension the abs and then bring yourself to top position so just limit shorten the range of motion a bit to make it a bit easier and then just slowly work into a farther range of motion as you get a bit more stronger so yeah there we go that was it end of the workout feels good gives a nice chest and tricep pump but we still got one more day of the dumbbell only program very much looking forward to that I just want to say thank you guys for falling along hopefully you guys have enjoying it I definitely have but I'm excited to finish this up and go on to the next big adventure the buff dudes adventure so that's all for me today hopefully you guys will join me next time and as always stay buff