I am Dichondra Johnson and I am the Detroit Program Director for Streetwise Partners. Streetwise Partners is a nonprofit organization that
is a workforce development organization helping to serve those who are underemployed, unemployed, by connecting them
with adult mentors from corporate partners. So, we are working with Centria Healthcare, they are one of our
corporate partners to provide us mentors. The first step to volunteer with Streetwise is to attend an info session,
and then from there we provide our application. You can visit our website, StreetwisePartners.org to find out about all of the dates. We are really excited to partner with Centria. We look forward to doing
all of the things that we say that we can do. . And that’s help people connect, help people network, and also professionalize. We want to make sure that Centria knows how appreciative
we are of working with Streetwise. We cannot do anything without our corporate partners. Where there’s mentees, we must have mentors.
Streetwise and Centria have a wonderful relationship together.