Yeah, I think there is a lot available here
at UW and it’s difficult to know where I am supposed to go for what things sometimes. There is a lot of places that do similar things
for students. Usually, my goal is to either figure out what
would work best for myself or for a friend of mine. Usually in regard to mental health resources,
and figuring out which of the three main places on campus that offer mental health resources
would be the best fit. I usually go straight for either like Hall
Health or the Counseling Center or Health and Wellness. I find that if I’m looking for a specific
thing I would have to try all three before I know which is the specific website that
I am looking for. The centralized wellness website is designed
to make learning about and accessing health-related resources easy for students. With information and services organized by
topic, students can quickly navigate to the resource they need. The major categories of mind, body, and play
guide students to discover the variety of wellness resources that UW has to offer. Within each category, students can learn about
the available resources or stories from other students struggling with similar issues. Within a service category, students can explore
how that resource best fits their needs. The Counseling page minimizes students’
frustrations by displaying crucial details such as cost and registration. Each resource clearly outlines the steps needed
for access, giving students an easy and approachable way to get help. The crisis care button is persistent across
the entire site, and when accessed, will provide students with crisis hotlines on and off campus.