(lively guitar music) – At Central Health,
we offer a whole series of classes at our facilities, that support wellness and better health. – Healthy chef cooking classes. – Zumba classes! – Parent and family support classes. – Gardening! – Good health is not just
about going to the doctor, a lot of times it’s about
making lifestyle changes. – We have a lot of patients and a lot of community members come here diagnosed with diabetes,
even heart disease, high cholesterol, or
elevated triglycerides. And a lot of them need the resources to learn how to eat healthy. – It is very rewarding to
see how the Zumba students become more mobile, lose
weight, and be more confident. – It’s an incredible
value to the community, we are truly changing lives with our community wellness classes. By offering these classes and programs, Central Health is delivering
on its promise to a health, and wellness center. (energized, cheerful music) – Hi, my name is Danitza Verdugo, I am one of the Weviva Zumba instructors. Zumba is a very fun work out to do. Here at Central Health, it’s in the middle of
this beautiful community, it’s open for everyone
and the classes are free. – [Voiceover] More than
700,00 Travis County residents are overweight or obese. – I’ve always had asthma, so being able to have this
strength of continuing through an exercise has been difficult. I was able to overcome that. It’s definitely doable, and you’re able to learn and overcome a lot of obstacles that you might be setting for yourself
without noticing it. – [Voiceover] About 88,000 Travis County adults have diabetes. – As doctors, we can treat and control diseases like diabetes, and other health diseases. But a lot of times, the real root of the disease is life style choices. That’s where the wellness
series of classes are really making a difference. – [Voiceover] After taking the class, there was a 74% increase in the number of participants who were comfortable buying low-cost, healthy foods
at the grocery store. – We tackle a lot of different scenarios when it comes to health, so we do discuss high blood pressure, we discuss high cholesterol, we discuss general healthy eating, how to go grocery shopping. We don’t really focus on dieting, it’s not a weight loss program. It’s really for general health, whether you’re sick, or whether you’re trying to
prevent any chronic illness. – [Voiceover] After taking the class, 72% increased in confidence in preparing healthy meals at home. Nearly 65% increase their knowledge about portion sizes. We have Farmshare Austin,
they come here every Friday. They offer fresh produce for our patients, and the community to come purchase. Fresh, local is always the best option. You’re gonna get the right nutrients, and they’re not gonna be as expensive, because they’re seasonal. – Hi, I’m Carolina Mueller, and I am the food access
manager at Farmshare Austin. We teach students how to
farm here in central Texas, and with the produce that
we grow on our 10 acre farm, we connect it with communities that are living in areas that have been identified as food deserts, and we sell them at a reduced price with the support of the city of Austin through our Fresh for Less
Mobile Markets program. – We have a lot of options to choose from. Our garden classes are a great way to learn a rewarding hobby that
gets you outside and active. – We start the class with a
visit the garden, here on site. And parents get to kind of see first hand, the seasonal fruits and
vegetables with the family, and then help incorporate
that in the cooking class. – [Elizabeth] We have a whole series of programs for parents, and families. Such as United Way’s Play to Learn, WIC, Mama Sana, Safe
Baby Austin, and Nami. – Play to Learn is a program that teaches parents how to get their
kids ready for Kindergarten. This program definitely contributes to the overall wellness over the community by giving parents and kids the opportunity to develop and grow. – These classes are helping my
patients reduce cholesterol, control their diabetes, and reduce weight. There is a real health improvements. – I love my Zumba classes. – My A1C went from a 10.1 to a 8.1. – People are thinking about
health on a bigger scale, not just about going to the doctor, but also what people are
putting in their bodies. – Great doctors, access to
medical and dental equipments, a pharmacy, social services, and educational wellness classes. It all comes together at Central Health. Take advantage of all the free and wonderful programs that are part of Central Health’s Southeast Health and Wellness Center. Call 512-978-9807 or we welcome you to visit us!