In the spirit of Judgement Freedom, Planet Fitness went to Olympia, Washington to honor all…umm… what people from that city get called. Y’know the way people from Boston get called Bostonians? People from Olympia, Washington get called… You know what I’m talking about. We wanted to sponsor those! Everyday those! Regular those! All kinds of those! Anyways, our lawyers told us we had to make
it extremely clear that we are not endorsing or sponsoring any international sporting event
or affiliated athletes. We just believe that to be celebrated, you
don’t have to be an elite physical specimen who trains their entire life and competes
in their chosen sport at the highest level, all through their childhood and adolescence and then represents their country on a world stage to compete for one of three different-colored accolades. We believe that to be celebrated, you just
need to join Planet Fitness.