Hello everyone. It’s JINI. Y’all, something, the background has changed! I bought the background, finally. I also bought a light. by the way, It’s been almost a week since I ordered light. Well, it was… good consumption… Anyway, since I bought the background and the light, You will be able to see the images of JINI, which is getting more high quality. More and more, I want to buy something new. What should I do? Am I going to be more beggars now? Am I in that process? I want to buy a microphone? Oh, what do I do? Yes, anyway, today. Hello everyone? It’s JINI. Oh, I was just filming so hard, but it looks like the memory card is full, so it flies. So today! I turned on the camera to tell you how to exercise from 100kg to 50kg. Before I share this video with you, You’ll be careful beforehand. First, I don’t know about your physical condition. That’s why you need to know exactly what your physical condition is and whether or not you can apply this exercise. For example, my back hurts, my joints hurt, my knees hurt, my wrists hurt, I have a hard time when I walking, hard to breathe. If you are one of those people, have a little more worrying, and I think it is right to decide if you are going to exercise your way of doing it. And secondly, the exercise for people is really different. That’s why it might or might not work if you follow JINI’s movements. But I’ve seen a really great effect in this way, so I’m going to tell you. I have informed you of this information, so it would be nice to have you set your own exercise method by referring to this method. So in conclusion, what I would like to say is that this isn’t an absolute answer, nor an absolute rule. So why should I watch this video? There may be people who think that. First of all, before you start your diet, you need to gather all the information before you start your workout. ‘I wonder how she lost 50kg. And that woman’s way could be right for me too! ” I recommend you to spend your time once and see! I would really like to meet one of you, meet one, work out a plan and give details, but I’m really sorry that I can’t. But I will share this information so that I can help you work on your own. Oh, there are so many things I really want to tell you. How do I start to work out and before you start to worry about things? I want to tell you everything about them, I would really like to tell you a lot of tips that are good for dieting, it would be nice if I could have a chance to tell you all about it soon after this semster. Uh… I just want to tell you so much, Just now, it just wandered from my head and said, ‘Should I tell you these things? X2’ First of all, I will try to solve your questions one by one. I just write down that I think about again. I didn’t choose one exercise while I was subtracting 50kg. So I will divide this video into three. First, I’ll show you how to exercise during the time of ultra-high obesity, from 100kg to mid 70kg, The second one is the exercise method that became the body from the mid 70kg, And lastly, I want to share the information about the exercise by dividing into three parts as to how I did exercise during the maintenance period.