what can you eat on the carnivore diet
it seems overly simple like this is too simple to be true right? just meat meat
and salt? the meat and salt version is one form of the carnivore diet of course
there are no carnivore diet police it’s not like a specific protocol like whole
30 or 21 day sugar detox or the GAPS protocol that all have really specific
yeses and noes and there’s like a book and a food list that goes along with
them. There are no particular carnivore police that are
going to come after you if you do it so-called wrong so the most extreme version
and this is something that like Jordan Peterson Mikalah Peterson are both on
just beef and salt and that’s what they eat and that’s what they feel best on
that’s that’s something that I personally think a lot of people would
benefit from trying for just like five or ten days and see how they feel but a
lot of people kind of ease into it by just taking out most of the plant foods
and so the least restrictive version of the carnivore diet is where you eat meat
dairy um some people even include honey eggs and even seasonings so like salt
pepper steak seasoning and some people even include like a little bit of avocado oil mayonnaise steak rubs barbecue sauce a little bit of that but still
like 90 or more percent of their calories are coming from animal products
which is meat dairy and most people choose full fat dairy over like skim
milk and eggs and so that’s the other extreme version of the carnivore diet is
like you eat mostly meat but you can have seasoning spices sauces that kind
of thing – and so the middle version is the one that I personally started with
is where you eat meat and animal products like full fat dairy or high fat
dairy like butter but then you avoid all of the additives and eggs but then you
avoid all of the seasonings which is like plant food you only season with
salt and you avoid you carefully avoid all of the additives like the weird
stuff that can show up in some heavy whipping cream there’s weird stuff that
shows up in cream cheese and even like there’s a
little bit of coloring in some cheese so avoiding all additives and this is a
great way to do an elimination diet but then still including meat of any kind so
like seafood beef pork chicken sometimes a little bit of bacon even though that
usually does have some additives in it eggs and dairy that is really just dairy
nothing else so foods that are so-called healthy but
not included on the carnivore diet and this isn’t that thing to say that these
are bad foods this is just not included when people do the carnivore diet
is oils that come from plant and that includes coconut oil so a lot of us that
are interested in healthy eating and are know we do really well on fat have kind
of use coconut oil as a crutch so cutting out the coconut oil and then
what can you use instead like what do you I used to cook my eggs in or what do
I use to cook my meat in and I just use tallow so you can get a little jar and
I’ll link down below of tallow and I put it on subscribe and save on Amazon
they’re like 6 bucks for two jars and 2 jars lasts me like each jar lasts me
about a month so tallow is great for cooking you can save all of your fat
like when I put a brisket in the instant pot and I put in some water there’s
gonna be a bunch of fat if you just pour the like the meat juices and everything
that’s left after you’re done in a jar and you let that solidify there’s gonna
be a big layer of fat on the top of that you can use that for cooking as well
other foods not included in the carnivore diet fruit or vegetables or
any kind if you add vegetables to the carnivore diet you’re on the keto diet
and there’s nothing wrong with keto but it’s not the carnivore diet so the point
of carnivore is to really get rid of those vegetables and see how you feel
without them other foods not included on the carnivore diet are sweeteners
including stevia or sugar both of those come from plants alcohol is typically
not recommended on the carnivore diet if you are going to drink like I do usually
once a week or so is I’ll go out on a Friday or Saturday night and vodka soda
is my thing so bubbly water soda is just seltzer water and then vodka is it
doesn’t have it’s one of the kind of les gonna be
bothersome alcohols to have if you are going to drink on the carnivore diet but
in general especially if you’re doing this for healing alcohol is not part of
a healthy diet it’s a toxin to our body Coffee is something that’s included by
most of us and I have kept coffee in as I’ve done the carnivore diet. Doing a
trial with no coffee is probably always recommended but a lot of people just
drink black coffee or they find a heavy whipping cream that doesn’t have
additives in it and they put that heavy whipping cream in their coffee but again
we’re avoiding the coconut oil so like the keto coffee where you blend it up
with the coconut oil that’s something that we tend to avoid on carnivore but
again how you do carnivore is how you do carnivore there are no carnivore police.
if you’d like to see an overview of what you can eat on the different levels of
strictness I do have a meal plan down below that if you sign up it’s for free
I have one week where we do just meat and salt and so that’s like the most
restrictive week but there is actually still quite a bit of variety you can get
with like seafood and different kinds of meat and organ meats that can all
provide lots of nutrients and variety on just a carnivore meat and salt diet and
then there’s other weeks that are in varying levels of strictness with the
least strict adding and seasonings like garlic and parsley and black pepper or
that kind of thing and there’s actually quite a bit that
you can make with dairy eggs meat and seasoning and so I’ve got a lot of ideas
down there below for you next go ahead and take a look at that video and I show
you my surprising results and why I fell in love with the carnivore diet in my
first week on it thanks for joining me and I will see you back soon time
motivated no but first stuff that that