– [Narrator] Prepare for an
exciting career in healthcare, a growing field for those
who want to make a difference in the lives of others. As the population ages
and people live longer, the demand for healthcare managers rises. A healthcare management
degree sets you up for success when administrative positions open. A healthcare management career path typically begins with
entry-level jobs in the field. These positions support practitioners in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. You’ll find these positions
in other industries. However, those working
in healthcare settings should understand medical
terminology and concepts. When you’re ready to
take a leadership role, healthcare management positions
include the following. Healthcare administrators plan, direct, and coordinate medical services. They may manage an
entire hospital or clinic or work in specific departments. Healthcare administrators
often make sure practices stay up-to-date with laws,
regulations, and technology. According to the Department of Labor, healthcare administrators earn a median salary of $98,350 per year. Administrative services managers plan, coordinate, and
direct support services and healthcare facilities are
among the largest employers of administrative services managers. These professionals often supervise clerical and administrative personnel. They set goals, recommend improvements, and coordinate a broad range of services to help organizations operate efficiently. Administrative services managers earn a median salary of $94,020 per year. Community services managers coordinate and supervise
social service programs and organizations such as
public health departments. They oversee administrative
aspects of programs and may be involved in securing funding to support operations. Community services managers oftentimes work closely with the public to identify the programs and services needed for their community. Social and community services managers make a median salary of $64,100 per year. Of course, your career
path will be unique to you. Whatever route you take, start with a Bachelor’s Degree
in Healthcare Management. Columbia College offers a Bachelor of Arts in
Healthcare Management and a Bachelor of Science
in Healthcare Management. Both are offered entirely online. Ready to get started? Apply today for free at apply.ccis.edu. (upbeat music)