I found out about my cancer quite a few years
ago when my eye vision in my left eye began to get distorted I have cancer that started
in my eye metastatic in my liver and in different parts of my body. I’ve been through a number of steps over the
years including three clinical trials nine different kinds of surgery including the removal
of my left eye as well as four different kinds of radiation treatment; I pretty much been
through the mill in the United States, so a friend encouraged me to come here and at
first I was pretty skeptical about coming here but after coming here I’ve been very
very pleased with how the treatment has gone. You know leaving your country to go to a different
country to get treatment is not an easy decision, it costs money and insurance didn’t cover
the expense and but I’d pretty much ad run out of options in the United States and so
I decided that this was worth giving a try and I am very glad that I did. The experience has been outstanding, I like
I said I was pretty skeptical when I first decided to come here but whether or not was
the right decision but the staff, the whole approach to your health here has been outstanding
and so I am really pleased my health has improved just in the three weeks I have been here today
is my last day and I’ll be traveling home tomorrow but my health has improved significantly
just in the time that I have been here. You know the facilities are outstanding I
was really pleased with every aspect of it, I’ve had Hiperbaric treatment, I’ve had Hyperthermia treatment, I’ve had Ozone treatment and as well as the daily nutrition that you get from the meals
that are served here and the daily supplements that are given it’s just outstanding it’s
been really good and it has affected my health already. The language hasn’t really been a problem,
the staff has been really good they understand english really well and so it’s been completely
professional, I am really pleased. Well, first of all I do recommend it to people
who have immune system deficiency kinds of diseases including cancer; the biggest aspect
I would say it’s the professionalism of the staff I was really impressed with all the nurses, the doctors, the people who administer different types of treatments it’s all been outstanding and so I really highly recommend it. Trust yourself that it’s worth coming here,
I was skeptical before I came and now I am really convinced that I made the right decision.