I got a question here and she said that
the cardiologist said that her (heart) piping her (heart) plumbing was all fine but that stress
was causing the problem and yes that is true
but we need to understand more about what stress is stress is not just having
too much to do and not enough time that is indeed stress but stress is anything
that can interfere with the body anything that can activate or over activate
the sympathetic nervous system and anything that prevents that nervous
system from finding the natural balance so again for getting rid of stress is
not the solution because the world is still going to be there. We can’t turn
the world off. What we can do we can some what… we can selectively reduce stress by
changing our lifestyle a little bit but more than that what we really want to do
is help the body deal with the stress better it’s a physiological problem in
addition to just the emotional stress so people think of stress and they say oh
yeah I have too much to do but it’s it’s the emotional and the chemical and the
structural stress it all interferes and then we do something else in this office
that takes a little more explaining but it’s it’s basically about how the
autonomic nervous system how flexible and how good is it and regulating does
it tend to get stuck or is it confused and all of those factors can involve
those stressors that we mentioned the scars and the metals and so on
so yes stress is a big problem it is often the initiator but we can’t just
look at that and ignore all the other things