all right we've got a special gifts currently a quatrain athlete by cellucor he's originally from australia 25 years old three time mr. universe man a lot of people say he's going to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger how long the bomb ogre thank you all right once I when I started getting to bodybuilding people did compare me to Arnold a little bit tag Donald 2.0 and a lot of kids you know they always say that and to be honest uh I ended it I didn't like being compared with Arnold anymore you know I I'm sort of past all that I really want to jump out if he's he's waking and just got my father and be unique be yourself that's the most important thing is at the end of the day you just got to just be yourself and be true to yourself and as much as I want sometimes look like cam or whatever I'll never be anything like Arnold like I have different interests good morning guys come on come on up welcome to the palace they live here now in Santa Monica I'm on 2nd Street which is like it's two minute drives at the road from Gold's Gym two blocks from the beach and Starbucks is right around the corner it's a really nice neighborhood first time I heard of this place was through pumping iron and I grew very attached to that lifestyle that you know how they lived their lives and stuff and I thought that's it's a dream it's a pretty far-fetched dream so I want to live close to Gold's Gym what to have that environment that good training I didn't know I could actually sort of almost fall into that slot of being able to live that kind of almost that kind of lifestyle and you know I used to work myself it was hard enough for me to to just pay for protein you know I used to work a 95 job and all my savings went to just buying protein and just went to the gym how the heck do you get from there working full-time as a laborer landscape gypsy into living you know a life where you have a lot more freedom so you know you should have Daddy self because I made it happen and now here so yeah when I'm like getting ready like for a competition sometimes I think it's like almost 150 eggs a week and then sometimes I have hair for like sure the cheese check that in the mix tastes good but this is better than eating egg whites out of a carton I then exit come out of cards to come out of shells the chickens but but it's the offseason for me say it's so sometimes like I Chuck you get in there berries honey and stuff like that stops it for cheese in there or sometimes I just scrap that one and I just have like bagel with cream cheese and a lot of good stuff so I'm not like but it's like a staple so for I usually have like the stick to the same foods but everything then I just changed it up because otherwise I get sick of eating the same thing every day I don't track calories the the strictest that I get is when I just count the meals and make sure that I'm like a way like 9 ounces of carbs 90s of protein something so Manson so I just track the way to make sure it's there but I don't go running to the in so it doesn't hit in a little bit I'm not I'm not in that year that that's a I know a lot of people do that and that's really good but if I did like all the calorie tracking and stuff my macros I'd get lost I grew up in a very small town maybe 400 people in the middle of Victoria like central Victoria in Australia we had like a little hobby farm so for me my first like passion was I loved animals you know just used to catch chickens in the backyard ducks whatever just always like running around Bali pudding was not on my mind from the age of zero till probably about 15 or 14 or something my brother and he started going to this gym it wasn't it a legitimate gym it was a those all warehouse this guy owned this little shed thing no we were just go to the gym just train and then like and then would go down and it would buy a whole roasted chicken and we'll just eat that on top of yogurt would eat the yogurt go to the beach and would go to the gym go home and play playstation Nintendo for an hour it's just this good cycle like with all the other activities and mischief that would get up too which was a lot back then say yeah just sort of grooming yeah so today yeah I've got a buddy coming from Oz and he's meant to be the airport this morning sometimes takes through I'm probably going pick him up and take him to his hotel or something and then tonight train some legs but leg day today Monday wake-up call so you're on camera enamel he's not sure he loves the camera this little camera hug I'm not used to living in big cities you know growing up in a small town this stuff so this is very new to me to live in going from like just like sort of like a quite a lifestyle into like like fast-paced city but it's great right now it's good for me to be here because I can network a lot it's good to put a bit of power for me you know for doing business for meeting people for all these people opportunities for training especially those pink all right so how it nice to meet you you look great she's gone everybody around here what's the college's yeah well it's someone explained it to me last week for the first time and basically what you do is you move your legs like this and you can go fast and I'm still getting you set up still go pretty slow at the moment baby steps and yeah let's go just go forward but you don't go anywhere just stay still with you this thing is treadmills or something that makes sense see I actually built the ones oh actually well and it actually has that develop blood flow through your ankles and actually gives you bigger feet so I just hear Gold's Gym Venice California and this is the home gym for me now and it's just kind of gone kill a quarter and hamstring workout so she let him I remember the first time I walked into to gold's gym a couple of years ago I think it's 2013 you feel like a shock wave energy you just feel motivate you see these pictures on the walls you know of plus time athletes it's just like a it's like a melting pot of all these different Fitness people from all around the world that just come in to Train and so it's like a little playground for me honestly it's like what I'm going to do today and you know I get I look forward to the training and stuff still hey yeah yeah yeah catch you later tunic timid lost the goal for me with bodybuilding I ticked a few big boxes that I really want to take care of that was winning a pro mr. universe definitely always be focused on the on the classic sort of solid bodybuilding I'll never go into the hardcore top body feeling that's around today and then yeah I'll just maybe try something else or see what happens what a get here boiling halfway there just then come on 6:30 formal yeah yes just nice so in speed training Adam because we have different strengths like uh he's got very powerful and big legs something that uh that always I looked at his legs and I was you know very impressed that's one thing that I can catch up on is my legs okay get you later oh yeah jeepers I'll get it she say leg days movies always ridden buses better unpredictable ah that's good wait for the bus up yeah you're in control going to this is that's the weight of two that's two plates that's 100 pounds coming it's for fun killers gourmet your body builder to dealer issues a matter that this legs gonna be two inches bigger than this okay gemelas stand on the other end yep serious yep no I've got a with me yeah well next 100 kilos yeah ten reps okay catch you later see come on it said four by six seven eight one come on Oh yep when I'm doing actual the sets and the reps it's like the blinkers are on and you know you could set off a bomb or whatever you could do anything and I wouldn't blink I'll just I'm very focused when I'm in the in the set and then soon as it's done yeah I'm pretty relaxed have a chat and have a joke whatever sort of makes it work out a bit more skies with quick air makes it more enjoyable just how I am ah all right three records just very hot in here feel a little bit flat cos it's a locks of every month remember good halfway through lifts quads to go in there should be a should be just that up I was definitely one of the kids that wanted to stand out and make something out of this life and be unique and different and and I didn't want to ever have an ordinary life I guess so always always driven towards you know trying to make that happen you got to keep the masses guessing and you follow the routine sometimes by the book all the time every single set rep then the boy gets you super windy you change it up where you shock the system and you can get to do great sir so just what this one's just what I need right now okay last one Hey Hey what huh it's actually when all whales work together for which this is the after leg day he gets oh you know Adam girl that's you later see how many reps you can do one two three four five and nine 22-footer pity 5000 on Sony sickos one jc4 509 31 wide load freedom okay just rocking up to in and out drive through this hello what is you make it's a free point Crocodile Hunter snacks Apple peanut butter is it ice cream it's the Greek yogurt corn but yes it's good okay time to just have a bit of relaxation in the sanctuary room of calmness and peace and tranquility a little bit of Steve out to entertain me before I go to sleep you should never shop when you're hungry just buy so much are we does vanilla milk chocolate ice cream ice ah one more ah function