Bobby in Mesa Arizona watchin free
speech TV in the Dish Network a bob what’s up okay I was listening to the little conversation there but the Canadian
singer they’re supposedly inept a health care
system sure and I live in an RV I live in an RV
park down here Mesa resort area sheesh and it is 50 percent Canadians
every year year in and out and I’ve been here for thirteen years
now for just saying rhetoric from republicans down here by
Callum well okay wat won the argument with
anyone Canadian just once want to switch with us i’ve been waiting
13 years by storms see more I talk to him all the time we left they
laugh at they laugh at that question yeah I you
know anyone just for everyone he kinko well maybe we can find one
knows just you know thanks america is a paradise or something but I yeah I I lived I grew up in Lansing I
lived in Detroit lansing is like 110 miles from the Canadian border 10 miles from the Canadian border or
write on it arguably and and Louise and I live for ten years yeah
I spent 27 years michigan and we live for 10 years in vermont in
my pill your which is in the central northern part of Vermont and we were
about an hour and a half from the Canadian border and I never once in my life saw a Canadian coming into the united
states looking for health care never saw canadian doctors office never
saw Canadiana in a hospital I’m not seeing dead Canadians falling
all over the border but what I did see when we lived in my
pill your with every Saturday morning Louise I would get up we would walk into
downtown Mobile you to have breakfast at forgetting the name at the diner now
there’s this cool little diner in the middle a town that served scrambled tofu one on Saturday mornings
would we do down there to have breakfast and there would be the boss is where
people were and Bernie Sanders organize this when he was a member the house
representatives there would be the boss is I’ve elderly
Americans walked lining up in getting on these
buses to drive up to move to to Montreal which was directly north of
us so that they could buy their pharmaceutical so americans are
certainly going to Canada but so bob you you have not hurt what it
what you know what are the Canadian say to
you when when are they still using the canadian health care system yes as a matter fact when they get sick
down there ever some real serious don’t fly back to Canada that have take
care because they’re going to start with thousands and thousands of dollars in
bills like we are in this country for said it many times as number one
reason for bankruptcy in this country and I’m living proof that actually i’ve
i’ve already gone through that due to health care NIST just get over a
hundred thousand dollars and bills going for a car just a couple years ago I but there they don’t have that problem up
there I’m still waiting for the first one to be brought to me by republican if the so terrible bring the one that
wants a swift and that event they are maybe maybe even
start listening to a little bit what you have to say but it
hasn’t happened I’ve been asked that question for thirteen years yeah where is the Canadian movement I
guess that’s that’s the question I me if the other words the American more
than most americans want single-payer health care systems but if what we get we get Americans for
Prosperity get you get out a phony grassroots front
group for the Koch brothers that is you know and and in creepy ads
with Uncle Sam you know with a speculum are or ugh are
a gloved finger you know and and it’s like really what why hi I have these guys doing bob thank you
for the call thanks thanks very much great to hear
from me