get your heart pumping with this intense no run twenty minute cardio workout are you guys ready we got Gray's and Mia here to join us for the workout so we're gonna start with a little cardio circuit starting with a quick skin now with this you want to think about keeping yourself lower the ground but you're just popping off the ball the foot knee comes up towards the sky and you're thinking about pulling those abs in tight alright good this is gonna get the blood pump in that heart rate up real quick you're looking good ladies now we're gonna be sucking wind in so are you so don't worry about it just keep yourself focused I'm going as quickly as you can with us or taking a rest if you need to now we're gonna switch it up and go into a little gate swing so opening the knees up wide bringing it together and then hop in back out so this one gets a little bit more the legs working right you're working the glutes the quads oh yes you guys look awesome good now this is our cardio interval so we're going to be coming back to these moves so get familiar with them they're very simple and basic but very cardio intensive now this last one we're gonna go into is a jumping jack you guys know the drill I can stay up here we got nice long strong arms here again you're popping off the balls of the feet you can always modify if you need to but be light on the balls of the feet right no heavy thumping you gotta modify that's okay I'm already sucking wind how about you guys they're like ah doing great cardio interval it's coming to a close we're gonna go into a strength interval next breathe it out three two and one now all these moves are cardio intensive so we're gonna start on our mat with a little bit of a squat jump turn so with this you're gonna touch down to the ground into a squat you're gonna do a turn as you jump touch down alright back and forth so jump touch jump touch now to modify this you would just leave one foot and jump to the other right that's okay to do that modification but if you can add that jump you keep that balance you guys look great doing good two more there's one switch it and two I love you guys alright now come down to the floor another full body move here is the plank Jack so with this one you want to be on your hands you want your toes to start together and you're gonna hop both feet apart so lightly tap bring your back lightly tap bring it back and then you can speed this up so you can double-time it you can also modify show them that modification Mia remember to pull that belly button in and keep your weight over your hands you don't want to be here keep yourself up here really stabilizing with your arms and shoulders you guys are almost there come on keep going breathe come on no run but it's all cardio oh look at me it's stepping it up back into the zone good let's go three two one and bring it down to the hands and knees now this next one I love okay I called the breakdancer you can call it whatever you want the move is awesome you're gonna come up onto your hands and knees I mean hands and toes knees just come off the ground a little bit here now you're gonna turn you're gonna let that foot come flat and kick alright so your weight is over your hands you're gonna turn and kick good bring it back step turn and kick this is another full body move that's why it's cardio intensive ladies that's it back and switch good now they're quiet probably cuz they're breathing heavy records alright alright you just don't like me anymore come on back and forth you guys look great and your balance is challenged here so remember that heel comes down on the ground use your butt you gotta have some or from that leg back and forth a couple more seconds breathe it out yes I'm breathing heavy too whoo good last one kick it forward BAM and down all right come back up on your feet Ron one you guys ready so go right back into those skips now here if you're like dying do the smarts with me if you guys need to know I'm not you too let's go but if you need that little break go ahead and March it out okay I'm okay with that but if you got to cardio and you're feeling good breathe through that you know that breathlessness is good it gets you stronger in the heart but do what you feel is comfortable don't get lightheaded now ready we're gonna go into a little gate fling open it up and God lower and together good you always want to be safe right so if you feel light-headed sit down take it slow you can always do this one too with just the squat all right that's another way to modify but if you feel like your cardio is good keep it going these aren't easy moves it's just like doing sprints out in the field but you don't got a sprint to get that heart healthy good last one up for the jacks let's go open it close breathe that I always say when you breathe through your lips like you're blowing out candles really helps you get your air better you get your air back so blow out those candles it helps you get that air back good couple more seconds three – good and one all right now different circuit a lot of full body moves again come on down to the mat now this one's called a quick Burpee so with this one we don't add the push up we're just gonna jump in and out with those feet and come up into a standing position so from that push up you're gonna jump in get the heels down get your booty down and get your chest up and stand it's really important you're down jump out abs are tight here jump in booty down heels down chest up stand down jump out abs tight come on and bring it in now we flow let's go come on out in come on down in focus on that form breathe out blow those candles out good down abs are tight good lady is good one more ah and uh awesome now stay down here I love these creepy-crawler hops one of my new favorite for my abs okay so in a push-up position here feet are together you're gonna start with just one knee up toward that elbow look at my weight over my hands you want that weight up over the hands elbows touching the need foot is light you're gonna switch simultaneously switch hop you can modify it like Mia and go one at a time or you can pick it up like me and grace and just alternate simultaneously there's a huge move for the ab the upper body and the legs back and forth breathe breathe it up blow those candles out right come on couple more do one and time okay we're gonna stay down here for our third move in this circuit I know ladies I know I know so push up in pike jump so with this one you can always modify going to the knees or go onto the toes as your push up come all the way up add a little Pike jump so your light on the toes abs are tight jump it back out into a plank so you can go push up good modify if you need to and out beautiful push up out almost there guys push and relax I love it those three moves are full body cardio so we're back up on our feet we pulled back into our cardio circuit so remember right here if you're like oh my god and they are killing me I gotta take a break just March it out okay I will hate you I want you to get stronger and be safe okay good job I'm sweating I'm breathing heavy you guys look awesome blow out those candles and keep the fire going come on legs remember toe up towards the sky knee up towards the sky pump your arms I don't anyone doing this I'd rather have you March then just skip with your arms straight okay now I know bueno let's go boom breathe it out last one boom and back into the gay swing we're on round three you guys are doing great let's go drop it down and together I love this one because it gets those inner thighs it gets the booty strong quads gonna have nice lean long legs come on let's do this how are you ladies feeling even with me good you're keeping up they're hardcore nice job guys last 104 jumping jack let's do it yo breathe it up good I love it you got it now for these and remember you can modify look at all the work that's happening in that upper body no matter what your heart rate is gonna be high let's do your best don't give up yeah breathe it out you got good nice three two one and relax all right we're going back to our first circuit are you guys ready okay so we're gonna go with those squat jump turns after this one now focus on your form try to go the whole time if you can alright let's drop it down touch squat and hop turn boom turn that's it rotate booty back chest up can also modify this one by switching one foot at a time yeah good keep your chest high no hunching good look at you great grazes on fighter beautiful even if you just do a little turn maybe you want to do a mini turn that's cool look at you jump in side to side and then work your way up to that fully 180 degrees last two one ah and two legs can't take it no more let's go down plank jack alright so again working the whole body here you guys look awesome go right up into that plank feet together your rays are gonna tap it side to side maybe that's where you are right now we're gonna jump it alright it's up to you abs are tight think about pulling your weight up towards the ceiling right otherwise you're gonna start dropping I don't want that I want your hips up come on abs tight think about your body floating towards the ceiling you got it put your shoulder blades apart don't let those shoulder blades go up into your ears breathe good one ah this is no easy feat today okay so let's go down hand and toes we're gonna go into that kick okay that breakdancer with a kick so hover abs are tight you're gonna turn you're gonna kick you have to support yourself over that hand come on back turn and kick don't go away from that hand keep your weight over it you too Mia pull it forward back you should feel yourself almost touching your armpit – you're a tricep you should almost feel that hip I mean that ribcage touching your tricep good back and forth kick you got it awesome my girls are gonna tell me later that they need a simple water which I should have given them but they're gonna survive you're doing great come on kick good back kick one more time good bring it back and relax oh I love you guys come on back to the beat this is our last round of cardio you guys ready so we're gonna go back into our quick skips and I don't want to hear you complainin or moaning about it because you're gonna look so fabulous for doing these cardio workouts you're gonna love me later bring that knee up toe come on pop those arms you need to like jump around the room so that you feel like okay I'm not just in my place I can do this have a little fun yourself come on bring it up breathe that three two and one and then we get the booty burner let's go back into those gate swings start with those feet together jump it out sit it back and together and now come on you're looking good I love a good sweat when your heart is stronger you got more endurance for all those other activities in life you want it that hard to be the strongest muscle in your body it's the only one that matters you live a long life you feel good two more one do and then the jack was going get up light on the balls of the feet legs are strong shoulders are strong gotta love it breathing it you look great come on three two and one all right now we're gonna go back into our second circuit so if you guys have water grab a sip we're gonna come down here we're gonna go into the quick Burpee so now let your heart rate coming down a little bit so I your full effort I'm listen okay so go on those hands you're gonna go on those toes you're gonna jump those feet and remember jump it in booty down heels down chest up and stand you see that low squat that's healthy for your back jump it out abs tight jump it in let's go double-time now down out in up sit all right the flexibility in your hips is gonna make a difference for you so work on that opening up you can also walk this out and walk this in just like that you do that walk it out walk it in I'm gonna I'm gonna be magic last one and bring it down I love you guys okay creepy-crawler hops everybody knows the drill take a deep breath blow out those candles whoo now go up into that push-up position you're gonna tap the knee to elbow lightly touch put and switch or gently alternate back and forth go ahead keep the weight over your hands whoo bring it up abs are tight belly pulled in aah whoa this is when you know you deserve those sexy abs when it burns and it hurts so good good last couple three and one I had to walk out that last one oh my goodness okay well set we're gonna go push up in Pike I love it these girls are shining brightly sweaty glowing listening women so let's go into that push-up we're gonna pick it up guys ready okay push-up position let's go push-up remember you can obviously modify it you need to in good working so many muscles right now that's why your heart is high heart rates up come on in oh it's good we got to get one more because we have to push out of the comfort zone and relax oh good sit back on your heels just a second you're gonna do this first stretch for the arms just to get those arms out lengthen okay then come up onto those hands and knees and I want you here just sit one leg back and you're gonna slide a little angle come down to the elbows and get that booty stretched out with all the cardio intensive moves and all that different stuff that we had going on it's good to stretch out your hips and get a little bit of that cooldown time with us cuz I don't want you to just go from this out the door on to the next thing right come back up good the whole time here your breathing getting a nice breath in and out in through the nose and out through the mouth if you can if you're panting and just keep yourself under control just like me I'm panting right now huh how are you guys doing you guys get amazing good job okay come on up to the feet we got those hips now we're gonna go with a little bit of hamstring which I love we're gonna get the groin involved too so we're gonna go wide all right go wide and you're gonna sit your booty back chest is high and you're gonna try to come all the way to the floor you're gonna drop your head remember here that your back is um is really like nice and long alright so your chest is up you could almost look up because your hips are pressing back you're really gonna feel that in the back of your legs and your calves your inner thighs it's a really good one for that bend your knees gently as you roll up and then our last one my favorite hitting the hip flexors so you're gonna take a nice step back actually you guys might want to use your mat if you don't wanna go on the hard floor I just want you to gently let that knee touch keep your chest up keep your belly button pulled in tight if you don't stretch your hip flexors there's a big big issue you're gonna have there and your lower back you don't want that so make sure you open up those hip flexors and you keep your back really safe nice and strong switch please get the other side and when you sit and you press your hips forward don't let your bastard arch right keep your belly button pulled in tight your abs in tight then let your hips sink forward way to go today guys get another round of that in we'll see you next time slow job about to die