As concerns over the worldwide coronavirus
spreads artists like BTS have had to cancel some of their upcoming concerts. Luckily though,
their fandom supports them no matter what and sees that they are looking out for their
fans. What’s up? It’s Sussan Mourad here with
Clevver News and I’m sure you’ve heard by now that coronavirus is spreading and unfortunately
it’s impacting things like businesses, schools, and now, even concerts. According to their mobile fan platform Weverse,
BTS has had to cancel several concerts planned in Korea due to the global coronavirus outbreak. And in case you weren’t aware, South Korea
has quickly become a center of infection for the virus which has infected more than 80,000
people worldwide. Variety reported on this news and translated
BTS’s Weverse post that said quote, “It is unavoidable that the concert must be canceled
without further delay. Please understand that this decision was made after extensive and
careful consideration.” The post went on to explain that the canceled
shows were some of the first on the group’s Map of the Soul world tour. The canceled shows were slated to take place
on April 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul. Though the cancellation is definitely a bummer,
BTS is doing what they believe is best for their fans and thankfully, ticket buyers will
receive automatic refunds. But BTS isn’t the only group cancelling
shows. According to the China Association of Performing
Arts, the coronavirus has caused around 20,000 music events to be canceled or postponed in
both China and Hong Kong. And it was also announced that the 18th annual
Korea Times Music festival, which had been scheduled for April 25th at the Hollywood
Bowl in Los Angeles, had been “provisionally postponed.” And Kasey Musgraves also shared on social
media that she canceled her upcoming trip to Italy, which has seen 650 cases of the
virus. Asset: screenshot So with the Seoul concert dates being canceled
for BTS, their next concerts are scheduled to take place April 25th and 26th at Levi’s
Stadium in Santa Clara, California. And then the boys will follow that with three
concerts at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on May 2nd, 3rd, and 5th. And the BTS ARMY is super supportive of doing
whatever is best for the boys of BTS and the fans. Feel free to start sharing your thoughts about
all of this down in the comment section below, get the conversation started. But ARMY is taking to Twitter to share their
support. One person wrote quote, “If they cancel
any tour date for any other place, please do not be upset- its for the best, not just
for BTS & the staff, but for all of the ARMY’s who will be attending. It’s a very large
crowd and if someone happens to slip in with the virus it will end badly, please understand” Another wrote quote, “ngl if they’d also
cancel the tour dates in other countries, i will wait. there’s gonna be next time.
for now, bts and armys’ health are more important. this virus isn’t just a joke.
it’s more serious than you think.” And another said quote, “if they start canceling
us dates, please, PLEASE don’t act a fool and be mad. they are taking safety precautions.
bts and our health are important, so I’d completely understand why they would cancel
more tour dates.” So clearly, as always, ARMY has their back
as they should! But their tour isn’t the only reason BTS
is making headlines this week. They also stopped by James Corden’s Late
Late show for a very special episode of the internet’s favorite series, Carpool Karaoke. Their ride had everything from BTS teasing
James in Korean, to the boys singing their own hits along with covers, to even crashing
a dance class. The BTS guys each got to show off their personalities,
their vocal abilities, and of course, their hilarious senses of humor. So yeah, all in all, it was a massive success.
Not to mention the episode has around 17 million views on YouTube in just a couple days. And the BTS ARMY cannot contain their excitement
over this Carpool Karaoke. One fan wrote quote, “I’ll be watching this
everytime I need something to cheer me up .. #BTSxCorden #BTSARMY” Another wrote quote, “Thank you James, this
was the best carpool I have seen” And another just wants more and said quote,
THIS IS PEAK COMEDY” And we couldn’t agree more! We want more
James and BTS! James was given the nickname Papa Mochi by
the BTS boys and he is taking his new role seriously. So much so that he changed the Twitter handle
for the Late Late show to say The Late Late Show with PAPA MOCHI⁷. Now that’s commitment we can all get behind! But I want to know what you guys think! Do you want more BTS and James Corden collabs?
And was this your favorite carpool karaoke yet? Also, shifting gears back to the coronavirus
news, what are your thoughts on BTS cancelling their tour dates? Do you think more artists
will have to cancel shows this year? Let me know what you think down in the comments
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