oh hi I’m Cara from Health Home and happiness and today we are going to talk about breast feeding on the gaps diet during this video you will probably hear my little nursling yes he’s crawling around on the floor we’ll try not to be too disruptive but it technically in the gaps diet book you are not supposed to breastfeed while you’re on the GAPS Diet the concern with that is that when your pathogenic bacteria from down below and your gut are dying off they released a bunch of toxins and the thought is that it goes into your breast milk just like everything else breast milk is a filtration of blood so on the way to your body detoxifying it it’s going into your baby the thing that mom has come to me with is that either they’re pregnant because you’re not supposed to do the gaps diet if you’re pregnant either ideally you would do it before you come pregnant but sometimes that’s not the easiest thing to plan or restrict so sometimes moms will come to me and they breastfeed for two or three years which i think is what i would not recommend someone we just so they could do the gaps diet so what I am saying is going to differ from what dr. Natasha says Ellen says and what probably was a dr. Singh so just remember I’m just a mom not a doctor not a medical professional I do gaps while I breastfeeding I with my second I waited until he was almost a year and so he had some solid food and then with my third he had an egg allergy so I tried doing that he had already started solid foods but he was about my last one and I just watch them for signs of detox so both of my boys had eczema that was related to eating foods that wasn’t agreeing with them my second it was dairy and my third was eggs and so I watched for eczema flares I watched the probiotics and I watched my own detox reactions so ways that you can slow your detoxing from the website is to go slowly and start gluten-free and slowly work your way down to calves intro full gaps is okay if your especially if you’ve already been on it before so if you’re already doing full gaps and then you get pregnant it’s trying to stay on full guys it’s the intro that’s the more intense or oh my gosh diet that causes the die-off reactions so some ways to slow the detoxing is to take up some self baths the sulfur and the magnesium and episode this will further my Museum in as results is what your body needs to detox with and then you can slow probiotics so don’t take a bunch of alcohol if you think you’re valuable you might even just want to completely skip by a coal while you’re breastfeeding I know that that causes detox reactions and all of my family so my D skip that one like breastfeeding and then fermented foods especially a keeper is it can cause a lot of die-off and the sauerkraut so just kind of go super slow if you can wait until you wind then that’s great especially if you’re maybe doesn’t have any gaps problems with my babies when I was nursing I put them on your house also okay which really does kind of how we start first boots anyway but I just made sure they were having some chicken broth and not getting any of the polysaccharides that can feed the pathogenic bacteria so I kind of felt like then my milk was gaps friendly for them and it was a good way for them to come and just do a gaps diet protocol just because our family is a gaps family and I think they can probably benefit from that so that’s oh and another thing if you have your child on gaps and they are breastfeeding still you have to also be addressed if you are eating wheat or anything that’s no I’m low on gas while your child is nursing even if they’re just nursing once or twice a day they are going to be getting a little bit of that that food product that they’re not supposed to have that not on the gas diet through your own so you want to be careful you don’t want to enjoy your work just by yourself so I hope that clears up some of the questions about breastfeeding on gas it’s not ideal but it’s better than suffering like you don’t want your baby reacting with a bunch of eczema flares or anything either if you can just kind of go off of whatever allergens are causing problems until you wean and that’s ideal but if not it gaps is something that a lot of nursing moms do and you just have to be more careful than usual just like everything else your mom thank you