– My name is Dr. Michael
Greger with nutritionfacts.org. This month, a paper was published in the Journal of the Academy of
Nutrition and Dietetics and found since there’s been no change in processed meat consumption
over the last 20 years or so, which represents just an
abject failure of all of us and the public health
community to warn people about the very real
risks of processed meat: bacon, ham, hotdogs, lunch meat, sausage Right? These are known human carcinogens. The official 2018 IARC report
couldn’t have been clearer, quote, “Consumption of
processed meat causes cancer of the colorectal.” So that’s our second leading cancer killer of men and women, combined. We know these foods cause cancer. I mean, we try not to
smoke around our kids. Why would we send them to
school with a bologna sandwich? That’s not hyperbole. According to the Surgeon General, living with a smoker increases the risk of lung cancer 15%, so the cancer risk of second-hand smoke is comparable to the 16 or 18% increase
risk of colorectal cancer. Even the equivalent of a
single sausage link a day. The 2015 dietary
guidelines really appeared to drop the ball on this issue saying processed meat
could be accommodated as long as sodium and
saturated fat limits were within limits, but that’s
ignoring the cancer risk, which we’ve known at
least back since 2007, when the first comprehensive
analysis was published by the American Institute
for cancer research. In fact, one of their
top 10 recommendations for cancer prevention: avoid
processed meat, full stop. American Cancer Society
also encouraged people to minimize intake of processed meat. We cannot allow the
billion-dollar meat industry to continue to subvert the science when so many million lives are at stake. The Global Burden of
Disease study, largest study of disease risk factors in history, funded by the Bill and
Melinda Gates Foundation, found that the number one cause of death in these United States
is the American diet. Since bumping tobacco to number two, this committee now has control
over our number one killer. You know, 1964 was the
peak year of smoking in the US before declining
basically every year since. What happened in 1964? The science hadn’t changed. We have studies going back to the 30s linking lung cancer to smoking. What changed is the
Surgeon General’s report. Just this public acknowledgement
by the power that be of this link between smoking and cancer. You now have this mantel
to make a difference by just informing the
American public about the risk of cancer with processed meat. Godspeed. (boom)