hey guys just on my way to the gym I'm going to film a booty workout he goes today Gracie's going to film it and I'm just going to do it yeah you guys have been asking me to post one of my workouts for a while so you enjoy every way I'm going a post separation still so until my – controller way so when you pull full addresses do it lately like that flying like home going back exception you can do this holding away or with no way and that's 12 three sets 30 seconds on 30 seconds off-site okay guys that is all done for today I train glutes two to three times a week to at the moment because I've been getting really sore since I only started back training not long ago after I had Saskia so on one of the days I like to focus on full legs calves everything and on the other two days one of them is a mixture both that's what I just did then and then the third day is usually just all groups like really great specific exercises I'll be filming more workouts for you guys soon so make sure you subscribe like and comment on what you guys want to see more of bye