hey guys how you doing are you ready to move today and today I've got a fun session planned for us and especially for those of us who don't have a ton of time we need a shorter session and a full long one and also I just thought I would do a session today using loop bands with the reformer so this will just be a fun quick little run around a lot of leg and glute to work we'll definitely get some core work in there and we'll also be like working our stability and our balance as well besides the global everything as we always do in Pilates using all of our principles right so founding principles that is the word I was looking for okay and what lupins do you want to have today you want to have one that is a light weight this is the one we're gonna be using for your arms I know it sounds funny and even for the guys that I work with how no give me a harder one but at that point you lose range so I would rather have range then have your range restricted because the resistance is just so tight okay so hence the reason for a lighter band and then you want to pick one medium and one heavier weight band for around the legs okay so that's all you need today set your reformer up with your foot bar all the way down so it is not up okay I have put on one red spring that is what you want your head rest can be down and go ahead and put your medium and heavier weight loop bands let's just put a maybe down by the headrest so that they're within reach we are not going to them right away okay you guys ready let's move you're gonna take your lighter band and you're gonna slip your arms through it bring it around to the midpoint of your forearms so let's go up a little bit higher up towards your wrists and have your palms facing in okay what I want you to do here is please carefully step on to your carriage and step on to the center okay since it's mobile it's better to just come up into the center try not to press your way out right and and then turn to face your headrest here all right if you feel like you need your hands on your waist just to study yourself to get into this position go ahead and do so you're going to bring your back left foot on to your platform and then I have I put my heel up on my foot bar that just gives me a better hold I do not have a platform extender if you do you will want to use it here that will be a nice addition to today's class line your feet up parallel with your sit bones your right foot here can be about in the center of your cage that's good okay so from here all we're gonna do is we're gonna lift the arms straight out in front your chest palms facing in towards each other we're going to lunge forward keeping the back leg straight and the front leg want to keep our right knee over our ankle here on this lunge out I want you to open your arms wide towards a tee okay so here's where you get if you had even with the light when I can't get all the way out to a tee and then I'm just gonna lift back up to standing closing the carriage and then closing my arms forward and I'm gonna go out and lift up for the moment I'm letting my shoulders for the most part stay over my hips when I come out into that lunge so I'm not leaning my torso forward at the same angle as that back leg not hinging forward not yet we will go there okay so really your focus here is going to be on keeping that right knee bend right over the ankle and that that knee doesn't go past your ankle right good let's go for twice two more that's it one more we're gonna hold it out here turn your palms to face the floor lift your arms up overhead hinge your back forward now you are in line with that back leg from here I want you to press your arms out on the strap and then bring them back straight up shooting over your head and press them out to like a V and then straight up to let go Lee posts and out to a V or like if you're making it a capital letter eight right and out to a V if that makes sense and as they come back you're close to your ears I want you to really sink your shoulders and down towards your waistband out and in here we go four three and two on this one I want you to bring them to those goalie pose bend your elbows get your arms forms behind you strap behind the head you're an extend your right leg forward and Bend keep the hinge of your torso forward so we extend the right leg and bent just to wear the heels underneath your knee and extend and Bend four three and two last one bend it in extend the arms first lower the shoulders down lift the torso up arms come to Center in front of you and you lift up out of that lunge okay in order to change your left foot steps forward onto the carriage line your feet up with your sit bones here bring your hands on your hips if you need to look back behind you and carefully bring yourself back into position for the other side here we go lunging it forward and pushing out on that strap as though you want to bring your arms into a tee right side by your sides palms face in that's it really I'm strong in your back glute pressing that right hip forward so you should feel good stretch in your hip flexor here when you go for three more and two here we go hold it out here palms face down arms long by your ears hinge your torso forward we're going to press out on the strap arms to a V and then arms long by your ears V and ears six-five draw the Front's of your ribs down towards your hips so make sure you haven't forgotten your abs here last two last one bring your arms to goalie post then them behind you as you bend your elbows pull your shoulders down your back keep your hinge forward extend the left leg and bend extend and bent belly up and in extend and Bend hips are facing forward your right glute is engaged extend and Bend here we go four three and two last one Bend arms up overhead they reach in front of you you lift the torso and you bring a carriage all the way back in good job you're gonna take your strap away from your hands bring your hands to your shoulder rest step your right foot forward and you're going to sit down onto your carriage facing your headrest okay put your loop band down bring your feet forward on to your headrest with your knees bent you're gonna pass your hands through your straps and hold on to your ropes we're gonna do a little core work here alright take an inhale lifting your spine exhale scoop the belly start to roll back just behind your sit bones from here you lift one leg up to tabletop the other leg up to tabletop and squeeze your knees and your legs together we're balancing just behind our sit bones as if we were gonna roll like a ball on the mat I want you to really draw your belly up and in and start to rock back but don't go to your waistband here just right at that tipping point and then I want you to start to rock back forward and lift the chest exhale tip that tail draw the low belly up and in so you might not visually see very much movement there is the movement but it's really small right what you want to make sure that you're doing is initiating some movement from your low abdominals and not from a swing of the legs right or a pull back with the upper body using your straps so your straps are there for assistance and support but they're not there to yank on or to pull I like to think of if you're waterskiing if you pull on that rope it's pulling you you will go right under and you'll be down in the water alright that's it from this rolled back balance position can you extend both legs or one to your teaser keep them here continue to roll down low back comes to the carriage lift back up lift the chest exhale tip the tail away from the legs roll the low back down to the carriage and lift it up to teaser one more time that's it up to teaser feet come back down onto your headrest and then let's stay here thumbs up palms facing in make this and we're going to pull out the straps nice and wide and forward pull out and wide and forward so working the backs of the shoulders here opening the chest if this is too much for your hip flexors you guys can scooch it back I'm kind of feeling it flexors are screaming there and just open them up a little bit yeah it's a little bit nicer and three and two one more good now you can keep your hands here it's going to be more challenging or you can come to your hands in the loops we're gonna make circles we're going to go down palms face forward back circle up all the way up to your ears and forward palms face forward as you draw back arms up shoulders sink down and arms forward one more time in this direction thumbs up good palms face in thumbs up as you lift up to your ears circle out around and down and forward I am trying to keep my spine nice and tall as my arms lift up so sometimes we do this movement with a rollback and and when you try and keep your spine straight a little more challenging okay we did it three on each side that's good enough alright so hang it up and we're gonna move on next is the part where we're going to load our legs up with your medium and your heavier resistance band so what you want to do is put your heavier resistance all the way up above your knees around your thighs okay the next one is your medium resistance is gonna go around your ankles from here let's take your light resistance and just put it down on the floor so we don't get tangled in it we stay on that red spring you're all sort of tied up here you're going to you your hands to help you around come on to your knees and you're gonna bring your hands onto your foot bar okay you're gonna bring your knees to the front lip of the carriage make sure that those straps are on and not twist it okay tuck your toes underneath you right here let's do a couple scapula and protraction and retraction which simply means keeping your arms straight I want you to sink your chest down towards the floor send your shoulders up towards the ceiling and now do the opposite send your arms and hands down towards the floor and rise with your upper back up towards the ceiling and reverse so this is called retracting those shoulder blades and this is protracting those shoulder blades so I just want you to feel this movement in order to set ourselves up for success with a good shoulder girdle position before we move into blinking all right so feel yourself pass through the middle of those two positions find it broaden your collar bones underneath you wrap those shoulder blades around and underneath your armpits lift your belly button up and in and here we go I want you to lift your knees and I want you to straighten your legs back walk your feet forward almost to the lip from here Pike your hips up and bring the carriage home so really Pike here I want you to bend your knees so they hover over the platform straighten back to your plank and hike to close and come home knees come down floats press back Pike and knees down and plank and Pike and knees down here we go plank Pike reverse plank and use it in Pike it up plank back knees in hiked and linked knees and hike and plank one more nice and high and plank hold your plank lift the left leg straight up you're going to send it out to the side back in line with you eight seven six five four three two one bring the leg down bend your knees in take a breath exhale push it back out right leg lifts press out for eight seven six five four three two one foot down knees in and bring your knees to the front lip of that carriage alright so from here we're going to scoop the knees slightly back shift yourself forward and bring yourself into a plank position on your knees we're going to push back with the arms shoulders go back and pull the shoulders back over your wrists pressing back so my feet are down my knees are down my glutes are strong my abs are lifted pulling up and in pressing it back and pulling the ROO try not to round in your upper back that's really important pressing it back and in one more back and in bend your knees and bring them just underneath your hips so the carriage is still open you're gonna keep your right knee and toes down lift the left leg up like you're trying to stamp the foot up towards the ceiling pull the knee under so if that strap around your ankles has just snapped up towards the top of your knees don't worry about it let's just keep going okay and we go for five and full why you wanna can you want to increase the difficulty extend your right arm long by your ear hold the carriage still to hold the carriage still one right hand down left knee and left toes down stabilize here lift the left leg or sorry right leg up and down like you're trying to stamp the bottom of that foot up towards the ceiling you want to increase your difficulty extend the left arm long by your ear draw the belly up and in when we go for five and four and three and two last one bring it all the way down and close your carriage good job from here you're going to shift and turn towards your left keeping your knees in the center of your carriage your right hand comes just in front of your right shoulder stack your knees so you're on your right knee your left knee is stacked feet are together behind you make sure everything in the front here is in one long line and we're going to just press away and come back in shoulder over wrist press away pull back in warming it up press away pull back in four to pull back in four one pull it back in go halfway out and hold here we go left leg lifts and lowers lifts and lowers that's it try not to bend the hip stay out there in that point position and we go for five and four and three and two last one leg goes down from here shoulder doesn't change your left hand goes under you and you bring the carriage home by flexing at your underside and then come back out to your side plank so it's a twist send the hips back and then come back into your side plank that's it good here we go four five and four and three and two working those obliques last one go ahead and sit the hips back close your carriage and then really sit the hips all the way back and get a stretch okay so come back facing your foot bar and then shift around to face towards the right get your left knee underneath you right knee is stacked okay and from here we just start by pushing out and pulling back in shoulder over wrist out and in good squeeze the glutes together strong from your underside out and in this is a fantastic exercise to find the true connection of your anterior serratus which is really the muscle one of the main muscles supporting muscles use in your planking right so it's right here and on your under your under side yeah okay and that's where we want to find that in our facing forward plank so that we get out of that scapula winging hold yourself out here lift the right leg up and down up and down six five four three two one hold it here shoulder stays where it is in space to wisp in your hips back to close to the carriage unfurl and come to your side plank twisting close and unwrap twist and close and unwrap draw that under side up and in and four and three and two last one sit it all the way back in your arms reach forward alright guys here's where you get to shake your wrists out if you need it right so that's plankings a lot of work on the wrists though it takes time to build strength up you can always take one hand grab a hold of your other hand and just sort of pull your hand up and away that's gonna release all of that compression and tension inside your wrist joint okay you can always just shake them out like so then I'm in the opposite direction yeah that they are being bent alright let's finish okay so I want you to pop your foot bar up to the middle position we stay on the red spring swing your legs around so that you can take the bottom strap off so the strap that was around the ankles that's gonna come off you can put it down on the floor make sure that the strap around your thighs is hopefully not all rolled up because it's just annoying that's diving alright so stand yourself up onto your feet into the center of your carriage holding on to your foot bar here's how we get into this position I want you to just lift rips okay I want you to bring your right foot forward onto the platform yep your shin can go gently against the foot bar and your left foot is gonna go in the center of the carriage line your feet up with your sit bones our hands stay on the foot bar here bring your shin away from the bar I want you to really lengthen out through your tail and through the crown of your head from here we push back with the left leg and pull in push back pull in we've got eight and seven and six and five rot in those collar bones boy and three and two last one hold it here find your balance and bring your hands to your waist lifting your torso tall from here push back with the left leg pull it under and through same thing but with your torso lifted tall really push back from your glute that's it we go four five four three two one keep that leg straight press back with the right leg right leg and left leg are both straight come in load lifting the hips keeping the leg straight and just to rock it back out and lift and rock it down and lift that's it keep your whoa keep your eyes on a point on the wall in front of you that's not moving yeah that helps keep your focus on the inside of you so all your little all the feedback coming from your muscles you can really pay attention to that and stay centered that's it all right last one from here both knees Bend so you come into a lunge position I want you to just pulse it down and up little tiny pulses four five four three two one stretch that back leg away stretch the right leg bring your hands back onto the bar bend your knees to come in and bring that right foot back on to your kids all right get yourself in position for the next side keep your hands on the bar to start both knees are bent here we go sending that left that right leg back behind us straighten and Bend pressing from the glutes pressing from the back of the leg that's it draw the shoulders down belly up and in this is not a core workout here so we need to be careful just stay connected and not to dump the belly forward good four three two one hold it here bring your hands to your waist lift the torso up same move right leg back and bend it in and under good for eight seven six five four three two one keep it straight straighten the front leg lift the hips up and rock it down and out legs stay straight hips stay facing forward so careful not to open that back hip out to the side or just seen forward and square for this time good you guys I hope you like this one three and two and one come back into that lunge both knees bent and little pulses four six five four three two one hands come down close your carriage step your left foot back in towards the center keep your hands on your foot bar and then you can just bring yourself to seated and your legs come forward you can take your legs out of that band and so you're out of that prisoner position you did it guys you're awesome thanks for moving with me if you enjoyed this please give it a thumbs up as that helps out the channel and make sure to subscribe and tick the box to get a notification each time I upload a new video which is once per week if you're interested in learning more please come visit my website at gone adventure in Pilates comm join the adventure coming soon and I will see you next week