if you're one of the tens of millions of people that are working out using supplements then you're going to want to make sure you watch this video because it may change what you've been putting in your body it's a meat that would be a good thing what's up guys jeff cavaliere athleanx.com I decided to do something a little bit different this week you know I said let's step out of the gym and cover a whole other aspect of something that I know you guys out there are most likely doing and that's using supplements in some way shape or form I grew up using supplements I played sports in high school I tried amino fuel hot stuff metrics with dr. Scott Connelly animal PAC cybernetics the point of the matter is I've used them all guys and I believe in all but when I took them so what I wanted to do this week was put together a video where we look at the by building supplement industry and really kind of cover some of the most shocking things that I discovered as I went through all right so one of the main questions that is always on the minds of everybody it should be on the minds of those that are taking supplements are right here on my computer I'm reading it Jeff are supplements worth the money or they a waste of my money I'm not going to come out there and say that you absolutely need supplements you absolutely need you're never going to see results no you're going to see results from hard training and a good nutrition but if you want to see that extra edge or if you want to make your job of nailing your nutrition easier it's going to be far easier if you're supplementing your diet with you know some of these ingredients because someone simply can't be obtained in dosages that are been shown to be effective in it through regular normal nutrition you have to sort of go to outside sources and you have to be able to cull the ingredients in certainly in a certain amounts to get those benefits that you're not gonna be able to get from eating real food so our supplements a big benefit yes the first thing that you might hear is about fillers and what is in your supplements not really actually being on the label you're going to want to look at any of the bottles that you have right now and see if anybody has magnesium stearate in that's one of the ingredients because I can tell you it's not good for you and it's not something you should be using in your body magnesium stearate is actually a filler that the goal this is the stuff that I told you guys that when I decided through the athlean RX series when I found out about some of this stuff we were really shocked by it and determined to make sure we didn't do it magnesium stearate the goal of the manufacturer is to put this agent into your supplements because it helps them ingredients when they're mixing to not stick to the machinery which requires less cleanup which requires less labor that they're paying for which requires less maintenance of the machines because they do happen to break down if these things get gummed up well there's no point at all for the consumer if you're as a consumer ticket you don't need magnesium stearate matter of fact it interferes with some of your ability to your immune system it kind of interferes with your immune system in certain cells in your body you don't need it you certainly don't want in your supplements and all I'm saying is if you're taking it now you don't want to make sure that you do something about it the next thing I think we should cover here is the percentage of active ingredient again this is something that's not regulated by the FDA there are certain percentages of active ingredients that are standard for the ingredients that are in your products so for example if we take something like casein protein casein protein comes either most likely to potencies 80% or 90% well what that means is that your body or your body can process and absorb 80 percent of what's stated in that amount so if you're looking at let's say 20 grams of protein you're really only able to absorb 16 great will not even forget absorb you're really there's only active casein protein stuff that can actually do something to help you muscle in 20% 80% of that so 20% which before 4 grams of it would go away so companies aren't going to aren't going to say that most often that oh well we have 20 grams of protein and casein protein in our our blend yeah that's all well and good but 16 of it is really all you're going to be able to use when we just set out to do the rx series I said tell me the bottom line I want guys to make a judgment on the protein they're putting in their body from the bottom line of what they're actually going to get into their system what are they going to use because we know we're still going to have to have some of that go away in the absorption process and when we break it down so if a company is telling you there's 20 grams when they know well I'm good that 80% of it is only it's all you're going to get your latex is 16 Ensemble and then less than that because your body's going to break some of it down so when we talk about do supplements work they work if you know that you can trust the brand that you're using because you might be thinking you're taking 20 grams when in actuality you're only absorbing 12 all right so this next one might come as a shock to some of you guys and I have to admit it did to me as well I think back to what I went through as a teenager go into the supplement stores and I'd ask them what is the best thing for me to take or best things for me to take I would save up my money to spend it on something if I felt like it would work but I'm putting my hand might my eat up like my my own fate in the hands of one of these sales reps thinking that they're going to tell me the truth and the reality is even today more than ever these sales reps are oftentimes incentivized by the manufacturer to recommend things that they may not necessarily feel are best why because it means more money in their pockets you might find that you go into a specific supplement store and ask for a specific you know product and be swayed towards something else when you might have heard good results from your friends elements on this other product the sad fact is and then sometimes even the sales rep themself have used the product that you initially went in there for but are going to be paid more by the manufacturer as an assent as a kickback to recommend that brand over the other and that's where I think it all comes down to trust guys it comes down to finding a brand that you trust because you know that it delivers what it says it's going to deliver and you know that you can put your faith in that and your hard-earned money and realize that you're not being sort of told something just because there's an incentive to do that next on a hit list the safety of ingredients I've come out here guys and I don't even remember what it was 2011 I think and I made a statement on the inclusion of 1/3 dimethylamine in pre-workout products and I said that this stuff is going to be banned you know a matter of fact it should be banned but it's going to be banned at some point in time because it's just not a healthy ingredient and it's one that many many many supplement companies we're using in their workouts guys you're going to be ultimately responsible for what you put in your body and I can only recommend things to you that I feel is good advice and things that you should listen to and then I can only help that from there you're going to you're going to listen to make your own well-educated decision that was one of the videos where I sort of stepped out of character a little bit and I've said in fact we guys do not use this try not to use this I know it's a very popular supplement in a very popular brand right now but try not to use this because you're jeopardizing yourself in the process in your help and I kind of promised to continue to do that if I find an ingredient that I feel it's not safe had I've been around doing videos back when the Fed resign I would have said the same thing but if I find that and I go a little bit over the edge you might you know being emphatic about it just understand that I'm trying to make sure that you guys know that these are not always regulated by the FDA they're not until they become a problem when they become a problem the FDA steps in they get rid of it but unfortunately they become a problem when a lot of people get hurt and potentially die from them first and then they come in and say well I've got hurt and died from this so we're going to come in and do something about it so the fact is you always want to make sure that what you're taking is safe I can't tell you that with athlean-rx every single thing do we've scrutinized what goes in these bottles to the nth degree and so much so that we've actually just obtained or in the process of obtaining for all three of our supplements the NSF certified for sport designation that will allow us to be used by all of our Major League Baseball athletes NFL athletes PGA athletes guys that are being regulated by their sport in total to make sure that what they're taking is safe as I mentioned earlier the FDA is not going to get involved in every single supplement that goes out so our rule in a world where there is no FDA regulation we decided maybe stupidly we want to be FDA compliant but it's because I want to make sure that we hold ourselves to the highest standards as I said guys not all brands are bad there's plenty of good brands out there but you have to know and trust that the brand that you're putting your heart or money towards is doing it the right way I can tell you this and athlean-rx we're doing it the right way everything you put your body matters from your nutrition to your supplementation don't think you're going to get away with taking supplements if your nutrition sucks make sure that your nutrition is good supplementation follows and that combined potent one-two combination is going to provide you with the best chance combined with a good workout program obviously to put on the most muscle and to stay as ripped and lean as possible if you haven't already guys and you want to check out the supplements head over to athleanx.com or athleanx.com slash athlean RX and check out the bundles you'll save more on the entire bundle and as I said it's everything that you need in three bottles not having to buy 10 different things just to cover your needs we put it in exactly when you need it and when you and how much you need of it guys in the meantime we're back here next week back in the gym more workouts head over to athleanx.com check out also the workout program if you haven't already started that perfect complement for the supplements alright guys I'll see you back here in the seven days meantime have a great rest of your week you