you want something you're gonna work hard for it and that's not just in body booted anyone who's got a passion and drive to do something they're gonna make sacrifices meet Tom a well champion body builder who can benchpress 340 pounds and eat eight whole chickens in a day Tom's got a competition coming up so he's come to see photographer Charles krofta for some new promotional body shots the human body is a sculpture and it's an art form and you can sculpt it in a way to make it look how you think it should be time for an emergency loo break usually won't be this colt I don't think you need too much actually Tom because long as there's an even coat or low building flatline you do shred it seriously I think you know you're good okay boys this is getting a bit weird now best get back to it it's the night before Thomas competition for free prep is paramount my – you can do it for eight sleep and tan girlfriend Miche is helping with the beautifying process first Ches plucking you like you're in your deathbed lots of nail painting followed by selecting the tiniest shiniest pair of posing trunks eating an entire cow mmm Gordon Ramsay hey your heart out and not to forget a professional fake tan I think she must have dropped something over in Aldershot it's competition time Tom's making final preparations which means a lot of pumping preening and even more fake turning right now I think he's just ready to get it done and get on stage because that's when he shines that's when it's gonna show us is that [Applause] all that training and grooming has come down to this moment [Applause] certain poses that he hits just makes his body poppers but one of the best physiques in the world the aim of the game is to flex every muscle Tom's not drank any water for the past 24 hours to help make his veins pop Tom's the only one who can actually pose he's got this bags down just a tad guys well I think I reckon probably judges hit again [Applause] all the hard work has paid off Tom smashed it I just say you'd buy everybody for comment I'll see you again in about a year's time [Applause] you