your eyes are getting red bodybuilder versus weed aka marijuana the devil's lettuce aka Mary Jane it has a lot of names but basically for what I understand you guys want to see me get highs well guess what it's actually impossible for me to get high and I'm gonna prove it to you so I had my buddy cook up these super potent weed brownies okay there's supposed to be extremely power and I'm sure you guys are all wonder though how is it possible for me to get high well it's quite simple really all right and you guys already know I have a ton of blood way too much blood all right that's why it's impossible for me to get drunk as we have proven I am the best fucking in the world a very similar concept when it comes to weed I am so much blood that it makes my blood pressure just super ridiculously high so when I consume the weed it's impossible for the THC to survive in that high-pressure environment and basically what I'm trying to say is my body is better than yours and I'm just the best I gotta give you guys all a super important disclaimer before we go any further weed is legal in Michigan where I live so I'm not breaking any laws by doing this video also we are not endorsing the use or consumption of marijuana or weed and lastly this video is just an experiment for educational and entertainment purposes only so don't get angry in the comments that man now before I eat the brownie or do three baseline tests that will help gauge my sober cognitive functions and then after I eat the brownie and we do the same three tests and we're gonna compare the difference and ideally it's gonna prove that the marijuana had no effect on you ready go and go ABCD efg hijk LMNOP qrs tuv wxyzi see I do know my ABCs when you've looked back at some of those drinking videos I didn't know them but you know I was a state champion and the Mays don't like team Tommy one all right are you ready here yes go easy did you look at this maze beforehand I'm fine Oh Don the wrong path stop the timer very impressive new world record I mean it was a pretty easy maze shut up Gary it's the pain test all right and as you already know I can't feel pain when I'm sober and I expect that when I get high I also won't be able to feel pain so it should be the same result both times oh I mean let's do that again I got it now react that was good so same thing when I'm high I'm not not high it here we go how's the taste mmm I shall go strong I just taste the weed this chunk alright it's a way to the man's game now all right we're about 15 minutes in and I'm feeling pretty confident so I'm gonna eat a smidgen more of this and well you know let me go from there they're chunky better he's gonna regret that one later I never regret anything ever in my life so I guess now is as good a time as any to talk about black holes let me get let me get thought about how big the universe is then let me just start up here for a second I don't want a Sandman like we'll just like a grain of sand on Pluto did you ever look at the solar system like okay so you know how when were growing up they always show picture the solar system like the planets are huge we're all right next to each other right well you look at like the solar system at actual scale yeah we're like it's far away massively far away and we're like tiny little dots yeah it's insane like I don't know man who didn't need this space more recently I have been like fascinated with space lately the funny thing is when I fast forward it it's gonna be like you moving around and then just slowly like just it'll this it'll be so fast but it like you'll slowly start moving around until you're just like still even though it's still fast for you I'll just be like completely still zoned out you know what I'm saying oh yeah you're following me at all that kind zoom down on you are you feeling how are you feeling alright Houston I think you're sufficiently high look at me I'd like to hear your ABCs and we're gonna time them so I'd like to you to do them as fast and accurately as possible okay tell me when to go go ABCD efg hijk Joe Joe I didn't know Joe was a letter ABCD efg hijk LMNOP QRS TUV wxy and Z impressive that was it how do you feel you're the cognitive function right now I'm at like 120 percent right now no this is the exact same 8 as that you did before so let's see how you do and go this is not the exact same 8 it is I traced it you did not it's just more messy honestly this is not the exact same a this exact same age man you know it's just to ignore that wall right there now you do I'm still adding that you time though shut up that was actually pretty impressive yeah I felt like they took an eternity describe how you're feeling right now as detailed as possible ask that again I said describe how you're feeling as specifically as possible how does your body or your muscles feel I just really bogged down it's not specific it meetings is down wow that was actually really impressive that was a terrible no I hit like right here and it here you know you owe me try again no all right we'll try again you know we'll count will count you only use my hand so now now it's time for trivia trivia oh no I lost my hat in here this is a conundrum a conundrum you were a math dude you're a mess man don't you hate it when this happens trivia time was a chemical symbol for iron I are not even close what is the chemical symbol for hydrogen H what year that America gained its independence 1776 that's correct what year did the Battle of 1812 take place 1812 who wrote Frankenstein arles time or else wrote it I don't know hit Mary Shelley man come on what is the best-selling book of all time am I wrong it's actually Don Quixote Tokio teh bible is a close second how are you feeling right now how does a kite in the wind feel hi guys are getting read rookie mistake there yet they always do that right there you always do that you went over that get it I was hoping you're wrong I'm thinking only I could have done that on the plane baby if you haven't noticed yet you'll see that I actually lost the game and I was completely sober so that as you can see the we brownie has had no effect on me and I'm just fuel all around the same and you know what if you enjoyed seeing me be the same maybe like the video that's cool comment down below you know what you want to see next somebody builder versus last fanatics beliefs just subscribe and I'll be back