The lengths that meat eaters will go to justify
their consumption of animal products. EpicTrollingCentre here is suggesting that
hypothetically we have the ability to feed all carnivorous animals, such as lions and
other predatory animals, a vegan analogue. The reasoning behind this is that if its right
for other animals to eat other animals, therefore its right for humans to eat other animals. If its not right for humans, than it should
not be right for other animals and therefore we should hand feed vegan food to the billions
upon upon billions of wild animals. This is just ludicrous. Not only would it be impossible to capture,
house, and care for all wild animals on land and sea, it would be impossible to feed them
a vegan diet as the amount of food necessary to produce would be in such quantity and cost
that would be unfeasible. It is true meat eating animals do not have
a requirement for specifically the meat, but the nutrients found in the correct proportions
within the meat. Humans do not need to eat animals to get their
daily needed nutrients as we have alternatives that wild animals do not. Technology has allowed for us to grow better
crops with higher yields, transport them more easily and cheaply, and provide them to a
wider range of people at a reduced cost. This makes being a vegan easy in most parts
of the world. Arguing to absurd ends in an attempt to dismiss
veganism is idiotic. Thats right, we need to eat cows, chickens,
pigs and all the other farmed animals otherwise they will multiply and take over the world. Seriously? Perhaps if all of sudden we released all animals
held in captivity this would cause some issues, but no one is suggesting this is likely to
happen. Farmed animals are force bred by humans. Farmers bred enough animals to match the demand
needed to satisfy the consumers. If demand goes down, so would supply. If we ever got to a tipping point where farmed
animals were being released, there would be far fewer of them around and they could be
taken care of until they live out their natural life. Animal populations in the wild match their
food source. Do you see populations explode where a balance
in nature is found? no. Animals we routinely kill for food are no
danger to us, and therefore such justifications for eating animals is transparently frivolous. The blood type diet is the brainchild of Peter
J. D’Adamo outlined in his book Eat Right 4 Your Type. He claims that your blood type (A,B,O) is
the most important factor in determining a healthy diet, however the consensus among
dieticians, physicians and scientists is that his theory is not supported by scientific
evidence. D’Adamo claims that blood group O as the
hunter, blood group A as the agrarian or cultivator, blood group B as they nomad, and blood group
AB as the enigma. D’Adamo has received criticism for his book
and claims because he has not provided adequate evidence and explanations on how he reached
these conclusions. D’Adamo has no peer reviewed articles with
data supporting his claims. His claims regarding ABO specific lectins
exists in food is not substantiated by established biochemical research. His supposed clinical trial has never been
published. What you find here is another quack trying
to sell books rather than give any real nutritional advice. In regards to your “cave-person” like
fangs, have you taken a look at gorillas? Im sure they make your canines look feeble
in comparison, and yet gorillas are nearly 100% herbivores. Who would of thought? A life is a life. So i guess, there is as much wrong with killing
a human as there is mowing your lawn and killing grass and shrubs. Obviously you don’t think that a life is
a life, because we all realize that plants are fundamentally different from animals. Sure plants are alive, and so are animals,
however plants are not sentient. Life is not the issue, sentience is. A plant dying for my survival is not the same
as an animal dying for my survival. I can live a healthy life without eating another
animal ever again, but you would not survive long on an exclusively meat based diet. This all-to-often comment is poorly thought
through, and makes my cringe every time i have to address it. Lets hope that i don’t hear it again…
who are we kidding, right? So let me see, which of the two does veganism
resemble the most: a) most religious people were brought up by
religious parents, or a religious community and never decided to be religious, but instead
had it instilled in them from an early age b) most religious people believe in a wide
range of unconfirmed set of beliefs and dismiss any criticism that is contrary
c) most religious people believe that humans are special because they are created in god’s
image and therefore the earth and everything on it is for our use
d) most religious “holy” books outline specific immoral behaviour as a good
e) most religious people feel compelled to do good because it is commanded, and fear
of punishment if they fail to live up to the demands. Veganism on the other hand..
a) is often a personal choice made by people who despite having been brought up to believe
in the acceptability of eating and using animals, have made a change
b) Most vegans go vegan for very good reasons, reasons backed up by leading scientific studies
looking into animal behaviour, cognition, nutrition, causes of disease, environmental
impact, resource management, social effects, and many other factors. c) Vegans better acknowledge that we too are
animals, and yes we may have certain advantages over other animals (namely our intelligence)
we SHARE this world with other beings, and just like we have moral responsibilities to
other humans, we should conduct ourselves with other species with the same level of
care and compassion. d) Vegans do not rely on supposedly divine
books to direct their actions. We use our intellect to direct our actions
so that we conduct ourselves in the most responsible way. We take control of our lives and actions and
ensure that our lives accurately reflect our beliefs. e) Vegans work towards a better future for
all sentient animals, humans and none, and do what is right because its right, not because
its making a huge impact or not. It makes a difference to each and every animal
that you allowed killed in your honour. So what do you think, veganism sounds like
a religious person having faith? not in the slightest. In regards to protein, spend a few minutes
on google and type in “vegan sources of protein” and you will find all the information
you could possibly want. Its easy, let me show you… There you have it. 5 stupid comments from 5 different youtubers. Which comment would you vote to win the Dumbass
of the week award? Would it be: 1) EpicTrollingCentre who suggests that we
should feed all wild predatory animals vegan foods
2) JohnFisher55 who is concerned about being overrun by farmed animals
3) MasterPalladin who thinks that you should eat based upon your blood type
4) invid024 who thinks a life is a life irrespective if its plant or animal
or 5) Prog47 who thinks veganism is more like
a religious person having faith Please leave your votes and comments below,
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