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so this week’s skincare Saturday is on this blistex lip wellness pack so if
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every single day of the week don’t you guys diversity so guys I did purchase
this blistex lip wellness pack for about 450 at
Walmart and guys you get four full-sized blistex lip balms guys
I love blistex I think it’s probably one of the best drugstore lip balm brands
out there my lips get super super dry during the winter and I am one of those
people that has a chapstick in my purse a chopstick at my desk at work a
chapstick by my bed you know I need a chapstick basically within like
three-inch reach at all times guys if you guys watched my video last year on
the best drugstore lip balms you guys probably saw a lot of these the only one
I have never tried before and guys I had opened this and I’ve been using this
blue one right here anyway guys the only one I had never tried before is the
blistex complete moisture and guys this is the one I opened since I haven’t used
it guys I’ve used quite a bit of it this stuff is awesome
it smells slightly of oranges and it’s really thin but it really moisturizes
the lip really really loved this it’s called the complete moisture it’s SPF 15
I love just piling this on my lips before bed it’s just really really nice
it doesn’t leave too much of a sheen on your lip so if you’re not into that
super glossy chapstick look I think it really really like this okay guys just
to show that it’s like so here is my open one that I bought but guys you can
get a full-sized blistex lip med-x this is a really nice thick
ball okay so you know it’s almost like let’s
it’s like that Carmex type of feel very very smells very medicated the guys this
stuff what my lips are super dry when you’re getting those cracks on the
inside this stuff is amazing love this stuff and this stuff lasts a really long
time but I am really glad to have a brand new backup okay this stuff is
awesome absolutely love it um guys and I mean I needed a new tube
you see that okay so here is the brand new one but guys the blistex made a key
tool appointment okay so obviously you guys can see I’ve been have I’ve been
using this one for a while but guys this is great for cold sores I was using this
on my fever blister on my nose and it’s almost gone I mean it’s pretty much gone
just a little bit of pink scarring but guys if you haven’t tried the original
blistex lip ointment guys it’s amazing if you get really really dry cracked
lips if you get cold sores get those cracks on the inside of your corners of
your mouth where I’m it being really cold and dry guys try the blistex
original medicated lip ointment it’s great and guys that does lasts a really
long time but I’m glad I got a brand new tube because I was getting bummed out
hey guys this is these are like two bucks sometimes even more to 250 okay
and then guys if you do watch my channel at all guys this is this is probably my
all-time favorite chapstick lip balm just ever
okay um even over iOS or Burt’s Bees anything guys this is the ballistics
five star lip protectant guys this has an SPF 30 in it I actually ran out I
don’t even have the tube to show you guys it’s such a great mellow nice scent
it’s just great it’s really really moisturize the lips this does leave a
shiny look on your mouth so if you don’t like that but guys if your lips are
super super dry I would definitely recommend be a blistex 5 star it is
awesome but guys I mean this once again two to three bucks whatever
guys this I mean this was a great little pack you get four full-size lip balms a
good array of different types of blistex products to try and guys were 450 I mean
that is a killer dill so yeah I absolutely love this pack I think this
would be great for a cute little stocking stuffer if your husband your
wife your kids whatever gets really bad chapped lips guys get this you can even
get buy this and kind of divvy it up where you get four different totally
different ones you know one can go to each kid you got four kids or whatever
but guys this is amazing absolutely love this little pack and uh it’s you know
it’s products that I already have it that I love and that I know works it’s
just an amazing lit little you know little lip pack I absolutely love this
but guys I know it’s kind of boring but guys we’re getting to that time guys it
is cold it is snowy it is dry and if your lips get really really hammered I
would definitely recommend trying out blistex even if you don’t want to buy
the four pack because you don’t feel like it just pick up a blistex they are
great I absolutely love them and guys what’s great too and sorry this out this
lip medics in the little jar this is also great for cuticles so if your
cuticles get really really dry I’m actually get to the point where like my
thumb’s will start cracking it’s crazy but this is great for a medicated little
cuticle cream it’s great help really helps to moisturize and keep those
supple and soft and helps to combat that dryness but guys could not recommend
this enough it is awesome and it’s a really really good deal but you guys I
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really can’t get very much more affordable than a 4-pack for less than
five dollars it’s a crazy crazy deal it’s great guys also make sure that you
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