“Biggest Nutrition Bang for your Buck” A few years ago, in an analysis of
antioxidants per unit cost, I concluded that red cabbage —
purple cabbage — was the most nutrition you could
get for your money. Yes, there are healthier foods
out there, but not healthier foods for the same amount of money. I encouraged everyone to always make
sure they have a purple cabbage in their crisper, to slice off shreds
to put in whatever they could. It lasts for weeks, is cheap,
convenient, and one of the healthiest things on the planet. All still absolutely true. My new calculations, though,
suggest they just got one-upped by DIY broccoli sprouts;
do it yourself. Broccoli sprout seeds
start out like this. You can buy them online, or at your
local health food store in bulk, for about 20 bucks a pound. But that makes about 75 cups
of sprouts, so it comes out to be about 25 cents per cup. And as we saw before, in terms of
sulforaphane content, that’s equivalent to eating about
27 cups of broccoli. So, that’s like going to the store and
buying broccoli for a penny a cup. Even purple cabbage has got to
give it up for broccoli sprouts. Start out with a mason jar
with some kind of screen top. Tablespoon of seeds, soak them
overnight, drain in the morning, and then rinse twice daily. So day two, day three, day four,
and then you can enjoy the bounty. One tablespoon of seeds makes
about two cups of sprouts. Since it takes four or five days,
though, sometimes I’ll have five jars in constant rotation. Can be in the middle of winter,
and I’m growing my own salad. Every day, you get cups of
fresh produce, for pennies, without ever having
to go to the store.