hey guys I'm Yasir Khan today I'm gonna
show you my shoulder workout I'm gonna show you four very important exercises
and I've also added one very important thing that is superset. your form has to
be one point so that your shoulders are really developing properly and you're not
neglecting any part of your shoulder. so the first exercise is side cable lateral
raises usually I start my workout with this because it isolates your muscles, it
isolates your shoulders, opens up your joints. I do usually five sets
start with 20 to 15 reps. I know some people love to start their workout with
pressing but I do this because it's really safe, your joints open up and you
are ready to lift heavy weights after the last that I do triple drop so I
would do like maybe 15 to 12 reps and first set and then I drop some weight
and do 10 reps and then drop more there maybe six to eight it's really isolating and it burns your
shoulders really, so the second exercise is shoulder dumbbell press, I love this
movement because it's a power move I can lift heavy weight. usually I do four to
five sets and as it's a power move so you can lift heavy weights in this I
usually start with 15 12 10 8 so this is a very good move to build that roundness.
as you have done the first exercise that warmed you up properly and this is
very safe to do, just make sure that your technique is correct and you're not
like you know moving with the weights, if you can't lift heavy weight go for the
light one, the weight is not important the most important part is that you're
doing it properly just don't do ego lifting just do it
properly on point and you can feel it in your muscle tissues. so the next exercise
is a upright row with EZ bar superset with front raises with EZ bar as well, so
this is very very effective exercise and why I combined with superset because
really burns your friend delts usually people have a lot of problems with front delts and traps so it works for both don't hold too wide and when you take it
up just hold for a second or two and then slowly down and the same goes for
Easy Bar front raises so when you combine these two exercise, it is really
on point try and doing at least four sets so that you can really feel it and
it will burn your shoulders especially front delts and traps. my shoulders are
really burning at the moment because this is the end of the workout one more
exercises there which is for rear delts so the final exercise is a rear delt
reverse flies it's another isolation moment and you're doing it in the end so
trust me you gonna feel the burn this time while you're finishing it just make
sure you do it properly keep it high I usually keep it high because I feel more
in my traps and rear delts both at the same time if you want to feel burn in the end
do more reps and light weight hope you enjoyed my shoulder workout and
don't forget to check my chest workout on fit media channel I'll see you soon