if you're looking for a challenging
workout to grow your biceps and triceps stay tuned. fit media channel's advanced
workout will leave your arms feeling pumped like never before. you're going to
see some heavy lifting in this video and for maximum results you'll need to push
yourself to but always train safely and with a weight you can control ready to
get started let's go to warm-up and for your first exercise it's EZ bar curls start with a couple of warm-up sets
using a light weight and aim for 20 reps squeeze your biceps on every rep to
really get the blood flowing to your arms now add some weight for your first
working set. you're going for five sets in total increasing the weight and
lowering the reps each time. start with 10 reps for your first set. easy bars are
specifically designed to better isolate your biceps and reduce the stress on
your wrists on to set two. increase the weight and go
for eight reps keep your elbows close to your sides, your body straight and try
not to swing the bar you may lose form as you increase the weight. that's fine just keep the focus on the squeeze increase the weight again for set three
and go for six reps you should now be close to your maximum weight for the fourth set
keep your max weight, this time you'll probably hit around four or five reps but you're not done with easy bar curls
just yet because you're going to finish this exercise with a triple drop set.
ready? let's do this! still at max weight, go for another four or
five reps then take off half the weight and hit another six to eight reps make sure your biceps are doing the work finally drop to a light weight and pump
out as many reps as you can that means going to failure always squeezing hard at the top of every rep next up dumbbell curls three sets of 12
to 15 reps your biceps are pretty wrecked from that superset so now you
can use a lighter weight to keep the focus on squeezing at the top of every
rep on this exercise you're alternating arms
so you can really concentrate on that mind-muscle connection exercise three will further isolate the
biceps, its overhead cable curls again keep the focus on that squeeze three
sets of 12 to 15 reps don't let your elbows move around at the
top, and as this is our last bicep exercise we're going to go all the way
to failure so that's biceps done, now get ready to
go heavy again as we start with triceps if you want to empower your training as
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click the link in the description so onto triceps starting with skull
crushers using an EZ bar and a flat bench you're going for three sets again
increasing the weight and lowering the reps each time, make sure you only extend
at the elbows don't let your arms to move back and forth increase the weight for the second and
third sets to fully engage your triceps stretch as
you lower the weight and squeeze for a second at the top next overhead tricep extensions four
sets of ten to twelve reps alternating arms with a dumbbell will help you focus
on that all-important mind muscle connection as with our biceps workout the second
exercise isn't about the weight, this is about focusing on that squeeze full
range of movement on every rep stretching at the bottom squeezing at
the top to finish, head back to the cable machine for tricep pushdowns with a rope,
three sets each to failure leaning forward a little, keep the pace
slow and steady and lock your elbows at the bottom of the movement to give your
triceps a full squeeze so that was your advanced workout to
help you build bigger arms from beginners to advanced, FIT MEDIA CHANNEL
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