oh you film it boy yeah y'all like them cut sales everybody vintage cuz they're but they look slanted cuz you'll put the air so don't style these are cut sales motherfucker okay vintage googly anyway just fuck what y'all have some fun loosened up everybody getting them set with me at these gift stand on with the ghetto nigger ish rambunctious ghetto narcissus as arrogant talk and I'm just having fun which I this is entertainment you know normal citizens don't get it anyway today we go bang these big answered baby look at that baby we go y'all want some big arms if you I got 20 hits you're better bigger in the Millennium you a little bitty baby you gotta have big arms they get what I kill do party and the motherfucker Beach are they all start creaming honey survey the women don't like it what's up with everybody should boy here Kylie buckle baby we in here man we go bust some arms out today we will start off with triceps then we go go to biceps and we go get some big arms don't tell me one big arm don't you want some big cut arms like that huh already shining and stuff with veins of vascularity huh don't you well today I just want to say man make sure y'all love y'all people bad life could be gone tomorrow man we see a lot of crazy stuff going on in the world you got to cherish it man I'm grateful that you know I had the experiences in life I had but being in prison in the hole and all that stuff because I don't take life for granted man a lot of y'all out here take life for granted bad and youngsters believe me it could be over waiting with one mistake so love your family love yourself love your muscles let's get to it is that too much talking cuz his arms starting to burn holding that camera so we don't start with some tricep extensions you want to warm up your elbows if your elbows hurtin when you do triceps you're doing something wrong all right so we go warm them up coughing everything I do is puffing blood man squeezing at the bottom I know a lot of people they see that momentum what's the word I'm looking for the momentum the speed that I go when I'm doing the exercise that actually comes with maturity because when you're young you go too heavy and you press it down tub up press the dad you wonder why your tricep don't get big I was the same way for years so I know when you get that good momentum when they look effortless that's when you go make your best gains and your most games you shouldn't be straining 5 even 10 reps you shouldn't be straight about you should be everything should be fluid a fluid motion if they're a fluid it ain't doing whatever that be legs exercise so now we've got to do dumbbell kickbacks a lot of people that do the bar in though with tendonitis bad elbow so I found if you do dumbbells you have more freedom so we go put our head at the end of the bench and we pump in we we you know keeping the tension on it we're not gonna let it swing we go control it all right [Applause] the years I was a mostly bicep I didn't know why my triceps wouldn't grow man and it kind of find out I wouldn't keeping enough tension on the muscle and pumping enough reps I used to go dumb heavy and low reps so I wasn't getting bigger so on these type of muscles like shoulders triceps biceps calves quads everything you got to pump a lot of blood into it but don't believe what I fucking say these five for fibers heavy weight get big muscle that's not the case man you want big full round muscles in the only way you get that is pump it grabs on all the tricep exercises this one is my most beneficial I feel so what I do is I twist up I get the rope that you do tricep extensions with and I'm not puttin the knot like this whereas one so I come right here and I come side squeezing this exercise right here constant tension you feel if you just feel right it don't hurt your elbows and you can pump out a lot of reps that's why they mad on the internet Jeff I got all these muscles with the BBC genetics they already taught me controlling it don't let it swing up like that keep that it's a daughter so now that end off the triceps we're gonna do something different we're going to do some tricep closed grip push-ups you know I'm saying you want to put your hands about this for with you can also put them here but we gonna put them here and we go pump as much as possible they already pump to the max so we see I mean we could do here we go boom you don't have to hit your chest but we pump it right here 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 but those that didn't know anytime you're doing they push it you're hitting chest shoulders and them tries baby look at them days yeah they getting tiny boy huh yes we spin swole about a day no no sorry swollen about a second yeah I'm looking Jack huh I need some motherfucking Oh what's the word violent validation how I'm looking boy huh tell me I look good Hey Kali ma look like me back on this shit bro it'd be funny these little pipsqueaks be kind of tough ah he lost sighs and you got a profile picture look like they live in a mama basement baby so we're doing our incline curls right now these really stretch out the bicep you don't want to go too heavy you want to pump and squeeze right there you go yeah me and my producer was just talking man in it you know this fitness bodybuilding health and fitness whatever you want to call it man this is a weird dynamic man you have to find out your purpose a lot of people don't know their purpose of this they want to impress their friends tell them how much they did live how much they squat how much they bitch but what is it for you know the main like why are you doing it like for B I got in the health and fitness I to live as long as possible that was my purpose we're getting in as a kid of course for sports to try to go to NFL so I want to be fast strong but I never wanted to kill myself I didn't want I didn't get into this to be exhausted all day and a lot of you guys think you posed to be exhausted when you lead a gym Danny in health and fitness man you posed to lead a gym phillyd of basil energized amped up high P like Kali muscle let's get to it y'all ready obviously your how to do it be modest and quiet ya'll love entertainment don't you who else doing these entertainment workouts like this huh everybody else talk about the obliques serratus when you call stitching on the vast and latter its huh and Kali muscle talking to y'all like a real motherfucker like light like your uncle would like you you get away as cousin you know I'm sad like the Bubba just got out of prison for 20 years so I got my boy big you hear y'all might have seen him he famous he old dr. Oz Show he got his YouTube channel he's man that new hottest day coming out back and he brought to teach me how to do this muscle twitch flex baby but do it like this like like sea chest have a heart let's just hold it for like 5 seconds like squeeze it squeeze and then just stretch you ain't getting none all right I gotta find Olivia I got a look at distress oh there I go oh yeah you gotta build a bunch of tension ah you go like the more attention to the building to really build a cramp up oh yes carving make sure y'all go subscribe to my boy I would put his channel up idiot catch you guys make you know what you talking about he bout to do he bout to do to New York Pro so now we bout do my favorite man I had one bicep exercise to do it would be preacher curl unilateral one arm at a time that the way you can focus on the pump the stretch the squeeze you ain't doing both at the same time so any form I don't like doing the per se on the bench where you put the dump the bar the fucking plates I don't like that machine I like when you put this pin in right here because let's go cool nice smooth then you get that good pump always going for failure 15 the better I count to like 15 then after that whatever I get after that giving you all my secrets man you don't have to stretch it all the way out laughs it we pumping filling these veins up so they pop off vascularity y'all got back a lid feel see a van just look you what's called back yeah you fuck if you ain't got babies popped out like that cuz you ain't got veins like that to where the doctor the case of mercy can easy put that I be up in you you know to back in fact so you got to get your veins where they popping out man stop putting all that bullshit up in your body and that's how you get like that Ike you want to make sure your shoulders stationary your arms just propped up against this pad no swinging moving your shoulders y'all might see my shoulders placed and anytime I move it flex I love this shit jack I'm running shit bro so life is about looking good feeling good high energy so you go make that money and be a blessing to your family you know saying don't be a burden on your family be a bless I can you the pleasures bro I'm to to to pump huh well yeah that's it for hours man had a good time hope y'all had a good time to learn something learn to pump them reps high reps is the key to beat anybody part on your body so I love y'all man don't take life for granted man with that if you mad at me already began yo oh man cut the camera Jack you funny-looking my butt cut what does it take to be extreme colleague muscle takes his workouts to the extreme with – and hi v– aminos – mud and – me nose increases strength energy focus endurance builds lean muscle and enhances recovery get the most out of your workouts be a part of team – with – mud and hi beauties be a part of team – ordered your – mud – me no today