Meet RYAN FERNANDO the Sports Nutritionist to the best swimmers in the country. recover so if you can get 2 sessions of
recovery that would be nice but my first question to an athlete is, let me ask the
coach “What do you feel as a coach is the good amount of sleep? that the
athlete needs to get ? Nihar sir replies “At least 8 hours at night it at least it doesn’t
happen so here is the thought process if you’re watching emotional ATHYACHAR on MTV
vh1 Balika Vadhu with your mom Facebook you are not going to get eight hours of
sleep trust me I have around 20 of the
country’s top athletes in different disciplines they’re the ones who get
more than 8 hours of sleep so sleep is No 1, So YOU SLEEP HOW MANY TIMES DAY?
once or twice okay all of you get a bath 😉 every day I hope yeah they will be a
STINKING if they dont we’re getting a bath in the POOL right here …. if you have one
Bath a day tap yourself on the back if you get two baths today give yourself a
thumbs up and if you get three baths today
two baths is good in summer okay so you sleep once or twice a day …… you have a
bath once or twice a day how many times a day do you swim up if you do two
sessions everybody all of you go to a session okay now here is the
million-dollar equation in this I put to the parents 2 times in a day sleeping
2 times are bathing 2 times swimming HOW MANY TIMES A DAY DO YOU NEED TO EAT IF YOU ARE AN ATHLETE if you eat three times a day please raise your hand if you eat
four times a day please raise your hand by the way if you eat an apple or you
drink a MILKshake that’s a meal in itself if you eat it after you eat the
banana you eat an egg that’s a meal in itself so how many of you get more than
six meals a day raise your hand more than six minutes excellent how do you
get more than eight meals a day as a swimmer you should be try to get eight
meals again the parents here’s the logic is it
clearly between three four five meals a day
swimming twice sleeping twice bathing twice BUT nutrition is more than SIX TIMES
so the reason Nihar Sir has called me here today is to do is to try and get YOU
understand before you subject these KIDS to rigorous Olympic level
training they FIRST NEED TO EAT FOR PERFORMANCE they need to eat for
RECOVERY they need to eat for GROWTH if you compromise on any of these
performance may UP but recovery comes DOWN performance may come DOWN but recovery may go up
whoever recovery may come down performance may come down growth may go up
so they always come at the onset of each other and the thought process is all of
us eat culturally all of us eat Culturally
which is one of the predominant reason why me and my team of sports NUTRITIONISTS ( QUA NUTRITION)
are discovering why lead on winning medals not at the national and
international level the reason being is athletes have NO TASTE BUDS I repeat
athletes have NO TASTE BUDS but do you know what at a spot where it is but on the
head huh where are your taste buds on the tongue so when an athlete has no taste buds what
should you do you should have no thoughts about taste how many of you
like BEETROOT everyone should put your hand up because
whether you hit it or you like it I will tell you BEETROOT enhancer oxygen
carrying capacity by 24% I repeat BEETROOT enhances oxygen
carrying capacity by 24%……… 2 BEETROOTS boiled or raw put into a blender of
eaten three hours before your performance can boost your performance so if you’re
swimming at six o’clock in the evening around three o’clock is a good time to
take a beetroot juice okay I can see people think I I don’t like BEETROOT AHH!!
athletes have no TASTEBUDS so BEETROOT is one of those
superfoods that you can take okay have you heard of EGGS how many of your are PURE
vegetarians in this audience we are 100% pure vegetarian okay we take no you eat
egg then that only the cake okay so here’s the thought present so Suhil KUMAR
a silver medalist and a bronze medals at Olympics is a pure vegetarian
there is no reason why you cannot become an Olympian but here’s the thought
process if you do not plan your protein load now what’s the difference as a
nutritionist I have to teach you seven things number one is what is that breath
what is breath contained when you take it in oxygen and what you give out …. CARBONDIOXIDE so
the swimmer for me as a nutritionist the breathing in and the removal of carbon
dioxide determine what we call as respiration which influences your
metabolism which we call aerobic and anaerobic for a swimmer even you decide
to study science you will understand what is an anaerobic sprint and an aerobic sprint
ok I won’t talk about it today 2. WATER
you are always in it but you cannot drink the water of the pool you have to
hydrate separately how much is the human body made up of…. 70% okay only if you
have water bottles here today please raise them up I love all you guys those
of you don’t have water bottles please punch the guy next you would rather
never water water but they are the good excellent here is the thought
process can you see this did you see this a smiley face it’s a little worn
out I put about a year ago this is my water bottle I am NOT an athlete but why
do I carry my own water bottle anybody knows why I carry my own waterbottle
the reason is I know how much water I drink every time I fill this I know it’s
a liter of water you get my point every time you reach a water bottle it
gets over you have to refill it what does that mean it means you know how
much water you’re consuming number one number two this should be
next to your hip connected all the time have you seen international athletes the
water comes with a clip what the hell is a clip for it’s the locket or to your
belt because you are 71% water do you know if you don’t hydrate properly your
muscle will break I repeat if you don’t hydrate properly your muscle will break
how will it break muscle is inside the water
do you take a rubber band you see the rubber band you take a nice soft rubber
band until doing this like this if you sketching you keep that rubber band in
the Sun for two days what would happen to the rubber band snaps your muscle
fibers exactly like their parents please understand your kid needs to hydrate
through the day excellent sports drinks are coconut water for those under the
age of 14 coconut water those of you who start giving your kids Gatorade Carbo
plus and all you need to do it with a plan you need to do to the plan it’s not
like oh I bought a nice car let me use any soap on it let me use any kerosene
in it let me use any diesel in it you go specifics you go to the correct mechanic
you get it serviced on time what about your kids nutrition
it’s all cut copy paste from Google this doesn’t work if you’re looking at 15
years down the line your kid being an Olympic champion the investment and I
keep telling even the coaches and myself and my team we can’t start with a Sushil
Kumar we have to start with whats your name SMARAN you have to start with SMARAN
and hopefully 15 years later because of correct coaching because of correct
biomechanics because of correct genetics because of correct nutrition the kid has
the best training period nutrition period recovery period psychology period
towards becoming avoid remedy doesn’t happen overnight so I have KIDS in my
clinic fish non-visual do you this kid has been my client for the last
four years this mom is sitting over the three years so what’s the investment the
parents have the vision the father is a An ASIAN MEDALLIST so the thought
process is real mom has come and invested in his nutrition to know what
works for him and what doesn’t work so they came once spend two months with us
they know what to feed this guy are you drinking your milk yeah everyday….good boy
so here’s the thought process it starts with a plan okay so I gave you
one tip is coconut water beetroot was first second is
water my favorite is eggs if you are a nonveg, if you are vegetarian there
are alternatives to 2 to 2 protein from vegetarian sources or that other sit
down and plan and chart with you I have difficulty with vegetarians when they
are not planning the diet if we plan the diet is bang-on it’s perfect
I’ll give you a simple equation if your kid’s body weight is 20 kgs 30 kgs a
child requires 1.5 grams per kg body weight here’s the thought process the
swimmer requires 1.8 gms not 1.5 gms did you notice how much are you calculating
for me are you giving your child 8 meals a day
so egg is an excellent source , my 4. benefit in terms of foods is milk
how many of your kids hate milk anybody hates milk any of the kids hate milk if you
don’t like milk you can drink Curd you don’t like curd you can take cheese
low fat cheese how many if you like cheese okay
so cheese is a good recovery milk is a good recovery okay so you can have lassi
you know what lassi is? says yeah but don’t put too much sugar in your milkshakes
you don’t put too much sugar in your Lassie
and I see parents are in a lot of competitions not only swimming badminton
tennis so they prepare milk one two three four five spoons of
sugar and refined sugar use energy sugar gives anything here’s the tip and I’m
giving a lot of tips over here because my team always says I give out too many
tips so nobody comes to us for nutrition counseling but I give it to you
nevertheless because I know hopefully one day you will say I need to get this
right if you give too much sugar in your body
you will create what is called as an insulin spike then that sort of incident
okay so I will explain this to you you imagine inside the pool as your
bloodstream the muscle cell okay the muscle cell everyone has muscles over
here right imagine each one of you as glucose okay where are you all in the
parking lot right the parking lot in the bloodstream so the moment we eat our
food all of you entered into the bloodstream until all creating a gamma
outside whose insulin you are sir everyone into the pool that’s the
function of insulin. Insulin sends all the sugar into the muscle cell now
here’s the problem if you put too much sugar into the blood which is all the
glucose insulin comes out and immediately chases everyone into the
muscle cell as a result all the all the sugar is inside the cell what’s happened
into the bloodstream there is a crash so you will get a peak and the moment
insulin pushes them in in muscle there isn’t
the thought process for an athlete is the sugar molecules should come slowly
into the bloodstream like commandos and silently enter the muscle cell without
this person Insulin having to push this sugar into the cell we call this a six
to eight percent glucose solution so you see a lot of students know they take
glucose package before the competition put the glucose packet
cut cut cut cut doesn’t work okay you have to make a six to eight percent solution
so you sports drinks are six to eight percent solution your coconut
water is there do not take fruit juice I see a lot of
people giving the kids fruit juice before the swim through juices 10%
percent sugar it is going to create a spike you want to give Fruit juice post your
swimming okay the parting thought over here is it’s
nice to get these tips but you need to understand you need to do it in
specifics if you are training your new lactate training of yeah so all of you
are doing Lactate training with sir which is at an Olympic level …How many of you are here eating BATAWADAs so this is the thought process HOW many are going
outside and eating the the VADA PAV side what other junk food is outside huh
They all know what is the junk food outside what the junk food outside available
like doesn’t want to commit because sir is going to strangle y’all in the pool
after this but here is the thought process you have decided to become a super athlete
by coming to this Academy you cannot compromise on your nutrition let me tell
you six meals a day you compromise in one meal
you’re a DONKEY ATHLETE there is a smart athlete and there’s a donkey Athlete
you know the difference if you don’t the difference then you are a DONKEY athlete
if you know the difference is you’re a smart athlete. A SMART ATHLETE says I
needto TRAIN scientifically I need to SLEEP and RECOVER scientifically and I
need to EAT scientifically so if you are not on a
nutrition plan please get my card ( RYAN 9743430000 or RYAN +91 9743430000. So how many things I have given you so far beetroot Coconut water egg Milk you one pineapple pineapple has a
substance in it called BROMELAIN how many of you feel sore muscles after todays training I know if I go to the gym I get soreness
called DOMS delayed onset of muscle soreness if you don’t DOMS that
means either sir is not pushing hard enough or you’re cheating him how many of you have got DOMS in a lifetime in this pool please raise your hand you should have
got muscle feed you got muscle pain good it is called DOMS so how do you reduce
your rooms within 24 hours of pineapple contains BROMELAIN
BROMELAIN is like a silent commando he goes inside your muscle and removes that
pain so it helps in ANTI- inflammation so I’ve given you pineapple okay
another superfood in the last superfood I’ll give you is………………….
dry fruits I’ll give you like DRY fruits I love DRY fruits okay my
favorite is almonds my favorite is PISTA my favorite is
walnuts and my favorite RAISINS if you can take around this cup of dried fruit
every two hours it’s beneficial because as a swimmer HOw Many hours a day do you swim? if you’re doing six hours a day an average swim session per hour burns 500 calories per hour
so 500 calories parents get this equation very correct 500 calories per
hour into six hours thats 3,000 calories. None of you sitting over here require more
than 1800 calories a day as PARENTS your KID is burning 3000 calories plus
plus we have what is known as the basal metabolic rate the basal metabolic rate
in the kiD is calculated on height weight so I am giving you a small
leaflet on nutrition and I you would be able to calculate your BMI which is your
body mass index you will be able to plot it and you would be able to know where
their child is underweight correct weight or overweight once you know the
way you then need to determine okay My KID is a Maruti 800 My KID is a Honda
City with 1.6 liter engine or 1.2 liter engine it’s very important then what fuel
do you put into this game / you know I tell parents everyday you’re spending
more on servicing your car one time than getting the correct nutrition knowledge
and I don’t mean on general children I mean on specific super champions that
you are trying to make it’s very important ah we have genetic testing at
our clinic what is genetic testing the gene knows that the ACT3N and genotyping
okay it determines whether you have a sprint gene or endurance gene or a mixed
gene all I have to do is take a swab from your kids mouth send it to the LAB
it costs around 50,000 Rs I will tell you whether your kid is a sprint athlete or an endurance athlete please note the kid with a mixed gene can be claimed for
either side it depends on what the coach subjects the body to training on four to
five years but with this knowledge I can tell you who’s a sprinter and who’s not
a sprinter who’s a mixed athlete do you have this knowledge second when you are
a vegetarian non-vegetarian there is a huge competitive advantage for non
vegetarians specially when parents the age of 20-21 the kids a vegetarian
they haven’t done anything about the diet because you’re eating culturally and
South Indian food is predominantly high carb. Carbs. what a carbohydrate the other
foods that contain glucose what are protein they contain amino acids
proteins are required for the muscle Building…. you as a parent says swimming
a lot of acid buildings for the average muscle breaks down by 12% in a training
session it takes 48 hours to recover what do you read about recovery the
master is very demanding he says you need to come back every day so you’re
only techniques for recovery are sleep and nutrition sleep I’m sure you’re
giving your best what what are the correct techniques or tools in NUTRITION
for example the parents are coming to our clinic but I’m giving him one
banana I am giving him some dried fruits what is some ?….is it calculated according to
a mathematical equation so if you ask me how NIHAR sir how does he calculate how many
lengths of the POOL this kid needs to do today there will be an equation
he will determine the Basic workload so when he gives a training workload to
the coach the coach says okay this kid will swim at this workload and that
Kid will swim over that workload your based on what we call it mix the amount of energy
that that body that height that we can calculate it’s based on lactic acid it’s
based on oxygen carrying capacity I didn’t mention this too but in our Clinic
we actually do the SECRET SECRET we do the SECRET Test which is measuring
your lung capacity the INHALATION capacity inspiratory capacity of the
lungs very interestingly I had a A BADMINTO player come to us with 800 ml of
flowing at one breath 800 ml and the Parents are not able to figure out why
she at 14 years she is not a better badminton player because the kid did not know how
to breathe correctly and six months later she is up at 2.1 liters so today
she’s like she was nowhere somewhere today she’s in the top 50 of India in
terms of the Junior so we are people to figure out the lung
capacity and here in swimming you can’t fool around with breath because I guess you
have only limited amount of breathe to complete the race right
it’s very structured the breath is very structured
so the Kids over here needs to breathe right drink right eat right sleep right
and train right okay I’m going to spend 10 minutes on
questions from your end if you want my card I have my card RYANFERNANDO 9743430000 CALLME charge 16500 grand for a three-month grants
which are 47500RS ( 2019 RATES) for an annual and you it’s a wise
investment for the rest of your life because that kid will get some basic
techniques later by the day when you come for the counseling we don’t talk to
you we talk to the kid because ultimately mommy daddy know Nothing from the
kids perspective from the kids perspective what do you know you’re not
the coach oh who are you to tell me to drink beetroot juice and drink is if one guy
came to the swimming pool he told me to drink beetroot juice i will Pinch my
nose and drink my measures trust me every one of the kids are going
to eat drink beetroot tonight or tomorrow and they want to ask you why you’re not
giving them beetroot that’s the thought process they have intelligence is the
younger generation you need to give them the tools all right questions any
questions for them yes sir both these rice and beans and Dals they are incomplete for me. SO WHAT IS A GOOD RATIO for me for these question I’ll answer it from a non
technical perspective for parents the first the first level when we plan when
we plan protein for an athlete is what is the body weight of an athlete number
one then we determine if the body weight for example let’s take 50 kgs in a sporting scenario the player needs 75 to 90 grams of protein first scenario on it I need
to give 75 to 90 grams of protein second how many meals can I get this player to
me can I split 90 grams over the 6 meals so 15 grams per
meal now my next question is if I am planning 15grams of protein per meal what are my
protein food choices all those 15 grams so in a particular meal I could go with
all the LEGUMES ok to give me 15 grams I may have to eat nearly 300- 400 grams of
those legumes there could be another meal
wherein I get another protein which will give me let’s say WHEY of milk protein
which will give me another spectrum in another meal I could do SOYA so the
planning is rather than trying to do one meal with a complete spectrum you know
multiple meals with different permutations and combinations and try
and achieve an overall balance because we’re talking about KIDS so then I can
get them to be fussy about one or two meals but I got to get them to love 4 or
5 other protein sources so it’s always about balancing it out your
question is maker theoretically very correct practically impossible to do
from a nutritionist perspective so people do this in our game which to
Raji mixture, Jowar mix, bajra mix soya mix versus mixer is good but before getting with
that mixture construction I can plan the perfect protein load in the days what I
ask when it’s possible if you are able to get all the proteins correctly the
conditional amino acid unconditional ratio and all is not very subjective at
a very Olympic level yes I will get to that in a vegetarian Source. In a non-veg source
educated so see dat non veg and vegetarian sources of protein you would
get the correct ratio and split up RYAN FERNANDO CALL 9743430000 or