first of all I’m gonna have to go grocery shopping that stresses me out I’m gonna have to like locate where red bell peppers are in the produce aisle hi I’m Laura Diane Farah and this week we are swapping diets here’s the thing I’m nauseous a lot because of the chronic illness that I have so what I do eat it’s like very small portions throughout the day clean plain food it’s like very boring but also I’m extremely lazy and never cook so the easier the better I cook a lot I am like the opposite of you great I usually cook myself breakfast really simple things like just toast with avocado on it she’s gonna be in for a very rude awakening in the mornings because breakfast is like celery juice or a smoothie I hate any type of bars so I see like natural flowers Laura bars I don’t like them oh my god I rely on protein bars yes that for dinner I usually will cook myself like a 1 pan meal like just a simple stir-fry with cauliflower right I can get behind that but you have a lot of like vegetables in here that may or may not make it into mine she also likes seaweed snacks and I can eat seaweed snacks but I’m not going to all right so I’m gonna go do it wish us luck me luck mostly okay day one I would normally make myself a hot breakfast but instead I have a large breakfast of an optional my crowbar and instead of coffee I’m going to have to drink matcha so it’s say one to go make some sort of all the kyoto statue this I’ll do my best but if I end up getting a smoothie you guys have to support me okay the only good thing about this is that I could eat this in the car on the way to work and I’m already running a little bit late Farah and I are walking to Trader Joe’s right now because I have to go grocery shopping but then I’m gonna make Farah go and get the impossible taco salad has the impossible burger be on top plant-based it’s vegan not really so I got the impossible taco salad from Mendocino because that’s what Lara usually will eat for lunch that’s very good it’s so good right you feel like you’re eating hamburger kind of it’s also sand flavors you need to eat this every day yeah I did not like B protein bars at all I think I ate maybe like two or three bites and I gave the rest to Laura and I went hungry until lunch so that was my day I just got home from work literally the last thing I want to do right now is cook I just got home from the gym so now I’m super hungry but the only things that lar usually eats for dinner it’s a banana chips and salsa or the frozen empanada things none of this choices sound delicious to me but I might go with them panada I do think I would probably feel better in the long run if I actually did take the time to cook I think it’s just I gotta make myself to do it there it is can’t wait to be hungry in like three hours I’m gonna need to make avocados toast read my avocado is that it the problem is that if I even get close to my poster so I think I’m just gonna eat it not so Sid which probably isn’t as good but you heard her maybe a little salt and pepper some ketchup what do you think that girl’s good a check a bunch of celery juice you want to smell it that is celery juice exactly what do you think it tastes like I don’t think it’s the worst thing I’ve ever eaten or drank but if I was getting introduced I would get something with a little bit more fruit in it just to like kind of mask the greens but Oh would it be here a while I’m not here to like call myself a genius or anything but I think I could probably get this a little toasty stovetop really one and it was really easy so just like ignore everything that I thought about hooking hard I wasn’t really cooking but for me it is so I bought some bubble bars she said the flavor that I chose peanut butter wasn’t a good flavor it’s fine it just his OD unhealthy with like a hint of peanut butter all right I have a Laura flavor approved bubble bar in chocolate chip I’m gonna try and see if it actually tastes better than the peanut butter one like she said it does it tastes more like a cookie so I can understand why she likes them all right I’m doing it I am cooking pretty much all I’ve done so far is lay everything out but I got my knife I got a cutting board I got some veggies that I’m gonna cut up we’re doing this this is see beyond burger that she puts in the lettuce wrap I cut out part of an onion I cried a little bit I do want to try and cook a little bit more cauliflower rice like I would definitely make it again in terms of everything else no I like the beyond burgers a lot actually since I ate them I’ve bought more I didn’t enjoy myself I say that I definitely felt healthier like eating watermelon after the gym wasn’t a bad thing at all I felt like more hydrated physically I feel pretty much the same as I usually do I think a week was like a good amount of time if I had to do it again I guess I would yeah I know I went it just didn’t work for my lifestyle yellow which is fine I think there is value in trying someone else’s diet for instance with Laura I definitely was eating a lot more vegetables and fruits than I normally did for me I would agree it kind of reminded me that like even if I don’t have a ton of energy cooking doesn’t have to be this thing that takes like two hours where you’re like making a souffle or something I don’t even know what a souffle is but I can easily just think that cauliflower rice or just saute some vegetables and still have a better meal than I would from like a frozen and pinata also I usually I think I got the wrong brand of that yeah you’re gonna stress [Music]