I have a lot of issues with chick-fil-a morally but my love for their chicken I hate myself either but I can’t stop not somebody’s got to wrap it in a windes wrapper image yeah it’s okay I’m Ryan hi I’m Joyce and this week we’re gonna be swapping diets I feel so bad for you I do too you have soda and I really don’t take a lot of soda and worked on my addiction to ginger ale except for nine to a day I wouldn’t describe myself as like the most healthy eater but I do try to like make healthy choices breakfast I usually don’t eat but I do drink a lot of coffee in the morning things but then after that I like usually only drink water so my diet is of any young about to be twenty four year olds who’s on the go very lazy who comes to me in the beginning of my day Adriana will make me a cup of coffee I make two plates for our catered lunch one for dinner and then one for the next day’s I post mates also I’m a little nervous about the amount of money that’s fit so I see your snack your snack at the end of the day and it’s a hard day I’ll have a small glass of scotch or inna see her own Caucasian man okay also if you’re drunk on the weekends you can only eat McDonald’s or Taco Bell I’m just nervous I mean I’m also I’m gonna go home this weekend let’s try to survive this week we’re having a team lunch is this Joyce approved you need to put walk on it the is welcome there’s a dollop of walking on enough I feel like our diets are similar plain water I don’t know I don’t want a ginger ale but I have to drink it I have to do that you have to water I just wanted to it well thought you got but ginger ale is just something like I don’t know why but it has a pseudo affective making me feel like everything’s okay let’s go hey Trisha we have my jelly or something leftovers I’m super happy that I have this behind today but Daisley I don’t have leftovers I’m gonna have to post maids and that is I’m not just luckily me and mine have one thing in common where we don’t have breakfast in the morning tea cups of coffee and a cold brew baby we’re doing this for height I just hurt going down every time I drink it is just like this sharp pains swimming down my job I feel like one is enough for anybody I don’t get it keep trip I don’t know I’m gonna make it to work okay just don’t let that cold blue Wow baby so far I’m just feeling really weak for a minute this is my fourth cup of coffee but luckily drinking water and between helps flush it out cuz I’m lazy I’m gonna get this cold brew I’m trying to meet it a little bit more hard you know she’s gonna be Coco my culprit life well I wonder about everything oh this is me hungover and I ordered McDonald’s a dress would be so proud of me yes my leftovers and we’re looking more water I drink more water because the coffee keeps me in the bathroom everything else gotta go and then I had like five our meetings and usually has coffee brought to her the morning the beginning of my day Adriana will make me a cup of coffee I’m gonna see my mom will bring me coffee mom do you make me coffee she’s an answer but my dog does coming downstairs so I got these pop chips some good some water that’s water season no I made me coffee I realize that my mom’s not here so I had to make it myself I did notice that I was drinking some caffeine but as much as I think I normally drink and that has made me feel tired I was when I was at home I net a lot at least have coffee yeah yeah I know Joyce usually reserves whiskey for a bad day so it was actually a really good day I liked the whiskey on the end of the day so I did it for good I’m just gonna just take my shot it’s fine early morning and I can’t believe the tranquol free Jude loves it was Oh save me for my addiction to ginger ale but I just got back from flying in and I’m on my way home and I want to give hoot but I know that Joyce would order postmates so I’m about to so there was a Korean barbeque place to post mates next week I devoured this maybe I should post me more because then it was exactly what any when I got off the airplane choice you might be on to something Joyce I don’t have any food it is 10:27 and I’m still drinking ginger ale Wow drinking the ginger ale right now is making me feel very sluggish I’ve been having that hopefully Water Week honestly it has curbs my ginger ale addiction a little bit you know I could have one a day to a day three days I’m feeling sexy but would I do this again you know what I would I think it is important to change up your diet I think as long as the changes are like new tweaks to the same old routine because even though my routine is kind of like a mess it’s a mess that I’m used to it’s a beautiful mess if just like my edges [Music] [Music] you