I don’t eat breakfast unless it’s like the afternoon breakfast I get really not just a little morning usually I’m not pregnant it’s just been like this okay and we’re gonna be swapping it diets for an entire week exciting that no wooden Z eats like a toddler which is barely and really Vicki who you like oh I eat three meals and a snack I only usually eat like one meal and maybe a snack in the day thank you so much in the nola day yeah no portion-controlled if it’s in front of me I’m gonna finish it I don’t know this is gonna come in with like the past eating disorders if I wake up and I want to eat breakfast I’m going to eat breakfast cuz I feel like for a really long time I told myself like no you can’t why do you eat breakfast sometime Lindsey sent me a list of the food that she needs started off with breakfast usually none dinner sometimes none snacks during work yeah like we’re both people Lindsey does go on to eat more than I do but I didn’t look like Panda Express this is Lindsay’s at home food for a week popcorn cottage cheese carrots and hummus pineapple glaze and rotisserie chicken she’s got a food with plastic Lay’s as her snack which I would never do because to me house shoes is like a healthy alternative when I was growing up and on my diets I would eat just cottage cheese as my meal this is my favorite Jazmin loves her popcorn and I know she doesn’t go for the super buttery but you know I’m gonna tailor it to myself I love butter as day one and all I want to do is order post mates because it’s the weekend and I like to treat myself with breakfast in bed but the first thing on the list is I have to drink a whole cup of water in the morning which is probably for the best I haven’t dehydrated all the time thanks jazz a jazz hope you have fun eating breakfast of bed I’m gonna get up now and make that entire freakin thing that you wrote me to do I am post mating breakfast which honestly I don’t like the sound of breakfast foods I feel like you’re supposed to eat when they’re ready because eggs can get cold waffles and pancakes can get soggy it doesn’t sound exciting like having it brought to me by Lindsay does it so I’m gonna try it I was kind of annoyed to get up with me so bad but it’s really easy this is honestly what I’d get if I were just to like order something I know everyone in this videos gonna be like with you or so lazy and you know what you’re right I am and I’m gonna practice something different this week and I think I’m gonna like this my food just got here and you know what it’s all workroom Wow maybe this is gonna be a lot better than I thought it was gonna be here’s the finished product hmm breakfast one down day two and I’ve already forgotten to drink my one glass of water in the morning I guess I’ll just do that when I get to work Jazmin eat Special K in a cup look what I got for breakfast it’s a few things yeah and you weren’t there and there were cupcakes so I got you the cupcake cupcake I had breakfast which I don’t usually have and then I couldn’t eat as much we got popcorn for dinner watching Love Actually and feeling good eating dinner right now and I am trying Lindsay’s cottage cheese and Lay’s chips it’s pretty good I doubled the sausage and doubled the eggs because I am so hungry look at that steam oh oh and I chef it’s just so interesting to see how you and your best friend like are similar but different the food that Lindsay eats I feel like I look at that food and I gain 5 pounds automatically the fact that Lindsay doesn’t like start her meals until 11 to 1 I could never do that and she was talking today about how she ate breakfast and she’s like got more hungry just because you look a certain way doesn’t mean you’re doing things the right way or just because you look a certain way it doesn’t mean you’re doing things the wrong way bobbies are just different I never got to drink water again blue Jasmine is already mad that I didn’t eat breakfast this morning I didn’t have a chance at out sunshine we’re gonna go to Subway and we’re gonna order what we each would get okay and then we’re gonna switch it okay you cannot get mayonnaise though I cannot do mayonnaise not at all no not even like no look at my highlight only gotten what I get now entire life at Subway okay well you’re giving a rat’s now oh I want to eat it so bad this is meaty much better but like I’m gonna go this is water bread Jasmine texted me this morning with just the words drink water so that helped me remember this morning for breakfast I am going to drink this juice that Jasmine oyster eggs I’m actually excited about this because I love green juice it is a food truck Thursday jasmine yeah can I get a food truck thing where do you see how much this week it’s a Texas barbecue truck I’m from Texas I like barbecue yeah but this isn’t your diet but okay you want to choose what I get I would get the sausage and the play-doh pot damn it why would you want my prized Frito pie that’s like a whole nother room I just want to share okay I decided to hey Lindsey some respect here and I got Chipotle because I know it’s her favorite I’m gonna be eating it in front of her so I kind of feel rude I’m actually really hungry good thing I have plenty of food to pick from I have made myself lunch and it looks like a kid school lunch but I’m very excited to use today has been a crazy busy day and my day is not over I’m about to go to a concert I don’t really have a lot of time to eat so I’m really thankful that I have this rotisserie chicken here in true Lindsey fashion I am going out to brunch right now so I messaged her and I was like yo what would you get for brunch she said waffles eggs and sausage or Eggs Benedict I’ve never had it before I’m excited to try it oh yeah baby Panda Express last night of eating like jasmine finishing it off on a good note you could bury me in orange chicken when I die and I think that would be a really beautiful funeral it’s the ultimate comfort food and I’m so here for it wake up do a routine get in the car [Music] and I hope you meet three times out of the week did you learn anything are you going to take anything away I do think about drinking water you think about this video typically think more about what I put my body because when I’m hungry or anything like me but when you actually have to plan your meals and cook that it’s not like you actually have to put more thought into it because obviously naturally more healthy doing so I will say though with my whole proportion of control Dillon I had so much food in my fridge I just couldn’t in conclusion we’re gonna just keep giving us diets do not define friendships who are differences and to our dilemmas we’re still fries [Music] [Music]