Until now I thought that heaven on Earth was
simply a worn out cliché and then I came to the beautiful island of Koh Samui and discovered
a place that is so unique, so enriching and so sublime that no earthly words can adequately
describe it. Hi I’m Olivia Trussel and I’m blessed
to be here at Kamalaya Koh Samui, Thailand’s award winning wellness sanctuary and holistic
spa. Located on a tranquil stretch of Koh Samui’s
south-eastern coastline, Kamalaya unfolds amidst lush tropical vegetation, cascading
streams and ancient granite boulders, with panoramic views of jungled mountains, the
aquamarine sea and outlying islands. The land is home to a cave that for hundreds
of years served as a place of spiritual retreat for a group of Buddhist monks. The accumulated energy of their daily prayers
seems to live on as a nurturing and inspiring presence that is like a tonic for the soul. Kamalaya was created by John and Karina Stewart,
because they felt there was a need for places for people to go where they could disengage
from their usual responsibilities, distractions and habits, and reconnect more deeply with
themselves and find the resources within for healing and a more enhanced meaning of life. This stunning resort offers a variety of accommodation
options, including panoramic ocean view suites, spacious villas and stylish beachfront pool
villas. After settling in, you begin your stay with
a wellness consultation, co-creating your ideal program with one of Kamalaya’s caring
and capable naturopaths. Yoga, weight loss, detox, stress and burnout
and fitness programs are very popular here, with experts on here to supervise your progress. If you prefer something less structured, you
can simply pick and choose from over 70 al-a-carte wellness services. As well as the usual spa fair such as massages
and body treatments, Kamalaya offers traditional Chinese medicine, Aveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy,
contemporary Western diagnostics, spiritual healing and other holistic therapies. There are also free daily classes such as
Pilates, Yoga, Qigong, meditation and core fitness. The food is a highlight of any stay. Kamalaya’s delicious gourmet cuisine uses
fresh, wholesome and where possible, organic produce, and the menus include extensive vegetarian
options as well as seafood, poultry and lamb dishes. Kamalaya offers a safe, supportive and nature
rich environment where you can exhale deeply, let go of stress and get re-acquainted with
yourself. The entire experience is relaxed, informal,
deeply caring and heartfelt. Integrating the surrounding nature into its
design, the holistic spa features open-air treatment spaces as well as air-conditioned
suites. Before and after treatments, you can take
time for a languid soak in the terrace plunge pools, relax at the cliff-side Elixir Bar
where refreshments are served with sensational ocean views, or unwind in the unique steam
cabin. Kamalaya is a place where wellness is restored,
inspiration is abundant and magic moments bless each day. If amidst the daily grind of life, you’ve
fallen out of sync with the tune of your own heart song, then a visit to Kamalaya will
help you rediscover the richness and depth of your potential, and inspire you to live
a more fulfilling, meaningful and healthy life.