Hi, I’m Catie, I’m Holly, and I’m Zack. And
we’re the ones on the other end of the line when you call the Benefits Hotline and we’re getting lots of calls about the new ActiveHealth wellness incentive. So, in this video, we’re going to share the answers to your most frequent questions. Keep in mind that ActiveHealth is a health plan benefit. Only employees, spouses and adult dependents on the health plan sponsored by SPD are eligible to participate. A question I get every day is… What’s changed with the
wellness rewards? A lot! We have a new vendor, ActiveHealth, and new incentives. This year you can earn e-gift cards and and a 2020 premium discount. This is different from previous years! There will be no separate wellness plan option
since you can apply the discount towards any medical plan offered by State
Personnel in 2020. How do I earn the premium discount? There are four options
to earn the discount so choose the one that works best for you. Both employees
and spouses on the health plan must complete an option to earn the discount.
All the options must be done through the ActiveHealth program. Here are your
choices. Option one – You complete four health coaching sessions. Option two – reach level five in online digital coaching Option three is to meet physical
activity minute goals. And option four is to meet step tracking goals. The deadline to complete these incentives is September 30th, 2019. It takes up to 12 weeks to complete the health coaching or digital coaching options, and it takes six months to complete one of the tracking goals. Because the physical activity and step tracking options require tracking over two
quarters, these two options must have been started by April 15th. Remember
your steps and exercise minutes will only track from the day you connected your device and going forward. Here are some other common questions about the premium reduction. It’s already June – do I still have time to complete the
premium discount incentive? Yes but time is running out so you need to start now! You
still have time to complete the health coaching sessions or the digital
coaching sessions. Health coaching is a small time commitment that can have a
big impact on your health. If you call to schedule your first health coaching
appointment by July 1st, you’ll have time to complete four sessions by the
deadline. Digital coaching can be completed in six weeks if you log in
every single day to complete all of the available activities, but make sure you
give yourself plenty of extra time in case you miss a few days. So how does
health coaching work? You call ActiveHealth to schedule your first telephonic
or in-person appointment. ActiveHealth then matches you with a health coach who works with you to create a personalized plan. Health coaching sessions take an average of 20 to 30 minutes and are scheduled every two to four weeks depending on the individuals needs. Completing four health coaching sessions by September 30th is one way to earn the premium discount. So how does the digital
online coaching work? You can find the digital coaching tools in the ActiveHealth portal. Log in to complete the health education modules and you set up health goals. You earn hearts with each completed activity which increases your ActiveHealth level. Reaching Level 5, which is 9,000 hearts by September 30th is one way to earn your premium discount. There are limits on how many hearts you can earn each week so
make sure you start early if this is the right option for you. How do I set up my ActiveHealth account? Visit the ActiveHealth website and use your name,
birthdate, and mailing zip code to create an account. Your spouse will follow the
same process using their name, birthday. and mailing zip code. Another question
that I often get is, I think I’ve done everything I need to do for the 2020 premium discount but how do I know for sure? Well the reward center in the ActiveHealth portal shows your progress on all ActiveHealth incentives. There are two
sections – the top section shows if you’ve completed the incentive or if it’s
incomplete. The bottom section shows the four options and a completion date for
the option that you worked on. The completion date must be September 30th,
2019, or before to qualify for the premium discount. I’m a new employee when will I be able to set up my ActiveHealth account? It takes two to three
weeks from the date your coverage starts for ActiveHealth to set you up in their
system. ActiveHealth customer service can tell you if your access is set up. So another question we get is, Does completing a health assessment or a biometric screen help us earn the premium discount incentive? The answer is no. Health assessments and biometric screens are not part of earning the
premium discount, but employees and spouses on the health plan
can earn e-gift cards for these activities. You can each earn $50 for
completing a health assessment in the ActiveHealth portal and $100 for
completing a biometric screen. Biometric screens are free and can be completed at
an on-site screening using a Quest diagnostics partner lab, or by
submitting a provider form completed by your medical provider. To earn e-gift
cards, health assessments must be completed by November 30th and biometric
screens must be completed and posted to your ActiveHealth account by November
30th. Keep in mind that it can take up to 30 days from when a screening is
completed to show in ActiveHealth’s system. E-gift cards must be redeemed by the end
of the year, December 31st, 2019. So, I did my health assessment and my biometric screening but I still haven’t received my e-gift cards. When will those be sent? Well, e-gift cards are not automatically sent to you. Log in to your ActiveHealth
portal and visit the Rewards Center to redeem your e-gift cards for a retailer of
your choice. Well that’s the scoop on your new ActiveHealth incentives. If you
have any questions that weren’t covered here the benefits hotline is open Monday
through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Phone 877-248-0007, toll free. Email [email protected]