Today I’m answering some common questions about Working Against Gravity and what makes us different At Working Against Gravity we don’t use any meal plans we don’t do this for a couple of reasons one meal pans are often really hard to stick to long term
and what we’re about is creating sustainable behavior change that can
last you a long time what a meal plan can do is give you a good idea of what
you should be eating every day to ya know give you a starting point but what
if I told you to eat chicken and broccoli every single day but one day you were kind of in the mood for steak and potatoes it’s immediately
gonna make you less likely to stick to the actual plan and more likely to veer
off and eat different things what we’re trying to do aside from meal plans is to
help you make those choices for yourself so a meal plan is making those choices
for you which can be really convenient in a time of super high stress or when
you’ve got a lot going on so it might be a great option for you just what we do
it Working Against Gravity is we’re guiding you to be able to make those
choices for yourself so long term once you’re not working with us you now have
this education and this confidence in making those food choices and you get to
avoid the anxiety of what do I eat and how do I know if this works for me now you know This is a really common misconception the initial macro numbers that you get from your coach are just numbers that come for somebody who’s
similar to you has similar goals to you and from your coaches experience of
working with people that you know they see what’s in your questionnaire and see
what is probably going to get you on the right track but where the real magic
happens is in the week to week check-ins with your coach we want to make the
adjustments to make sure that you’re making progress at the rate that you’re
looking to make it you know maybe those initial macros aren’t gonna work
perfectly the first week we take the data we see what your body weight was we see what you’ve been eating every single day we see how you’re feeling how the
stressors in your life are changing and then we make adjustments to those
numbers to help make sure that you continue on the right path it’s also
important to note that your life changes so macro numbers at the beginning might
be perfect for you right then and there but what if your goals change what if
your exercise routine changes what if you get injured things need to change over time
your life is fluid so why your coach helps you over time and the initial
macro numbers might not just be perfect is because things need to change over
time to make sure that you continue to make progress This question is tough are your macros really going to change all that often well that really depends one
of the amazing things about Working Against Gravity is that this program is
a hundred percent individualized to you and your needs so if you say your goal
is to lose weight and you’re losing a pound and a half on average every single
week or you know one pound to two pounds every single week with the macro
numbers that you were initially given then you’re crushing it and it’s working
so while your macro numbers may not change you could be working on different
things with your coach maybe you’re working on behavior maybe you’re working on managing stress managing peer pressure eating out at restaurants and
how to manage those situations so it isn’t necessarily all about the macros
and the macros changing but eventually you will hit a plateau or you might not
be making the progress that you’re looking to make and that’s when the
macro numbers change but maybe they’ll change every single week maybe they
won’t change every single week what we want to do is make sure you’re making progress and so we’ll change the macros depending on that Busting all the myths about what we do at Working Against Gravity and how we can help you if you’re looking to make a change in your nutrition sign up we can pair you with
the coach that can help make sure that you achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of