Well, my name is Hyrum Pog, I had a spinal
cord injury C5-C6 in 1981, September 15th. I was a quadriplegic for about six months,
with a year of surgeries, with a year of physical therapy, I was able to ambulate, and I heard
about the Bellarmine program of “Thrive,” so I immediately signed up, and I’m glad
I did. Well I used to say, “well, I’m in my upper
70s, and I really don’t need to be that strong.” Now I feel like I can do anything. I don’t need to slow down or give up. The Thrive Center partnership with Bellarmine
is phenomenal. It’s such an interesting concept, very innovative. It’s in beautiful shape, always clean, and
I just think it’s a great resource, and I appreciate whoever put it together. Didn’t think I could do it by myself, but
I can. More importantly, I think, is my confidence
went up. I found myself going to the museum where I
would sit out, and now I feel comfortable walking on those long, smooth floors. I come in here thinking I had no balance,
and that I wasn’t very good on my legs, but they’ve got a lot more strength in them
than what I gave myself credit for, and that when I have fallen, I’ve been able to get
myself up. Nobody has had to help me up. So, that’s been surprising. I guess the best thing about it is that it’s
giving me ideas about how I can improve my balance mostly. I think they have treated my disease. They’ve researched my disease, I know several
of them have written papers on it. And because of the more research about it,
the more – maybe they can find a cure. It’s marvelous. And the tour – I see all the innovations,
and the modern stuff, and what can be accomplished. It’s great. A lot of people in this community, just that
I know, they can benefit, and I got a blind friend that I’m trying to get down here,
a lot of elderly people that have trouble balancing and things. And yeah, it’s a great resource. Because we are fairly active for our age,
and still found benefits here, I have told everybody I know about this place.