Hi, my name is Belinda. I am a 24 years old student. At the moment I feel very powerless. I am in a hole. And I realize that, at the moment I cannot get out of it by myself. And I want to finally be happy in my life. I am in a really good mood and became an early riser as well. I wake up almost every day at 6am in the morning. I have no problems getting out of my bed, And I am looking forward to the training. So, what definitely attracts my attention is that everybody is addressing my body. Everybody notices that I already lost some weight. My three months with Freeletics are over now. The training was actually really hard. But I am incredibly proud of myself, that I pushed through it, And that I look like this now. I lost 10 kilograms in total. I lost quite a bit of size around the upper arm, And built muscles instead. I believe I have never been that happy in my life.