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We’re out in front of the gym. Serein and I are about to go in and film
a full body guided workout because in my last video I told you I was going to
give you something that you could take into the gym with you wherever you live
and it would be something that you could feel confident in that is gonna help
you get a great workout and help you maximize your time spent at
the gym. Don’t forget guys, every Sunday in the month of January, I’m going to be uploading
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bell and we will see you every Sunday, right back here on Led Fit. So without
further ado, let’s get into it. Okay guys, here we go. So I wanted to do a workout that you can
do at any gym across the world because each gym has certain things in them and
one of the most basic things that they all have are treadmills. So we’re going to do a five to 10
minute quick warmup on the treadmill. And we’re going to do, I just have a
nice little pace of about 2.5 or three. So make sure your speed is set to 2.5
or three and just walk for about five to 10 minutes. We’re just
trying to loosen up the body, get the blood flowing before we move
into our actual like workout work. Again, part of our warmup, here we go. We’re going to do three
sets of 15 floor bridges. So you’re going to make sure that your
feet and your hands and your shoulders are attached to the mat and you’re going
to bridge straight up with your hips. We’re going to loosen up the
pelvis, loosen up the hips, loosen up the lower back. Again, we’re going to warm up
before we start our actual workout. Okay. Super important. You guys know
how I feel about the lower back. I wanna make sure that we’re always
doing something to strengthen it. So you’re going to do three
sets of 15 floor cobras. Make sure your hips are attached at all
times to the mat and press up with your, your upper body. You can pause
at the top for a little bit. Whatever feels good to you.
Just go at your own pace. okay, last warm up we’ve got going on. So you’re going to do a front and side
toe touch. It looks very simple guys, but I want you to do
15 on each leg, right? And a little bend in the knee
makes this slightly more difficult. I’m recruiting a lot of different
muscles all the way from your, your feet and your ankles,
all the way up to your, your legs and your core. So switch it up, do 15 on each leg, and
then after that second set, your legs should be pretty good on fire. Okay? This is one of my
favorite full body workouts. It’s a ball squat, curl to
overhead press. As you can see, I’ve got my back against a
stability ball up against the wall. I’m squatting down, and as I come up, I
curl and press the weights over my head. Make sure your knees stay over your toes, and then as you squat down and come up, curl and press the weight over
your head. I want three sets of 10. Okay guys, you can’t get
much more basic than this. I want three sets of 10 pushups.
If you can’t do three sets of 10, give me as many as you can on that
first set. Take a 30 second break, come back and do as many as you can. Take a 30 second break and then
come back for your third set. You can do them regular or you can do
assisted like I’m doing with your knees on the mat. okay. Standing cable row. Uh, this, I just want you to use your back muscles
to pull the cable. Uh, as you can see, I’m not using my arms or my shoulders
so much as I am using my back. So make sure your feet are
about shoulder width apart. Give a nice pull and
give me three sets of 10 Okay, let’s work on that
balance and stability a little
more. Stand on one foot. Raise the dumbbells straight up. Make sure that your thumbs are pointing
to the sky and you’re going to do 15 on each leg. This is going to work your
shoulders nice and tight. Okay? Same basic principle, one foot 15 times and then switch to
the other foot and do that 15 times as you’re doing curls. What I want to do here is I want to work
on your stability and I want to recruit more muscles that make you more
stable from your legs to your core. When you recruit more muscles, you
burn more fat and calories. Again, 15 on each leg. Okay, last exercise. We’re going
to do a step up to balance. Again, it looks pretty simple but I want three
sets of 15 alternating legs just like I’m doing here. And by that the third set of 15 you’re
probably going to be hating me because your legs should be on fire. So step up,
balance, step down, step up, balance, step down. It’s pretty easy but the
more you do it the harder it gets. So there you go guys, your first
full body workout of the new year. Congratulations, you made it through. Make sure you come back next Sunday
cause there’s going to be another video waiting for you every Sunday in the
month of January I’m going to upload one video that focuses on full body or a
specific muscle group and you can take these videos into any gym all across the
world and you can make sure that what I’m giving you helps you maximize the
time spent at the gym and you get the most out of your workout. I
really appreciate you guys. Make sure you hit the subscribe button
makes you turn on the notifications bell and I’ll see you in the
next video. Bye guys.