Speaker 1: 00:00 Today we are focusing on
the bird dog exercise, beginner version, leg only. This is a slight step up from the arm only
version. So with the bird dog, this is a fantastic
core exercise, really works on strengthening the core, to really help stabilize your lower
back area. So I’m going to run you through what this
looks like first and then, and then I’m gonna point out some key points. So we start on all fours. The first thing which we do is that we contract
or tighten our core. So when I say contract, I don’t mean suck
it in, I don’t mean hollow it Literally, if somebody was going to punch you in the stomach,
you would tighten that area, you would contract that area. That’s what we are focusing on. So again, I’m on all fours. First thing which I do is that I contract
my core and then I’m going to push my leg out. Speaker 1: 00:46 So I’m just going to run
you through this. So I’m like this, I push my leg out. I’m going to hold this position here for about
six to eight seconds. Then I’m going to swing it down nice and slowly. And I’m going to come up again on the same
side. I’m going to hold it there again and then
I’m going to swing it down nice and slowly and I’m going to push it out again. So I’m gonna aim to do five repetitions holding
it, six to eight seconds per side, so five repetitions holding it, six to eight seconds. Now a couple of key points here, when I’m
doing this, when I’m pushing my leg out, I am not focusing on lifting it up. Oftentimes when people really focus on raising
or lifting their leg, they go past horizontal and they end up twisting their lower back,
which puts excessive stress on it. Speaker 1: 01:36 We want to avoid that. So literally in my mind’s eye, I am focusing
on pushing my leg back. As I do that, I’m also actively pushing my
heel backwards, so there is an active contraction through there. All the while I am contracting my core to
stabilize this. When I come down and I’m swinging down, I’m
not touching down. I’m just swinging down nice and slowly, nice
and controlled. Then I’m going up again on the same side again. I’m holding that for six, eight seconds. After I’ve done five repetitions of that,
I stop. I reset myself. So again, I’m going to contract through here. Then I’m now going to do the opposite side. So again, I would go up the opposite side. I’m pushing my leg back, I’m pushing my heel
back. I’m holding that again. I come down nice and controlled nice and slowly
and I go up again on that side. Speaker 1: 02:28 So I want to aim to do five
repetitions, three sets of that or five repetitions, first set, four repetitions, second set, three
repetitions, the third set. This should be a nice controlled, smooth motion. We do not want to have any lower back pain
as we do this. If you have any pain with this, please stop. Let us know. We can work on modifying this, but the key
is to do this nice and slowly to contract through here. These muscles, the core muscles, they are
designed to actually prevent motion. So as you’re doing this, as your leg is moving,
the core muscles, they are stabilizing the lumbar spine. That is what actually strengthens them. Any questions about any of this, please ask.