Ola Youtube name is Ricardo Lino and a wheel addict what’s the name of the wifey Janice okay
Janice check Suzanne I’m Janice the wifey no light on Janice we got a new
light hi there looks like a giant mushroom
okay so can I thought startled you start no it’s mine we are doing a review on my
fast escape just another name it’s the roast is given as iam 2.0 I’m sure I’m
judging I’m just gonna be here to help you do it’s the Rosie’s Kim gymnasium
gymnasium yeah gymnasium whatever and I think in German its gymnasium but maybe
it’s gym yeah it’s a talent company she does your you know I do we need to speak
Italian oh we’re English so we’ll say gymnasium
Portuguese do you know one you know I’m going to 2.0 2.0 imagination it’s a bit
a little bit like Apple 2.0 hey which means it’s the second version of this
skate correct dude okay I’ll take over just
for a bit okay okay let me let me just go let me just introduce this okay
about two months ago we’ve been offered to do something together we’d one of the
biggest gay jobs in Europe scape row we came to the conclusion that would be
really cool to make a trip to we came to the conclusion that would be
really cool to make it trips to the Berlin Marathon in family where the two
of us plus some how we’re gonna try to sneak in our daughter to make the Berlin
Marathon they really they really really like the project and then we tried to
find sponsors for these because we are going to be traveling on out of caravan
I call it so you don’t need to tell that whole story you don’t need to tell okay
so anyway this is something maybe that’s the time that we can show when we came
back and we got the big box with all the skates there was like two months ago
meanwhile we skidded a lot of the skates and about two weeks ago I made a review
of my skate which is the Rosie’s alien this is jim nation 2.0 this is a much
better state than the one that I had and Janice is the one that has been skating
this so she’s gonna tell you a little bit about her experience with her
squiddy’s cage and let’s not forget that Genesis is the beginner when it comes to
inline skates and then I’m gonna tell you a little bit more of the technical
aspects about this skate okay so this is only the second inline skate that I’ve
ever skated in my life so except for when I was like a little person and so
they’re very comfortable okay I mean I was doing just seems like 10 20
kilometers they’re really good are you prepared to make 40 we’ll see okay so
basically I like this thing that’s called a top system and it is a
different lacing system instead of using the regular laces this is basically a
disc that when you spin it starting the foot so it’s really really fast and it
really just really wraps around your foot then it has that buckle system that
like remembers how it’s called the memory but yeah
this how tight you want it and then you never have to adjust it okay basically
okay the first thing you get it you find the right position here and then since
then all they need to do it’s to insert these in this little bit and close it so
to put it on unless your ankles get fat then you’re okay basically all you need
to do is to tie two discs like this and you’re ready to go so it’s a really
really fast skate not just a skate like janus say but also to put on that’s
right I think it was easy breathable I never experienced any smelly feet
because here’s all like these places in here okay that’s really really important
when it comes to a fitness skate to have a skate that actually readable
breathable escape okay a breathable and we obviously like the ribs the invisible
wheel yeah it’s called the invisible friend basically people frame basically
roses this year all the roses fitness skates and some of the urban escapes
that come with is this thing which is these lines on the frame that they call
the invisible frame I already spoke about these on the ilium skate it’s
actually really cool visually but it can also be a problem because if you want to
change I watch that video okay if you want to change your wheels which if you
had watched one of our previous videos Ricardo suggested that before the
marathon you give new wheels so that skating with Newell’s is always better
if you’re gonna change them and they’re not gonna be this red then they’re gonna
look yeah yeah but I can suggest them a wheel so there’s a wheel called
undercover the brand is an undercover and they make 90 millimeter wheels which
is the wheel size that these skate uses and it’s the the exact same color with
the exact same color of like a black cup with the red urethane so that will would
fit here really good you can also go with a different color we just look
funky maybe you know spice things up okay so talk a
little bit more what’s capable no I’m still busy the only thing that I didn’t
like about this skate and that’s a weird because minds are better skate obviously
there’s new who to send the better skate to and they were the youth of the city
they knew who was gonna win the Berlin Marathon and who deserves a bit escape
which is me so I got this one is yours has a thing at the back here okay I
never thought about that yes this thing will you carry the skates so Roces okay
so that’s the thing yes it carrier like a little you can
carry their move even if you just like hook the two on your finger mind never
had that so I had to carry my okay I never really saw that see well proud of
you anyway so the main difference between this skate it’s the between this
skate in the ilium skate that I made a review but your laces mine was laces and
a little strap here this one doesn’t have the strap but it does have these
different lacing system and even here on the 45 degree area it has like a little
bit of plastic yeah that the the wire that comes kind of like doubles here so
it makes these these make these words like if it was a 45 degree strap keeping
the heel in the right position so that’s one of the main differences the lacing
system but this one also has a much more solid frame than mine on mine I said
that I didn’t really felt the difference about the the frame compared to other
frame because we’re talking about not too big the wheels are not too big
they’re like 80 for yours they have a little bit of bigger wheels they are 90
millimeters it’s about the same length the frame which means that it’s going to
be as stable as mine the 980 fours but this one will roll a
little bit smoother because the wheels are bigger and easier find nineteen millimeter wheels
than 84 so these might be a better skate then like I said the frame is a lot more
solid mine I’d like a little block here and then the frame walls would go just
into it these one I don’t know if it’s cnc’d or if it’s casted but it’s a much
more solid friend so it’s just like one screw in the back on screw in the front
there’s no little blocks on the side so it seems like a much more solid scape I
didn’t skate it but thumbs up she’s giving it the thumbs up yeah no we
should talk about something else is it yeah other than this case okay so
this case if we would give it like a number from one to ten if you need to
rate it how much would you give it’s hard because I haven’t skated any other
skates but I was happy with them they were really comfortable and they’re like
really nice and padded the only thing that bothered me was that little Kippy
thing over there so I mean it’s not fair to penalize him for the Kippy thing
that’s just a good suggestion for them a few neuroses if you listening
so it’s from one to ten it’s twelve know what so from one to ten I want you to
you ten from me from a beginner skating I’d give it a 10 I have no complains
Rosie see if you’re gonna put the little tippy thing over there please I would
like you to name it Janice important Janice is a lot lighter than I am and on
my skates I said that my wheels were actually going pretty fast her skates
have like almost new wheels I don’t know like the wheels might be different from
mine it might also be because the wheels are a bit bigger so them wrong
maybe but they roll a little bit less than the 84th not that much less why
does this this is 90 and then it says 82 yeah okay 90 is the size 9 millimeters
82 it’s the hardness they go they should go from 0 to 100 12 and under this is
really really hard zero is like cotton
there’s no will like softer than the wheels that you skate in a skate park
when you’re a professional would there be a hundred like the black runs on my
black skates you mean on the skate like it depends so on roller skates the we’re
that the wheels are usually a lot harder yeah but on inline skates the hardest
wheel that I know at the moment to roll it’s like a 95 okay but in general the
wheels for this type of skate go around 80 between 82 to 88 most common would be
a 85 so there was a good question yeah so usually an 85 will would last longer
and that could be one of the problems for my wills they might be also I didn’t
saw it huh maybe that was it maybe because my wheels are also 82 so they go
faster harder wheels less longer but they give you a less comfortable ride so
how did you felt with this was it I felt comfortable comfortable so it’s nearly
marathon time there’s one thing else there when you guys we got some more
stuffs in open that we can just tell them that we just got this box but if
you want to see what’s inside they need to see the videos okay the main feature
okay so basically we got a box but we can’t show the box yet she doesn’t let
me erase the whole analysis thing so the exciting part of all of this is that
Monday we leave and we are getting a RBE and we are driving from where are we
Portugal in singed that’s where we’re getting the RV but in Portugal somewhere
in the south and then we are driving all the way to Berlin because if you ever
think that Ricardo’s Lena does crazy this is one of them so you can sit as
well because then we get penalized it so we all Mary card only no likes to do
crazy No okay this is my story but this is
this isn’t the top couple of them so we’ve decided to drive two thousand five
hundred kilometer seven and two thousand seven hundred kilometers one way so
that’s like a lot that’s nearly six thousand kilometers five foot four he
does the mess in the relationship kilometers across many countries to go
do the Berlin Marathon as a family and drive back okay so here’s the thing from
Monday we’re gonna be on a curve and it’s gonna be me Janis Jalen and the dog
the four of us we tried to make a tour plan which let me just take this sorry I
need to take this because this is in front of me sorry roses so we’re gonna
tell what the plan is and we gotta try to stick to the plan but it’s it’s quite
ambitious because we need to do we need to be in Berlin by Friday and leaving
Monday means that we have four days to make 2,700 kilometers making it if we
don’t do at least 700 kilometers per day we’re basically the effort but not a lot
I say that YouTube anyway so if we’re not making 700 kilometers we will not
get there now the thing is I’m gonna be the one driving at the same time we want
to stop and hang out with people whoever is in this place is where we’re gonna
stop we want to skate and film in those places and I still need to edit the
video so to skate film edit videos Plus driving 700 kilometers with a family of
course with my wife dog and daughter let’s say I go so let’s just talk about
the plan we’re living Monday Tuesday where do we expect to be no so Monday
night we would like to be in the region of Alberta in Spain in Spain it’s close
liubao oh right yeah it’s know that it okay so let me tell so basically we
would love to stay the first night Monday the 23rd of September we want to
stay by Al Gore ‘te which is the place where there is the skate part that is
just a high yeah basically that’s the skate park called La Cantera and it’s
like a very very old skate park it’s an amazing scenery and we would love to
skate there maybe Tuesday morning and then try to stop by be on it because
it’s one of those places that I’ve been wanting to go since forever it’s close
to its like the border to France’s are already in France and on-quarter is in
Spain so then from then from Alberta we want to stay the second night forger in
France in Bordeaux in France we don’t really know what we’re gonna do is like
we basically started looking at the maps on appointing places trying to go with
the route trying to look at it the expenses that we’re gonna have and all
that try to find the places that will work so if you are somewhere around
these areas if you have tips for us feel free to drop a comment let us know you
might know more about these everything else because we don’t know let us know
is it safe where is safe and where is cool to go park with the RV is there
like a little RV community you know things like that
give us some top tips for the leaners and then the third night we want to stay
in Cologne basic to France is huge yes yes they’re not you want to start a tor
tor tor tor we on a tour I don’t know I’ve never been in this area of France
you want to stop there for a night try to skate somewhere around those areas
yeah also tell my success state parks in
those areas because we don’t know which we do know about Dale Gordon Laurita
which is like antara we’re not gonna be honest getting parks basically the two
of us will be we’d these type of skates we’d roller skates we need to warm up
and get the field and we even have our daughter with us we’d skate so we’ll see
if she wants to skate hopefully she does and then the third night that the for
tonight we’re gonna stay in Cologne which is already from Thursday so we
want to write to Berlin Friday because we need to go for the registration and
we need to meet yes and we want to say thank you as early as possible to skate
pro for helping us with this so if you want to meet us you can also find us at
skate Pro booth at the Berlin Marathon we will try to be there Friday as early
as possible we will see and before the marathon and maybe even after the
marathon on Saturday what time does American star usually it’s in the
morning so I don’t know that’s like 5-cylinder kitty where it’s around if
I’m not right that you between 9:00 and 11:00 I am Not sure I know there’s some
spirits right you can run or you can race on the Sprint – what there’s the
next marathon there’s like a sprint competition I think I’m actually my legs
are hey it’s like a giraffe but with long legs only not the neck because the
neck is quite short is it that is our trip to Berlin so follow us we will be
doing updates on Instagram on record Olli know
nobody really cares who I am anyway early in ceramics this one anyway
don’t hit the table no that’s just the noises when do the letters come down
would you the follow Ricardo Lina’s Instagram and we’ll be doing little
stories on exactly where we are where you can meet us we might do a few live
streams I am not sure yet but if we struggle a little bit with the
time because like I said driving 700 kilometres filming and editing might be
really hard so we might choose to do some live streams so if you’re watching
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for the Lino’s RV spots to stay if it’s safe if it’s not remember we have a dog
dog friendly pop some cases we can walk and run our dog so it’ll still be nice
any tips you have of the Berlin Marathon for me to win would be great what time
does it start somebody please um we’ll get there though there’s a thing called
Google so it is also like you know somebody who wants to tell me that time
ok that’s it someone who wants to tell Janis tell them right now anyway and
that’s it I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope you guys enjoyed the new
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