Stop! Do not exercise. Please don’t.
I really want you to hear me about this. The vast majority of the people that are
out there exercising are doing more damage to their bodies than health.
I want you to hear me. Now let’s take a step back. I am NOT saying that exercise
is bad, what I’m saying is that exercise while you are malnourished or exercise
while you have toxicity in your system is a bad thing and it’ll do far more
damage than it will do good What that means is, that long before
exercising what you really want to work on is making sure that your body is
properly hydrated and properly nourished. We have worked with thousands of people
in over 20 countries around the world and here’s what we found. In only three
months we can create massive change in the physical body, they can change not
just simply losing weight but they can change their shape, the shape of their
face, the shape of their gut, they can lose all the persistent fat that they’ve
been going to the gym to get rid of and it’s never helped and the reason being
is, your body does not want to carry that weight. It doesn’t want to! Think about it.
It takes energy, it takes energy for your heart to pump oxygen out to
that extra tissue and you have to carry it around. Your lymphatic system has to
clean it. Your body doesn’t want to carry that weight and so what we want to do is
make sure that you’re so well nourished that your body knows that it’s safe to
release that weight, that it’s safe to release that stored hydration and that
stored energy and then what’s fascinating is by doing that, by boosting
up your nutrition you create a circumstance where you will want to
exercise, where you wouldn’t have to push yourself to do it, where you’ll truly
want to do it think of it like this if you are missing really important
nutrients and no I am not talking about using supplements to fix them I’m
talking about using rational nutrition eating solid good food. If somebody is a
little bit malnourished and then they go out and really push themselves
physically, aren’t they gonna get injured? Aren’t they gonna strain the body too
much? Yes, please before exercising massively improve your nutrition
increase the healthy nutrition that comes in your body and decrease the
toxicity and junk that goes in your body and then,
then jump into exercise. That’s how you’ll create optimal health longevity
and quality of life