I’ve been working for Bee Lucia Wellness Company since the beginning, November of 2017. I work in a team alongside my mother, Sharee my brother, Jameson, and then we have my grandma, we call her Lala. And then my mom’s cousin, Kristen. So, we are a complete family. We have done this business as a family since the beginning, and we’ll keep doing it. Our candles have a natural beeswax in them. It is white beeswax, which is placed out into the sun, which causes it become white, unlike the yellow beeswax you see. And that makes it very unique, because it can be chemically done. But ours is done naturally. The reason why we started the Bee Lucia Wellness Company was one, we’ve been passionate about health and wellness since we were born. My mom raised us in an organic, healthy environment. And then, we love candles. And we were always frustrated with the candles we’d find on the market, because a lot of them are soy or paraffin candles. They’re not clean burning, or healthy for you. They produce soot. We created a wellness candle that had everything we agreed with and that we could enjoy ourselves in our home and make without being a toxic product Working with Market of Choice has been great for us. They always have the most unique products that I haven’t seen in other stores, so it’s been great having our product as part of them, as well.