and I want you to be a part of
this experiment so can you be a part of this experiment welcome to the third
video in my fit fam series in the first video I featured my sister Kukuwa and
her Kukuwa dance workout so make sure you check it out in the second
video I featured my niece coach Cass and her African dance
intensive workouts that she does including the adore your core challenges that
she has in April so make sure you check her out in her video all right in this
third episode I am featuring my nephew Paul now Paul doesn’t have his own exercising
business but I am starting an experiment and I want you to be a part of this
experiment so can you be a part of this experiment what do I need from you
well Paul is very physically fit don’t let his size fool you he is a
gentle man and by that I mean he takes good care of family. We have a very
close-knit family I still get thank-you cards handwritten
thank-you cards from Paul he is an awesome nephew and so he had expressed
the interest in becoming a fitness model and I’ve been reading Gary V’s crushing
it and I remember reading that we are at the point where the Internet is the
equalizer we don’t need the gatekeepers and in this case the gatekeepers are the
agents for instance that would book him the fitness model job without needing
the gatekeepers I want you to be his agents. YOU watching right now you are
his agent what I want you to do is share this video I am going to show you
everything that Paul is doing in terms of lifting weights doing plank
challenges… when I asked for plank challenges he’s the only one that sent
it in to for me to put it on my Instagram. When coach cast or Cassie asks
to do adore your core he’s really… her mom does it too but Paul is
always one of the people that turns it in. He will do those challenges as well
so he’s a very supportive cousin, brother, son and I desperately want to help him
realize his dream. He’s in a job right now and I’m not even gonna say what job
it is but he’s not really it’s not the type of career that he wants to be in so
you are going to help him find that fitness model
job now since this is the last of my Fit fam series
I am going to start a new series hashtag fitness model Paul. Now when you get him
a job and he goes to those interviews I want him to vlog it and then I will put
it together edit it it will be able to see his progress from job to job
don’t forget hashtag fitness model Paul and from here on in this series is over
this fit fam series but I’m starting hashtag fitness model Paul let’s help
Paul get his dream job. You’re the gatekeepers now you’re his
agents every single one of you are his agents now. Share this video send it to
your contacts and let’s get Paul a job! We will be bringing you updates so stay
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won’t miss any time I upload videos on a weekly basis also go ahead and share
this video remember you’re his agent so go ahead and share this video let’s get
this going let’s let’s make this viral and let’s see Paul in a magazine cover
send it to your photographer friends send it to anybody that you know will be
willing to give him a shot. So, we’re looking for a job for Paul as a fitness
model in the southern New Jersey Philadelphia, Atlantic City area okay so
that’s your job are you up for it? That’s your job so let’s
get going so that next week we can have another episode of hash tag fitness
model Paul and bring you updates let’s go!!!!!